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Arozzi Verona/Verona Pro Series Gaming Chairs

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Just received and assembled my chair. I ordered the black blue and white pro version. Assembly was fairly easy and the screws appear to be coated with an adhesive to strength the hold, which I'm a fan of.

As far as delivery goes I leave in the north east and it arrived three days early and was trackable the whole time.

The one downside which is minor, is that there is some sideways give on the armrests that increases the higher you put them. I noticed other owners comment on this, but seem to describe it as a broken piece or that they need to tighten the screws. Neither of these are the case. Truth be told the locking mechanism that is inside each of the arms is what actually keeps it stable at its peak, while there is a metal tube that said locking mechanism falls into when it is at the lowest point. This is an issue with the design of the arms themselves, but honestly so far it hasn't been that big of a deal. And for context, I'm 6'4", so I would imagine I have them higher than most people who bought them.

Overall I'd give it a 8/10 so far. Will update if I ever remember to over some random period of time.
Please feel free to contact Arozzi's customer service to help you get replacement arms.
Why is the black in white in the pic but not an option :( lol
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Verona has the whiteone and the Verona Pros do not have White chairs
The white verona was not included in the most recent drop. The point of the comment was to point out that although verona clearly has an available white model, it was not included in the drop.
when will it ship
The email says it is estimated for a June 11th ship date.
By June 11th
so the picture on top has white but its not an option...
Also the white chair on the photo on top is so misaligned, it grinds my gears lol
Was looking at the white and black one myself would go great with my set up.
No international shipping no deal...
This would probably cost $250-$500 to ship internationally.
Sucks.. I'd be willing to wait months for this to get to me via ship freight though =\
Arm rest on one side of my chair is basically falling off.
Aside from that I recieved it earlier than expected and absolutely love it. I would like to get a proper arm rest tho arozziserviceteam
Please send a email to and the service team will be happy to help you.
Is there a place I can locate the tracking code for my order?
Nevermind I just got the email with my tracking code!
Hey what size box? I need to know to bring it to my country
So I'm 5'11 and about 240lb, would this be a good option for me or should I go with the Vernazza?
Thr Verona Pro would work for you but I think you might be a little more confortable in the Vernazza. Thank you