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I got my Aune X1S and I can hear noise and hissing sound with my Audeze El-8! Everything is super clear when I connect it back to Oppo HA-2. Any idea or anyone is facing this?
Just got the AKG K7XX and am looking for amp/dac, was wondering if the X1S pair well with the K7XX?
Are the K7XX hard to drive?
X1s, which filter you are using? And why?
I can’t tell the difference in sound between filters and I haven’t seen anything that describes what changes to the sound the filters would make .
I tried them on same song for quite a while, there is some audible difference, I can hear it with my m40x, I just cant figure out which one sounds better (they are pretty close).
Wow, it shipped a whole month early? Wasn't expecting that but I'll take it!
O.K. guys, my X1S has arrived and I'm a little bit worried it might burn my house down. Why? Well, the power brick is getting warm...when the unit is turned off. Can some of you check to see if yours is also getting warm while not under use?

(The power button on the back of the unit is in the off position btw, I'm not calling no-music-playing "off".)
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TBH I don't think that means much for me. The X7S is a totally different beast from my understanding.
My x1s power brick gets warm, not hot though.. I have had mine for a few months.. I have it sitting on carpet and my house is still un-burnt..
I just got the X7s. Can anyone confirm if it's passively cooled and if soo how warm is it expected to get (to the touch)?
I don't have one (yet), but based on my experience with class A amps, I'd expect it to get very warm to the touch. Yes, it is passively cooled.
thank you.
I've been playing around with my x1s 10th ann. So far i can say it sounds alright a bit different than my o2/odac but a lot less power than the o2/odac.
Between the 2, X1S and O2/ODAC, which one you prefer?
i am buying the massdrop hifiman He-4xx. Would this dac/amp be overkill? I mean i just use my onboard soundcard of my gaming pc so far.
I wouldn't say overkill, it will most likely sound better than what your using.. I actually like the DAC, even though it uses an older chip..
This or the Schiit Stack paired with the HD6XXs?
If anyone is interested I have the unopened box from the last drop for sale, complete with invoice and shipping label
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Help! guys...

I'm a noob at this field, and I've been using the one that others recommended.
Currently I'm using Beyerdynamics DT990 Premium 600ohm, with um..... Schiit's Modi & Magni.
My Modi&Magni passed away a long ago, and thesedays I'm finally concerning to buy a new DAC& Amp.

One of my friends recommended me [Aune X1S] and I found this drop. and here is another thing in it. X7s

So here are my questions

1. Can anybody compare Modi&Magni VS X1s?

2. Is X1S good with DT990 premium 600ohm?

3. So X7s is just an AMP right? How is it different than X1s?

4. Is there any other recommendation in 200~300 dollar price DAC+AMP?


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If i consider under $400 only, still jotunheim?
Audio gd nfb11