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after installation I couldn't adjust the height of the seat... Please help me to fix this.. I think the part is not working properly
I submitted a Help Ticket 2 days ago and no response. I'm missing parts E (hydraulic post), F (post cover), I, J, K, L, & M (bolts and washers), and N the hex wrench. Please help me I have no place to sit.
I received mine yesterday. The zipper on the back is off track and splitting. They didn’t send me enough screws to even completely assemble it. it does feel Like it can break easy. I did email the company last night and I actually received an email back with them saying they were going to send the screws and they will give me tracking tomorrow. So far the customer service has been quite good. I’ll update when I can actually get the chair together.

But can you do THIS!!!?!???!?
That's a feature you give up when you pay less than $399
I got the verona pro last drop. I really like the chair. Over all it's very comfortable.
Its holding up well and isn't squeaking like some others have said.

This chair should take no more than a half hour to assemble and that's by someone with absolutely no mechanical know how.
It took me about 10 min after everything was taken out of the box and inspected..... it's pretty obvious what goes where and what screws to use.

At this price point youd really be missing out on a great buy

Thank you for your post. We how now sold over 2300 of these chairs with a very small percentage of problems. I will let everyone know that this deal will not be around for much longer. Possibly 2-3 more drops and thats it. If you are interested in this chair I would jump on it soon.

The issue isn't the small percentage of problems, but the way those problems have been handled. I am personally avoiding this drop due to the fact that the customer support has been bad enough I don't wish to support the company.
Guys I need help like this is crazy. So first I bought a arrozi gaming chair. I spent hours building it just to find out it’s broken. It’s super annoying but I was like mistakes happen I’ll email them about it. After about a week they responded. I didn’t have a chair for my new office at this point. And do a lot of work from home on my pc. So they finally send me “parts” for the chair. So I completely take apart the broken chair and start to rebuild it. Turn out they sent me parts FOR A DIFFERENT CHAIR! At this point I’ve been using a wooden stool to do work and have had back pain for weeks. I spent to much time trying to get the different chair parts to work. I still don’t have the chair and I’m really not going to build/rebuild this for the third time. I either need a refund or upgrade ASAP. I have pictures if you guys would like.
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I feel like I bought this off of eBay and they were just like heres 20$ because the seller is just ignoring you.
I was actually going to get one of these, but seeing how unprofessional your customer service team is that's out the window. It's hard for you to understand that it took 1 week to get a response? "Why should we be the ones who give you a refund" like are you serious? How could you not see that writing something like that makes you seem unqualified. You seriously need to get a new job. YOU represent Arozzi, and from what I can tell Arozzi sucks.
Just received and assembled my chair. I ordered the black blue and white pro version. Assembly was fairly easy and the screws appear to be coated with an adhesive to strength the hold, which I'm a fan of.

As far as delivery goes I leave in the north east and it arrived three days early and was trackable the whole time.

The one downside which is minor, is that there is some sideways give on the armrests that increases the higher you put them. I noticed other owners comment on this, but seem to describe it as a broken piece or that they need to tighten the screws. Neither of these are the case. Truth be told the locking mechanism that is inside each of the arms is what actually keeps it stable at its peak, while there is a metal tube that said locking mechanism falls into when it is at the lowest point. This is an issue with the design of the arms themselves, but honestly so far it hasn't been that big of a deal. And for context, I'm 6'4", so I would imagine I have them higher than most people who bought them.

Overall I'd give it a 8/10 so far. Will update if I ever remember to over some random period of time.
Please feel free to contact Arozzi's customer service to help you get replacement arms.
Why is the black in white in the pic but not an option :( lol
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Verona has the whiteone and the Verona Pros do not have White chairs
The white verona was not included in the most recent drop. The point of the comment was to point out that although verona clearly has an available white model, it was not included in the drop.
when will it ship
The email says it is estimated for a June 11th ship date.
By June 11th