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How do I install these? Do I need to rip the old ones off? Is there video or something?
So I purchased a set of these 2 or so months ago, replacing my old pleather ear cups on the m50x. Picked them up in a pinch and got them delieved a month later. Probably the best fitting ear cups without having to purchase ear cups that are designed for other headphones. In terms of quality, second to none and doesn't change the fidelty and quality of sound which is amazing. Highly recommended and might buy a gray pair for my LE when it comes around again.
So I'm a guy who recently bought the M50x based on reputation and am pretty disappointed -- especially based on the claim that they are somehow "studio" or "monitoring" headphones. My question is might these pads smooth out the sound signature enough to make them worth a try or should I try to pass the cans on to someone who appreciates them the way they are?
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Bummer, but thanks. The search for closed, travel cans continues. I may just go back to the tried and true 7506. I'm not looking for perfection -- just something easy going while writing in public. Raves or no, doesn't sound like the M50x fits the bill. You know what I wish? I wish people that rave our hate for that matter included what they listen to. I think too much of the hobby is getting skewed by the EDM crowd like it used to be all classical back in the day.
Yeah it's true, it really does matter what you're listening to, and where.
But yeah the sony's MDR are really good pair, and if you like their sound I suggest looking at some headphones from Beyerdynamic's, they have a good collection of closedback headphones you may enjoy. Either way save travels on the internet :)
Glad I decided to browse Massdrop at 2 AM or else I wouldn't have noticed this drop, my current stock ATH-M50x leather earpads are falling apart can't wait to receive the velour earpads! ^-^
Will these change the sound signature of the MSR7?
Tones down the brightness the headphones are known for.

By alot.
Quick question, I've got a pair from the last drop of these guys, should I clean them with water?
Soap and water.
Hand wash.
Air dry. (Hair Dryer works too)
Is this better than the Dekoni Velour? or just the same?
Can these ear pads be shipped outside US? I'm in Malaysia. :C
Quick question. I have the ATH-M40x. Would this ear pad fit my M40x?
There must be less than 100 words on the store page, and you were still too lazy to read it and find that out for yourself. Yes, to answer your question.
Yes. According to the description it fits the ATH-M20x, ATH-M30x, ATH-M40x, ATH-M50, and ATH-M50x models.
Would people who have tried this or similar say that sound image is changed drastically? I hear you lose bass response in the M50x's, and I rather not lose it, because it's pretty good as of now with stock leather pads
From my personal experience, it didn't change enough that I'd call it a drastic change. It sounds almost exactly the same as with the stock pads. The bass response is just ever so slightly less but nothing that is game-changing. I love me my bass so take that for what it's worth.
Because velvet pads inherently ‘leak’ compared to the stock ‘pleather’ pads, we had to redesign the shape, thickness and earhole size of these pads to match the sound signature of the stock pads as closely as possible. This is why many users comment that our velvet pads alter the sound less than some others.

Hope this helps!

Chris Carfagno
The Sound Professionals, Inc.
Related - if anyone would like to see the brand new red and gold (think Ironman colors) ATH-M50xRD headphones, check them out:
Can we get pictures of the other colors?
You can see all of the colors here