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Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1 Reference Monitor

Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1 Reference Monitor

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Shame no international shipping.
There is for the JBL LSR302 and those white Dyna Audio monitors, so it's a bit weird these can't be shipped.
Why is it the norm to make us guess if the price is for the pair, or a single speaker??
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on sale for $1098 at Ascend website?
No right now $1158 for B stock.!
I have the towers with the RAAL tweeters, they are amazing.
An "option" to go with the Towers rather than the Bookshelves... And another *option* to upgrade to the RAAL tweeters... And I'd have a hard time NOT pulling the trigger... Can't spend this kind of money and not get *exactly* what I want, though.
What's the quick summary of the RAAL tweeters?
expensive and sound great
Damn. These are on my wish list for the year. Just too early in the year. I think these are a good deal if you get the cherry or espresso as those are listed for 949 on the Ascend site.
Not much of a deal, saves $14. Has to be more attractive.
Wanna... i dont have money :(
I see it references a pair in the first sentence but nowhere else(unless I'm stupid) does it say if this price is per pair or single.
BTW, I have Sierra 1's now, and they are amazing! Never wanted to upgrade until the Sierra 2's came out.
I'm in for a set of Sierra 2's all day
I have a pair of S2s and they are absurd. I would like to hear the towers as well but I dont think the cost would be worth the upgrade since I have a pair of subs in that room already.
Just had to drop this after the chane speaker drop....sigh maybe we can get the sierra-2 back at some point and I can pick those up

So we're back with another round of Ascend Acoustics goodness! There's so much to read up on these, and I tried to pack as much of it as could fit in the product page.

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