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Eagerly anticipating my chair to help my back. Not so much anticipating putting it together :)
yea cant wait for something more comfortable and that supports upper back and head.. been using a cheap half back chair for years!
Same man. Here's to this actually working out! Cheers.
Are the arms on this chair wobbly? Are the arms on this chair suppose to be wobbly? I've had mine for about two months and finally getting break in time and don't feel that the arms are sturdy at all.
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So I just ordered the chair. I’m not scared about the product it self being good. Im just worryed about it coming with broken parts.
I wanna ask its verona v2? or just the oldest version of verona?
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Yeah but the v2 and a plastic bottem so I chose to go with this one
i wanna ask this drop will be shipped from US to the rest of the EU countries? so we will take tax for the chair?
It does not ship outside the US.
BuT cAn yoU do ThiS?? Only 399
Are these arm rests padded?
Yes, there is some padding to it. It's not a like a couch arm, though, more a thinner small supple material so that your radius and ulna will be parallel to the ground and you can have a straight wrist.
just got mine, here is my review. cons: assembly process complicated by small holes in fake leather, have to widen them to put nuts through. shouldn't have to do that when product is shipped and "done." one missing piece, a washer. no big deal though plastic armwrests with no padding , should have padding at this price point.
pretty cheapo shipping method. literally box of the chair with a shipping label on it. this made some indents on the pleather/foam on the backrest. kinda nitpicky but spending a few extra bucks on shipping would probably save a lot of effort and money on replacing broken/misshapen parts. pros: amazing price to performance and value. very comfortable and adjustable.
because of so much adjustment, you'll find yourself tweaking with it until you find a schema that helps your posture and feels good. fast shipping for mine at least :D. beautiful chair. padding for butt is perfect consistency. not too hard or soft. the pillow for the back really helps with lumbar support.

overall in summary this is a good budget gaming chair. it has a better buttfeel than akracing imo. to get a similar chair from maxnomic or akracing you'd be spending double this price about. to get a significantly better chair you are talking big bucks, 500-1000$. this is my first gaming style chair and it is a huge step up from the crap i would typically get at office depot/walmart for barely more money. as long as you can take a bit of possible hassle then you get great price/performance, a lot like making your own pc.
I bought from the last drop.

VERDICT: I would buy a different company's chair over this one were I to do it all over again. I am only hanging onto this due to the hassle of disassembling, repackaging, returning, and awaiting a new chair.
RATING: 2.5/5

-Height adjustable for chair and arms
-Fits me well (I'm 6'2 and 190 lbs, longer femurs compared to average person)

-Sloppy machining. One of the stamps and welds on the base is off angle -- 4 wheels sit flat, 1 wheel sits at an angle. The metal fabrication is not uniform all around the base. Attaching the chair to the base left something to be desired as the nut was obscured by the fabric and the fabric hole needed to be widened.
-Questionable fabric -- my seat arrived partially torn on the underside due to how the fabric was stretched over a metal plate in the base. It's out of sight, so I'm not terribly concerned, but still irritating to have bought a new item with such poor QC.
Just an update for anyone that was following my case/received the wrong parts or damaged parts:

I just got back from a trip and was really excited to see multiple Arozzi package at my doorstep. I opened it up and sure enough it was my new backrest. This one had only one small grease stain on the back so I'm fine with that. I also received two smaller packages - this is where it gets interesting. One of the packages contained a gas spring with plastic covers that looked too small for it. It also had mounting hardware for a different chair (the screws were not M8 and were too small to fit into any of the holes). I put this aside and opened up the other box. The second box had another gas spring and the correct mounting hardware! So I now have one full chair and some extra nuts and bolts! Arozzi has some serious QC & communication problems. Like very serious - you guys really need to look into it. I'm sure it wasn't cheap to send me the wrong parts two times... I appreciate you guys making it right in the end though. I actually went back a year to when you guys did this drop. People had very similar issues that seem to be reoccurring problems (,, My point is that these issues clearly haven't been solved - people are still receiving damaged/missing parts. So if you are purchasing this chair, expect to possibly have these problems but know that Arozzi WILL make it right in the end.

I'm pretty impressed with the chair for the price. There are a couple of pieces that are a little damaged or messed up but the overall chair functions fine (ex: one of the armrests has some of the bottom cover ripped off). You get what you pay for, and for $150, it's a decent deal.

I had some issues with getting in contact with the support team but once I called them, Michael solved my issue. So for those of you that have an issue, I HIGHLY recommend calling Arozzi instead of emailing. And thus concludes my Arozzi chair purchase saga. I'm glad to be done.