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Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G

Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G

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Guys can someone please answer? I want to use a reshipping company for this drop but i'm worried about warranty. Will i have to send it back to US if i need warranty?
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Even though it ships here in our country? Cause the only reason i am using a reshipping is because if i ship directly to our country massdrop will use dhl international mail which takes more than 2 months before i get it.
Doesn't matter how you ship it, Gigabyte US only services US customers and even then with great reluctance. You want warranty - buy locally or from someone who offers global warranty. Gigabyte US doesn't offer international warranty..
Another crappy drop from MD. I gotta say, a year ago this place was much more enticing - this same videocard was offered for $100 less. These days, with prices ranging from matching to exceeding that of normal internet stores who ship your purchases immediately, on top of which MD staff just can't get the drop titles or descriptions right the first time (they even actively resist MD community's efforts to help them to improve such, as a result errors/omissions stay around for years), the lure of this website has declined significantly.
Get your bitching out my mass drop:-) dude if you're going to blame anybody you need to go on crypto currency forums and blast that shit there. It's no one else's fault, literally.
If it was just videocards, sure I'd do that. But MD went downhill on pretty much everything.
Like everyone is saying, it's already cheaper, and prices will only go down. Ebay will be full of of these video cards for half this price. List price has no bearing on computer tech that is this old especially now that demand is way less than before. This would have been decent 6+months ago, but now, there's no reason someone should pay this much with huge price drops on the horizon.
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Yep, Intel can be a real beast in the GPU game if they choose to. Just gotta hope AMD, and NVIDIA can stick it out for the long haul so there's no monopoly. It was bad enough with 2 competing GPU companies the last few years.
well now that the cat is out of the bag. RTX2080 aug 20th :)
Newegg has it for $719.99 and free delivery...
this website becoming more and more just another store and not even that good!!!
get it together MassGrab
It’s massdrop lol
It's the MD way - charge the same or more as regular internet store and still ship your stuff weeks if not months after you paid for it in full. Gotta love interest-free loans lol
$30 cheaper on newegg.. what's the point of this website again?
So final update for this: after two failed attempts to deliver my order for this via DHL I have given up and Massdrop has refunded my money. I have never been more disappointed with Massdrop. This really makes me think twice about ordering things from here in the future.
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To help more with the discussion, before the change i used to buy from massdrop and get things by DHL which used the "triangle" shipping and that helped me avoid customs every time.
I mean it’s entirely at the discretion of your border agency thing to charge you duty.
I've sent out a support request just yesterday. It's been over 6 weeks (March 14) since they notified me that they've shipped my order. I've gotten my previous two products from Massdrop before, but never this late.
You guys deleted the tracking from DHL? What is going on? Am I ever going to get my order? You already have my money since March!!
It's been 3 weeks since shipping date and now the tracking information is gone. It is super lame to use the worst possible method to ship internationally on the TWO THOUSANDS DOLLAR order (DHL Global Mail). Seriously, you guys at massdrop should consider changing the shipping method or at least inform customers on what they are getting themselves into. Longer shipment means higher chance that the drop will get damaged along the way, and especially on fragile electronics like GPUs.

Also, you charged $250+ higher than MSRP. What a shame.

a bit overpriced, mine was 650 i think