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Massdrop, do you have any insight into whether the APPJ mini2013 will become available again?

I bought a mini2013 during the last drop. Loved it, but sadly my copy produced intermittent 'crunchy' noise from the right channel. Problem was not with source nor tubes--I have several variants of each tube and swapped, rotated, etc. So, I returned the unit hoping to buy another on the next drop. Massdrop announced a subsequent drop via an email, but that drop never happened. Now it looks as if the APPJ mini2013 is no longer being produced, or production is in a hiatus. Thanks.
It might an easy fix. Prob a weak solder joint.
I figured as much, but thought it would be best to return and get another copy on the next drop. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for (and wondering about the possibility of) another drop.
Just got my shipment--looks cool but it's SUPER tough getting the tubes into this amp. Are they supposed to go in easily? The pins look a little jacked on some of the tubes, but they don't look super messed up.

Any recommendations? I know support's busy so thought I'd hit up the community.
If you're still tubeless: some tube sockets are very tight, but don't worry. Also, the pins are occasionally a bit bent. The best thing to do is rock the tube in a circular motion and let all the pins find their holes and gently but firmly rock the tube into the socket. Same goes for getting them out.
How much was this drop?
$109 delivered
Thank you very much!! That was a good price.
So what sorts of speakers would be good to use with a 3W/Ch tube amp? I'm almost temped to try it as a headphone amp on my 250Ω DT990s!
Anything with a relatively high sensitivity rating. Klipsch Heresy, Zu Audio Omen, Caintuck Audio Betsy, are some budget-friendly examples.
I am currently using these with low sensitivity Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 (4 ohm, 85db). It shouldn't work well but I get a lot of volume at only 10 o'clock on the dial.
For an in depth review of this fabulous Giant Killer have a look here:
Joined the Drop for this one, a BARGAIN, come on people! (-;
I got the 6v6 adapters and tried some old 6v6 tubes i had from a guitar amp. The 6v6's seem to have a little more bass but the difference is negligible between the 6v6 and russian 6p1's.
Well something came
Hmmm I don't remember ordering some nice soft styrofoam...
Oh that's right, a IP infringing tube amp. Why they heck did I order this again???
No foam or rubber on the underside just sharp metal, say good bye to any veneer or stain if this thing accidentally moves when its not supposed to
Fully assembled, nothing came damaged or anything, this thing is pretty solidly built.
Bare bones. No features at all, just a on/off switch, vol pot, line in and speaker outs.
Doesn't come with a power cord so keep that in mind. Luckily I have like a surplus electronic store in my garage just for times like this. There was actually no packaging or anything else really. The shipping box was its packaging, no manual or warranty card, no speaker cables or power cable. Just the amp and tubes, thats' it.
All hooked up, yes I was already chastised for not having my cables combed and all neat. This was for my TV that was above my dresser. Optical out from the TV to a Fiio D3 dac to this Amp to a pair of Teac L-101 speakers.
Close up of the tubes.
No they're not Amperex tubes and this isn't related to Amperex at all.
Tubes after unit is powered on in a somewhat darkened room.
Sound wise I can't really compare it to anything as I haven't really hooked up any other amps to these speakers and don't really want to. What I can say is that I don't notice any distorting, 33% vol at a good listening level that fills the room with audio. No complains on how it sounds for me and I really like it except for one thing, no remote. Real killer not having a remote for it, so every time I'm finished watching anything at night I have to get out of my comfy bed to turn it off. Its not something you want to leave running for no reason, it gets hot. Now I know its not going to get hot enough to spontaneously combust and it wont catch paper on fire(I tried) but it does get hot enough that I'm not going to risk it and I wouldn't want to waste to electricity anyway.
Still need to mount the speakers on the wall and come up with better cable management. I could always tie it in with the smart plug and control it with the Echo to turn on and off with the bias lighting so I don't have to worry about a remote.

Overall I can recommend it to someone that wants a very basic bare bones speaker amp to try out tubes. Its pretty neat and can also act as a conversation piece.
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Got it. Using tubes to amplify dialog and movie sounds is pretty useless and it doesn't do that near as well as it's SS brethren. But feed it a high quality music signal and out to some high efficiency speakers and the magic happens.
If you have no use for it, I'll gladly trade you for a SMSL Q5 Pro, (-; Awesome little desktop amp that can receive toslink, coaxial, and usb signals and pump out 40watts X2, comes with a remote. No outboard DAC needed. Perfect for hooking up to a bedroom TV/desktop speaker setup. It's even smaller than the Mini. Regards.
Perhaps get a smart outlet like the WeMo to remotely turn it on/off. Will at least save you from leaping out of bed. Interesting about the packaging, I hope mine arrives safely. Parcel services tend to be quite rough out here.
Has anyone tried using 6v6 tubes with an adapter yet? I am tempted.....
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Yep love the 6v6 in guitar amps - I am building a Tweed deluxe right now. Will be curious to hear how the 6v6's compare to 6aq5's. Using nos 6v6's didn't hear much difference over russian 6p1's.
That should be a sweet amp, you a player? The 6V6 is one of my favorite tubes in the THD BiValve head, wonderful crunch with a humbucker.
The old Gibson guitar amps of the early '50's used them too. These tubes were mostly used in car radios where a bump in the midrange was useful to overcome road noise, and they are very rugged...