APPJ mini2013 6J1+6P1 Tube Amplifiersearch

APPJ mini2013 6J1+6P1 Tube Amplifier

APPJ mini2013 6J1+6P1 Tube Amplifier

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Arrived last Wednesday, only cabled up over the weekend.

Grabbed a pair of Tannoy Saturn S8 speakers from my garage (Not an ideal choice, but what I had on hand at the time).

Drove the speakers fine, had running for 3 hours using Philips 5654 instead of the stock tubes. Will wait for them to burn in before submitting a review, certainly a fine product for the price point.
This was delivered on Monday, I set it up and tested on Wednesday, listened for maybe 2 hours on Thursday, then found on Friday morning that one of the larger tubes wasn’t working; on closer inspection, the glass was cracked. I noticed from the start that this particular tube was not glowing as brightly as the others, though it was functioning. Did I get shipped a bad tube? Did I do something wrong? Is there a warranty, and is this covered? Not exactly thrilled…
The email confirmation for my order states: “We expect your order to ship by Mon Aug 20 2018”. Seems quite far in the future. I wonder if anyone else have similar waiting time.
I ordered mine during the prior drop on 6/7 with a promised ship by date of 7/10. I received mine on 6/29. It was my 1st order with MD but that time seems appropriate. If my experience is any indication you could receive yours a week or 2 earlier. The short wait was worth it to save almost $50 vs the least expensive unit I could find on the web. Does that date match the date listed while the drop was active?
I ordered mine on the 4th of July
Never joined a drop before ,total newbie. Does this amp come in 230v? How much is shipping to Singapore? What happens after the warranty period - I assume there is a warranty? - and it breaks down, do you return it to seller for repairs? Thanks for reading and replying!
My 1st purchase from Massdrop arrived 6/29. Promised ship by 7/10. Well done Massdrop. Original box inside a larger box with plenty of protection. Got the orange because I didn't like the other colors. At night it looks closer to gold than orange. For the record, the "bugle boy" is cool. I also have some tubes with the Amperex "Bugle Boy". Loaded it with GE JAN5654W tubes that have a few hundred hours on them, so can't compare to the 6j1's provided. Doubt they ever see any use.
Doesn't have the bass of my vintage PP amp but it wasn't $100. As you can see, I have it off the ground to provide a chimney effect for cooling the unit. Heat is a killer for tube amps and I do this for all my tube units. No legs, so you will want to provide some measure of protection for where this is sitting. I had plenty of power cords from discarded monitors etc so not providing one with the unit is no issue. Really enjoying this little 4 tube unit especially since I'm running AC during this hot stretch of summer.

bananas in (current year) ????????
Would you mind to explain, this is an entry level amp (2013).
Even highend amps are capable of banana plugs, maybe i'm misunderstanding something, but i'm willing to learn!
Will this little thing be able to drive two 4 ohm 50 watt car speakers? I included a picture of their specs.

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No, it puts out 3 Watts a channel. Those speakers aren't nearly sensitive enough to drive with this amp....
Thanks man. If you know of any good amps for my speakers I'd love some suggestions!
What's the point if you don't have usb connection for using on pc with sound card on mainboard? Should I use some external soundcard for that amp? Output from pc is not the best idea i think.
I used a 1/8" to L & R RCA's cable connected from headphone out on my PC to the RCA's aux in on my tube units. Did this for 2 years before deciding to add an external DAC that had USB. You might be pleasantly surprised by the quality of your sound card. It is also highly dependent on your speakers.
Anyone have experience with this amp using 16 ohm speakers? Thanks
What are the two black ports on the back of the unit labeled with the letter “G”? There is one on each side. Thanks!
“G” is sometimes substituted for - negative/black. “G“ being referenced here as common or ‘ground’, or ‘reference’. Hook up the left and corresponding right black speaker wires and you will have a nice little amp. You will need high efficiency speakers like Klipsch, and some nice NOS tubes will complement well.
Hi all,

Can anyone help me out? I'm pretty new to the audiophile game and am a little lost. I have a Pyle PLTTB3U USB Turntable. I have recently in the past few months purchased the Little Dot MKIII and have connected this turntable to that device. I don't have a good pair of cans yet, so I've been primarily using the Little Dot MKIII as as preamp into my Sony Receiver. Originally i had the record player on phono, but when I had it all connected correctly to the Phono channel of my receiver, i would hear these slight bumps in the background, kinda like a bassey, rythmic thud. When i switch the record player to digital, and plug the little dot mkiii to a digital channel in the receiver, no thuds.

I've joined this drop in hopes that I can replace my receiver with this tube amplifier, but I'd like to have it come out as an analog sound. Is the Little Dot MKIII and this APPJ mini2013 meant to be DACs? Should i be playing around with the gain switches in the little dot mkIII to get rid of the thuds? would it even be worth using the little mk3 as a preamp, connecting to this APPJ mini2013?

EDIT: as a side note, those thuds aren't coming from any music. if you're not playing a record at all, and raise the volume, you can hear the thuds. i'm assuming it's the electrical currents of the tubes but i can't be sure.

Thanks for anyone who can help!
Anyone using this Grado’s? Preferably the 325e?
You will need a match:
I think you would be better off getting a headphone amp personally. Also i think Grado's sound better on solid state amps.