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ATH-M50x Velour Ear Pads

ATH-M50x Velour Ear Pads

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I have big ears lol are these better then the brainwavz Velor ear pads?
Will these fit the old ATH-M50 non x as well?
Says that right in the description.
will this fit ATH-PRO700MK2?
will this fix ATH-PRO700MK2?

Massdrop should make a audeze vegan pad clone. They'd sell fast
Didn't buy em on here. But I must say, I think these are fantastic. Hold up better than t he original leather and don't give you sweaty rings on your head!
Will this effect the sound quality? if so, what Will change?
replaced my cracked pads a couple years ago with the Brainwavz HM5 velour pads on Amazon. They collect hair and skin, but that's just velour in general. $25 with prime.

If I had to buy them again, I'd go back to the pleather
I'm holding out for the fur-pads (to match my coat).
I got a pair of velour pads for my M50x and it totally sucked all the bass out of the sounds.
These are uncomfortable, especially if you wear glasses.
I find them to be comfortable with glasses on, at least metal ones.
I've recently got the Shure HPAEC940 earpads that fit my ATH m50x's just fine. I was wondering if it's worth to get these earpads. Anyone tried them both?
All the colors can be seen here:
Does anyone know how these compare to the Dekoni velvours from about a week ago?
I have the dekoni pleather and these (silver velour) I feel both relieve some of that pressure the original pads give off. The sound does change a bit, I personally feel for the better. In my perosnal opinion, I was glad I made the purchase I dont use the Dekoni anymore.
Are these earpads fit my ATH PG1 ?
Are these much better than the cheaper options on Aliexpress?