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It's been 3 weeks since shipping date and now the tracking information is gone. It is super lame to use the worst possible method to ship internationally on the TWO THOUSANDS DOLLAR order (DHL Global Mail). Seriously, you guys at massdrop should consider changing the shipping method or at least inform customers on what they are getting themselves into. Longer shipment means higher chance that the drop will get damaged along the way, and especially on fragile electronics like GPUs.

Also, you charged $250+ higher than MSRP. What a shame.

a bit overpriced, mine was 650 i think
This is not a good deal, register with nvidia and evga and use notify. I got my 1080 ti and titan like that
Cheaper on newegg rn
So over priced.
Oh great a $700 graphics card for $1000, thanks massdrop.
Guys you r doing good job, but its still expensive. You need to do the big difference. We all know the prices before mining, so you have to reach that kind of prices to make the real DIFFERENCE. Altough we apriciate your good job...
We r waitng for something better at 1080ti cards ....
"This is one of the most requested options from the Midrange CPUs poll" What in tarnation. "Midrange" and "CPU"
Pretty telling about the average expectations of the Massdrop community lmao
Newegg has this gpu + aorus z370 motherboard for $999. Special promo for 3/15
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When you clink on link make sure you use promo code EMCXPSEU2 in order to see the $999 price. BTW today only.
Has this ended already ? Shows deals off for me.
Are they all shipped from the same place? If yes, where? Or are they shipped from the closest place from Gigabyte to the buyer? DHL Global doesn't have any tracking infos yet. Would be nice to know where it is.
bitcoin price is going down. GPU prices will also decrease in couple of months. Just wait a little bit
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Bitcoin's decline appears to be dragging Ethereum down. This is driving an exodus to altcoins, driving the difficulty of those up. Payouts are down 40% on "best algorithm" mining pools since January. It's less compelling to throw money at new hardware when the return on investment goes from a few months to almost a year.

I was only mining with my gaming GPU to try to cover the inflation in prices so that I could upgrade, but it is barely worth the effort now. Looks like the demand is coming back down on its own anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I see your point. I won't be ignorant to the decrease in demand but I still don't see the problem being completely solved just by waiting it out. That's really just my point. Graphics card prices are going to continue to be on this rollercoaster if manufacturers dont do anything.
lol 1000 dollars, wait til the mining only series pascal cards comes out I guarantee these card will go lower in price at that point, even then the 2080 series will be cheaper price point and its a newer architecture than these old gen cards.
Mining farms will just buy both as they become available.
By the time it ships 2080 will go on sale.