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Aune T1 MK2 Headphone Tube DAC/Amp Combo

Aune T1 MK2 Headphone Tube DAC/Amp Combo

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What is the cost of this amp/dac ?
What is the diffrence between the mk2 and the mk 3
I'm interested if the included original Aune power supply can take in both 110v and 220v.
Get the new version on here!!! T1SE Mk3
My old tube just broke so I bought a new. Unfortunately, this new one produce a really low and buzzy sound. I want to know if there's a specific type of tube I need to use, or my new tube is defective. Here's the one I bought
I don't think that is the right tube, you should search for 6DJ8 tubes or any of these ECC88, 6922, E88CC, 7308
So this is neat. I'm considering getting this to power my AKG 7XX when it gets here, but the impedance is only 62 Ohms. The output impedance of this amp is 10 Ohms, and wouldn't that put a damper on the sound being so high with the headphones' resistance so low?
Does anyone know if the USB audio will work with the camera kit connection and an iOS device?
id like to know too
Accidentally ordered the 220V version when I live in the US, and Massdrop won't cancel the order even though it hasn't even fucking shipped. Real classy.
Hi, I might consider to buy it from you if you are interested
Does it use tube for preamp or amp?
Only 6 remaining! lets do it!
Only 220v options left... I'm in the US.
Can anyone confirm that the aune t1 mk2 comes with a 100-220v power supply as is mentioned on their site:

it looks like their with their earlier models you had to choose. I will be traveling between Europe and the us so would love to keep it simple
Just received mine today. Was super stoked to get it. Less excited when my power supply started smoking and shorted out my multi board. Now the power supply doesn't seem to work. Anyone else with a similiar problem?
Yeah it's happened to others. Candy at Aune can get you a replacement, or you could ask MD. It's kind of a special xfmr, so probably easiest to just get it directly from Aune.
Did anyone else get charged a bunch more for customs once the Gold Lion tube came in? I'm in Canada and I got charged an extra $20.00 at my door when it finally came, which was more than the actual upgrade I believe
Yes, they set the value of the Gold Lion tube to something like $186 Canadian. I had to pay like $30 when it should've been free since the value is close to $20, and usually they don't bother charging it unless it's over $40.
Just received the T1 today... I have it hooked from PC to T1 via usb, then audio out to Audioengine A2. Is the volume knob on the T1 supposed to work with powered loudspeakers? Mine doesn't.

Also, the headphone jack doesn't seem to work.. I plug in my HD650 and it just keeps on playing on the loudspeakers.

Is this a defective unit? Or is there something that I'm not doing right?
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No, your unit is not defective.

USB input will put out a fixed volume pre signal via RCA output (to your amp) - this is ALWAYS ON and does not mute. The volume is not adjustable... it's a fixed pre signal.

The RCA output will always be on regardless. There is no muting relay, so if you plug in headphones, the pre output will still be on while playing music into the T1.

Why don't you guys follow the link to the info thread on HeadFi? You'd get much better answers than some of the ones I see here. Google it.

sorry i didn't see your reply until now. If the RCA ouput will always be on, am I correct in understanding that this DAC/Amp won't switch to/from powered speakers and headphones? I'm pretty new with all this, and I just came from an Audioengine D1, which switched from headphone output and RCA output accordingly.

Currently, I disconnected the RCA output completely, so that it works just with headphones. It's a bit of an inconvenience to reach back to connect the RCA ouput to my speakers every time I want to use my speakers, but maybe I didn't quite understand this device's purpose. I just saw RCA out and headphone jack, and assumed the T1 will automatically switch audio outputs accordingly...