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Astell&Kern Beyerdynamic AK T1p Headphones

Astell&Kern Beyerdynamic AK T1p Headphones

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Just want to say I'm very pleased with my purchase, currently using the phones together with the AK 70 mkII.
My only gripe is the fact I had to pay import duties on a product, that on the box stated "hand made in Germany"
ps I still saved quite a lot of pennies.
Having BOTH versions of the T1 Tesla, I sort of feel like this variant steps away from the core style of the T1; the somewhat clinical presentation of the SS and the excellent clarity derived from the higher impedance drivers.
If the shift of the SS is toward a warmer and more coloured sound, it doesn't feel like it's true to the T1. You won't know what a "real" T1 sounds like with these.
If I want warmer, I use a tube amp, instead of a solid state amp.

I am sure that this is a headphone that will appeal to many. It can be driven by portable rigs...
And good for that.
I absolutely believe that the build quality is very high value, as one would expect from such a collaboration.

I just feel like, if one is looking for the T1 Tesla SS, buying something that has been tweaked away from that isn't the way to go. You won't completely drive a high imps T1 with most portable rigs, certainly will require a good portable amp.... and that's okay, as the T1 really deserves a sit down and attentive listen, instead of jammed in on the bus or the underground.

It's never a bad idea to see if you can find a pure T1,(either version), on The 'Bay.
Can often snap up a set for less than 700 bux.
And don't be too obsessed by V2 over the V1; the SS is not significantly different, it's really mostly about cable removal vs fixed cable. Personally, I don't remove cables much; less wear and tear on the connectors.
T1 Gen 2 does have a significantly different tonality, it is warmer than the Gen 1. Still a bit bass light but definitely not as thin as the Gen 1.

I owned all 3 versions. T1 Gen 2is by far my favorite. The A&K has a thicker coil, hence the lower impedance, which I believe makes it less brilliant in the higher registers as its driver is not as responsive. Not a huge difference but noticable.

Sorry that not 600ohm version ;C
Have these gone lower than $600 anywhere else ??
I´m really interested in these but I´m not sure if my O2 + SDAC would be enough to drive these well despite the low impedance
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It'll do FINE.

Listened to my T1 on this very DAC/amp this morning, a little Wake UP! Vivaldi Glorias action.
If it can do that,and the T1s not be all harsh on it, a more mellow headphone at a lower imedance will be just super.
Alright, thank you very much
Adorama closed these out at $499 not too long ago.
Does any one know if the cables are detachable from the cups?

yes, it is
If only it were the T1.2, but it's still a decent deal.
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Ah, I see, thanks very much! I have your AK100ii and a pair of the 2nd Gen T5p, but have always been interested in the T1p.
Any chances to see CLOSED version on Massdrop?
If this were the the normal version, I would immediatly pick them up.
Is this not normal version, I have used this - sound quality is excellent and very comfortable.
It´s the portable version, so it won´t run off my tube-amp very well because of the low impedance.
this vs dt1990 ?
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T1 Gen1 has three confirmed distinct versions.

T1 SN<3-4K ishk (bright and horrible)
T1 SN > 4 K but < 23 K (there may have been revisions in-between, but hard to tell exactly. I believe it was revised perhaps once more in this range).
20K + is "late run T1".
T1 SN > 23K is the very rare, T1 Gen1 v2, with parts of the T1V2 built into the Gen 1 chassis.

Late run t1 has reduced treble (compared to the first iteration), bumped bass, and given a well-matched amp, simply excellent. T1 Gen 2 is also very good, with different packaging, slightly fixed, but also reduced build quality (no more leather, but detachable cable and better sliders). Soundwise it's a tad below the late run, but it's not far off.

Amiron I've not tried. T90 is horrible by all accounts. 1990 is good but the FR is a lot less clean than T1. Looks rather strange tbh - fortunately doesn't sound as strange as it looks.

Any who, I prefer the original Beyer products to the AK versions almost universally. AK T1 is fine but just get the original and a tube amp if you're looking to do what the AK T1 does tbh.
I didn't know there was so much distinction in the t1 gen 1 alone, holy moly. Dunno what serial I listened to either. I did like it though! Amiron is just like a perfectly refined t90. No excessive brightness at all it's treble is perfect for my ears.
Thanks for your comment though if I can pick up a late serial t1 I might, I'd just mod it to be detachable balanced. I already have enough headphones so what to sell....