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ATH-M50x Velour Ear Pads

ATH-M50x Velour Ear Pads

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After trying out a few other earpads, i've found that the Shure SRH840 ones are the best. They are more comfortable, fit larger ear and dont change sound isolation & signature much.
There is a slight drop in bass and improvement in soundstage but nothing major. Plus they're only $16 on amazon. I'd stay away from the velour SRH940 though.
Does fit any headphones or are these specific to a particular brand and model?
Everyone knows M50x has this pressure in your head that makes it uncomfortable in long hours, does this pads affect that? I am not really worried about the texture of the stock pads, its the pressure.
Are you talking about pressure from the the headband resting on top of your head? Or pressure on your ears? I've had a pair of M50x's before and I bought these same earpads for them. The main improvement is the earpads don't accumulate oil and get that gross sticky feeling.
Does anyone know where to ge the original pads, not only the black ones but other colors? I have the dark green version (I think it was a limited edition) of the M50x.

I really like the brown color of these pads and the contrast with the dark green :)

Man, I just picked up the DT250 pads for some 7506 I bought. I needed sealed drivers for an overseas trip...I'm wondering now though whether these pads would have fit, and if so, why didn't I get them? It would have been awesome to have white pads on them!
I bought these to use on my AT M50X headphones, but didn’t end up liking them on my M50Xs, and switched them out for Dekoni sheepskin pads. However, I recently bought Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart Headphones, and switched the stock pads for these. Hey, I already had them! I really like the purple hearts, but with the stock pads my ears are on the drivers. These velour pads are a tiny bit loose but very usable. Ears off the drivers!

I was worried that these pads would change the sound, but if they do it’s not dramatic. I think I may loose a little bit of isolation but I also think I gain a slightly larger soundstage.

I know it’s Not the intended use for these pads, but I figured it’s always possible someone else is in the same situation!
Is this ever going to ship?
I know right
great product! had mine for 2+ years now and with daily use, still as good as the day i bought them. great for gaming or listening to music. a must have for the m50s
I have these, honestly, I think they're pretty sucky. They completely loose the sealed nature of the headphones. They are slightly more comfortable, but I think the BrainWavez is more inline with what you need on these phones. Also.. they're not going to do much to improve the quality of the audio.
I have big ears lol are these better then the brainwavz Velor ear pads?
Will these fit the old ATH-M50 non x as well?
Says that right in the description.
They are just the same exact thing, just the detachable cable.
will this fit ATH-PRO700MK2?
will this fix ATH-PRO700MK2?

Massdrop should make a audeze vegan pad clone. They'd sell fast
Didn't buy em on here. But I must say, I think these are fantastic. Hold up better than t he original leather and don't give you sweaty rings on your head!