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American Bench Craft Working Man's Belt

American Bench Craft Working Man's Belt

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I joined the drop and ordered size 34
Will it fit to me?
(I wear pants size 32)
Yup that should fit you perfectly. Thanks for joining the drop!
Will you guys do a punk rock studded belt ? (Rare to find a good one these days)
hmm that isn't currently on our radar, but email us some pictures of what you are thinking and we will definitely look into it. Thanks!
I have been using this belt since the first time I received it, really love the quality. I even gave my old belt to my dad. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
So happy to hear that
Got mine today in Germany. Very nice belt. I already wear it and couldn't be happier.
Happy you like it!
Just got my belt in and I couldn't be happier! The leather is thick and meaty, but surprisingly pliable for it's heft. Hardware appears to be made from heavy gauge brass - looks nice. Not sure what the user below was complaining about with the stainless-steel prong, as the photos CLEARLY show that the hardware is two-toned. I personally think it looks great, but hey - to each their own.

Time will tell if this belt is worth the extra dough, but my initial impressions are exceedingly positive.

One change I might make? Presentation. My belt arrived in a plastic bag, packaged in a bubble-wrap manila envelope. Not a huge deal, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little underwhelmed by the presentation. A nice box or bag with a belt hole puncher would have been a nice touch!
Hey, so happy to hear you like your belt and thanks so much for the feedback. Massdrop has some strict requirements on packaging but we will definitely see if we can work with them to upgrade it a bit for future drops.
Just received my brown belt with brass buckle, and am truly disappointed. The buckle is brass but the prong is silver (stainless steel). IMO....this looks completely stupid! Why would you do that?? Looking back at the picture, the prong does look silver, so I guess I am stuck with this, but it is ugly and stupid looking. Who would make a two-tone buckle?? That's why this crap is being mass sold on Massdrop and you can't return items. If you could make returns, they would have a slew of them.

Last time I will ever buy anything from Massdrop again. Was apprehensive about buying things without seeing them and my concerns were justified.
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Great response to an uncouth and ungentlemanly reply.
Thank you! Much appreciated!!
Has anyone had problems with the buckle tarnishing? I have a brass buckle that is badly tarnishing. And only worn about 10 times. Love the belt but hope this isn't an epidemic issue.
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Then can I eat it?
Cool tip!
If you guys would make a belt 1.75 wide and .250 thick or thicker I`d consider as I`d be able to throw a holster and gun on it. This one unfortunately not so much.

I have a belt with the above specs and it is indestructable. Would not mind having another one in a different color.
Hey, thanks for the input. We will keep that in mind and see if we can offer it sometime in the future.
I would be with you on such a belt.
Am I the only one who hates snaps on belts, and thinks they look and feel cheap? I really, really wish more places would use Chicago screws. I'd happily pay a few bucks more for Chicago screws over snaps. . . particularly because I won't buy any belts using snaps.

This one looks pretty good, too. Ah, well; maybe next time.
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I appreciate your reply. I should have been a bit more clear that I don't doubt the quality of your snaps, but even if they're rock solid, they still look and feel a little off to me just because I'm not a fan of snaps. I know some heavy-duty snaps are incredibly durable, and I'm sure yours are great, but I've had *way* more snaps fail on me than Chicago screws, and that's just left a strong bad impression with me.

Combine that with the fact that i Just don't care for the look of them as much, and I don't think I can bring myself to buy a belt with snaps at this point. Other than that it does look great, though. If you guys offer one with Chicago screws, I'm absolutely in for it. ;-)

Thanks again for the response, though. It speaks highly of you and your company that you took the time to make an explanation and a persuasive argument.
I purchased a belt from another Massdrop vendor that used screws, and one of them fell off in the first week. Never found it. I vowed to never buy another until I found more sturdy fasteners. Thanks!