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Aune B1S Portable Headphone Amp

Aune B1S Portable Headphone Amp

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Where's the price?
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Shamless plug of my review here. Hope this helps when the drop comes back


Can this be used while it's charging?
Of course this drops when I have no money to spend LOL!
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I already tried!! Instead it slapped me across the face like a hockey player with the cash I still owe!!! OW!
In that case, what u gotta do is get another credit card and join the debt circus as a money juggler!
Can you roll opamp with this? What is the battery life like? What is the sound signature of this amp?
It doesn't appear to use op amps. Look at the circuit board.
I need something with this power w/DAC in this form factor. Mass drop wonder team activate
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CEntrance BlueDAC.
Thanks for the reply’s peeps. I was about to get that exact one, but I had zero actual reviews to go by so I ended up getting the Fio Q5. Honestly at this point absolutely no regrets; the features it has are second to none and the convenience of being able to swap out amp modules and connectivity options make it hard to measure up to. Having a little bit of experience with it I “might“ think that I hear what people say when they mentioned it having a more mechanical or sharp sound versus something warm but again the quality is still outstanding.
How does this compare to a Fiio A5?
Running TFZ King Pro (55ohm).
The Aune can't compete against the Fiio A5 in power, not a chance. Fiio puts out 800mW of power, the Aune is a joke in power. However in clarity, the Aune beats the Fiio by a hint. I'd stick to the Fiio hands down.
I have the cayin c5 (similar to the fiio a5) and the aune b1s, power wise it isn’t as powerful but the class A amp vs AB is a big thing and it is pretty poud even with the hd600 anyway
PS: I have it on good authority Aune is actually pronounced "Oh-knee."
This is a great little amp when paired with something neutral.
There's a nice subtitle warmth to it.
It also looks really cool.
And so handy to carry about--as long as no one mistakes you for a suicide bomber ;- )
So cool, I too have the mark IIIs with an X3 but my amp is an xduoo X5!
My xduoo x5 is starting to fail really hard and I wonder if a b1S would be an upgrade or a downgrade
Possibly a dumb question but here goes. When I adjust the gain control slider it is obvious the sound is affected. The slider for Class A switch makes no audible difference. Is mine defective?
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Nice, any early impressions? I joined the drop yesterday.
Well now that I opened the owners manual and found how to adjust the current I’m going to try it again. After a couple hours with a Focal Elex it sounds really clean and not too bright . Not sure if I can actually give a review yet but so far I’m very pleased. I may have to order the Silver one now
Anyone compared vs massdrop O2 amp btw?
Would I be able to use unbalanced RCA output from my Scarlett 2i4 with the input of the Aune? I want to be able to dual headphone monitor and this is the only way I can see how
What's the battery life like?
does this has a higher output than a Cayin C5???
No, but this is class A and c5 is class AB
My office rig....paired with HD 6XX...using Kokkia transceiver for BT connectivity with iPhone 7Plus. Listening to latest release by Walter Wolfman Washington...LP entitled My Future Is My Past.
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I know audio
Sure you do . 'Bluetooth sucks mp3s are shit' anyone who doesn't have hold cables and uses anything but unicorn formats is an idiot
? Is the power rating missing a 0 at the end of each value?
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Was looking for impressions paired with the iSine 20 prior to joining the drop and didn;t have too much luck. Seeing this comment is a bit dispiriting.
I would disagree about the power for portables. Under 100mW per channel is less than most DAPs. Granted, it depends on the load its driving.
I have been looking at this amp for sometime now. So...I ordered a black one...couldn’t pass on this price. I have a pricier Mojo/Poly combo but wanted to add a ‘tube’ sounding portable amp to my sonic arsenal. I also love the look of it (eye candy along with a quality build). Most reviews are favorable. It’s all about the sound quality & functionality @ the end of the day. I shall see & hear.
Am I reading the description wrong, or does the power output look more anemic than my DAP? (Aune M1s)
How does this compare to the Cayin C5
The B1s sounds more refined and better overall but it has no where the power of the Cayin C5 outputting 800mw.
So Black or Silver?
I have the Massdrop Hifiman 400x. I will mostly use the speakers with my phone, tablet, and laptop. Do I need this or a DAC / Amp combo? I have a Pixel phone now that plays at a ridiculously low volume output level, though a trip to the Pixel forum let me know that this is a common problem with the Pixel, My $9.00 MEE Audio IEM's play louder on the Pixel than the Hifiman 400x's, ridiculous. My next phone will have a good internal DAC, still most phone DACs pale in comparison to external DACs (guessing).
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Iphone has acceptable dac, but that depends on who you speak with...aune makes great budget stuff imo..
Hopefully you've purchased a nice iPhone 8Plus or X by now. That will have solved all your problems.
Really interested in this amp, as its Class A and portable. Problem is I’m using an iPhone x as a DAP and damn Apple had to remove the headphone jack. Any suggestions to make it work?
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You could get the Topping NX2S which connects to iPhone via lightning to micro-usb cable. This bypasses the need of a CCK, but you are limited to using it with NX2S which adds bulk and also doesn't have a line out
Fiio Q1 Mk2 is another device which works with lightning to micro-usb and it does have a line-out.
The Dragonfly Red is a good choice, very good DAC. It can be used with the Apple CCK. But the problem with the Red in such setup is that the REd is also a spectacular amp, capable of driving most headphones with its 2v output, including the HD6XX. The Aune portable amp is most probably higher powered, but sound quality wise the Dragonfly digital amp is hard to beat at its pricing range. So the paradox is that the Aune may or may not be an upgrade to using the Dragonfly as an amp too. In any case, the Dragonfly may also be used as a DAC only, so the choice is yours. I know that the Dragonfly as a DAC/amp is very capable to drive the HD6XX with outstanding sound quality at moderate to higher than moderate sound volumes. YMMV depending of your headphone gear. In terms of portability, using a DAC/amp with CCK is one less unit to be plugged in your setup.
So I actually organized the tour of this on Head Fi! Super excited to see MassDrop pick this up.
At this price this is really a super easy recommendation. Performance wise this is about as close to a portable tube as you'll get... without shelling out 500-600 on an actual portable tube unit. The resolve is excellent, and it'll even drive some new gen planars nicely! Overall it's pretty spacious with a slight mid-centric sound, but overall excellent extension from top to bottom!

Priced at $229 the Aune B1S certainly proves it self an amazing value! In stock as of this writing from both Amazon and Penon Audio.
Even better is the $169 price here on MassDrop! I highly recommend you guys grab this. At this price point there is very few amps that will perform better than this one!!!!
Non the less check out the article on my Blog! It reads a lot nicer, and has some pictures.
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Anyone willing to tote that much gear just to hear some tunes, definitely needs this rig to help with the load:
That's not right. Those belongs to the pirates not the army..
Amazon has the previous version of this amp for $130
That's B1, not B1S
The 130.00 vr 1 won't last 4 hours before the battery is dead.
I've tried researching this but have found no solid answer, what is the difference between the B1 and the newer B1S?
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I read they improved it's performance with sensitive iems
I've decided to for go this purchase even at 169.00 it's to weak and no bass boost. I will stick with my Fiio E12 n the Cayin C5 which are the most powerful portable amp I've seen to date and both have very smooth bass boost.
I love the look of the visible internals!
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It's a pretty common design feature on both portable and desktop amplifiers though many companies opt for a solid cover for the minimal shielding improvement.
Thanks, I'm aware. Just pointing out how the less expensive manufacturers have a tendency to mimic the designs of higher-end equipment. Certainly not unique to audio, either.
If any one was wondering, silver unit's back should look like this
Thank you. I would've assumed black leather and been very disappointed