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Got my X7S in the mail today and it sounds great. Unfortunately can't test the balanced output at this time seeing that I've been waiting over a month for my XLR cable to come in for my HD 650's. But even with the standard 1/4 jack it sounds wonderful and a noticeable improvement over my Schitt Magni 3 I was using previously.
I received my X1S yesterday in the mail.

I'm coming from a Monoprice Headphone Amp/DAC (similar to an O2/ODAC). Listening with HD600/ER4S.

I'm immediately impressed with this unit. It's very nicely packaged. The DAC/AMP's aesthetics are very attractive. The volume pot is smooth, easy to see and feels great. There aren't any insanely bright blue LEDs! The unit is weighty and feels high quality to the touch. The power brick is large and awkwardly cabled, though I'm glad to have an external power supply to reduce interference.

The sound is very impressive. I liked the Monoprice DAC/AMP a lot for the price, but this really blows it out of the water. The dynamics and separation of instruments is improved. I also feel like the highs are more smooth and crisp - symbols sound more alive. Sound-stage is also improved, though the HD600s aren't known for their sound stage and I don't have another set of cans to verify this with. I wish there was more documentation on the filter settings, as I can detect a sonic difference but I would like to be able to quantify that difference.

It's clear this unit has plenty of power as I can loudly drive my HD600s with less than 1/2 volume. I cranked it up as loud as I could handle and there was no perceptible distortion.

The power brick and unit get warm to the touch, but certainly not hot, and in fact it's cooler than the Monoprice unit.

The 10th anniversary sticker is only a sticker unfortunately. I wish it was laser engraved or silk-screened. A minor issue.

Another minor issue is a slight channel imbalance at extremely low volume levels.

Overall I would absolutely recommend this product for desktop headphone use!
Hey, any other Canadian orders here? UPS tried to deliver my X7S but I wasn’t home, on their note they said I owe $80 in duty and taxes!? I live in Alberta, this is my first Massdrop order. I’m hoping this is some kind of mistake.

Thank you.
Got my X1S and X7S in today. Drivers installed right away. Everything is functioning great. Ears have never been so pleased.
Received my Aune ahead of projected schedule. The users manual is on some kind of memory card I’m not familiar with. How the heck can I learn to play with this thing? Out of the box I’m not impressed with the sound, but it may need to burn in so to speak, and It may be set in the wrong filter mode. Any suggestions?
... ok, I need to try that stick on my computer, instead of dismissing it off hand. When I get home.
X1s or X7s?
It's the X1S. For anyone wondering about the supplied stick, it works as designed. Insert into usb port. It fits both ways so you may have to flip it around.
Just got mine today!
Just a quick note to add that YES! This AUNE XS1 is powerful enough to power my Massdrop Fostex TX-0 headphones well.
Has anyone received any notification in what stage their order is? Did you receive tracking numbers?
It says expected shipping date 22nd of February and coming from previous purchases i have done i should have a tracking number or a message informing me the stage of my order.
Maybe i'm too impatient but plz let me know if its the same for you too.
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I received my tracking number this morning. Hasn't shipped yet. It's in NJ so I expect I'll receive it tomorrow or Saturday.
I got my tracking number today, but that does not mean it's actually shipped yet, just label has been created. It could take a day or more before tracking information is updated and you know it's on it's way/shipped.

The hardest part..... waiting.
I would really like to buy the Aune X1s, but ended up getting a good deal on the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.
That why i have no problems with customs and stuff.
But now i need a good amp to pair them up!
Maybe the X7s?
Or something with Valves?
Im using the HD6xx.
Was it a Amp/Dac combo? recommend the X1s or the modi magni stack?
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Can X7S drive 600 ohm headphones single ended?
It might on the High Gain setting. Not 100% sure.
If anyone is interested the drop ended at 8:00 AM GMT on 20 Jan 2018 with 179 purchases at $199.99 for the X1S Anniversary Edition DAC/amp (now rated 200 mW at 300 ohms) or the X7S balanced headphone amp. Or, for an additional $180, one could get both.

Estimated ship date is Feb 22, 2018 PT
Expect 6 weeks for international shipments, at least to Dubai.

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What 🎧 do u have ?
GreatMagician is overpriced like every other online/brick and mortar store here.

I have two of the MD stars, the K7XX and the Sennheiser head vise (which is stored safely in its box in the bought-without-thinking cabinet).