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Aune X1S Anniversary Edition DAC/Amp & X7S Amp

Aune X1S Anniversary Edition DAC/Amp & X7S Amp

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Ahhh, my baby arrived today. The X7S pairs oh-so-well with my Topping D50. Very happy! Looks great, too.

BTW, look here for some incredible connecting cables:

Excellent quality and very reasonable prices.

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Still look'n a tad "improvised"
Nice setup. I went for aesthetics.
Well I just got the Aune X1S in the mail and testing it with my HD598 atm. Also waiting for my HD6XX.
as tempting as this deal is, i can't justify ditching my X1 Pro for this model.

if the build of this is similar or close to my X1 Pro, this is an awesome drop.
How does this compare to fiio e17k + k5?
How does the X7S compare to the Schiit Magni?
Is that possible to choose the model of the power adapter outlet ? (like european one ?)
If I understand you, Yes, absolutely. There are 110V (North America) and 220V (Europe) options for all variants if you join the drop.
What are people's thoughts about the X1s and HD6xx together?
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It's a good match but the X7S is better. I have both. They make for a nice stack. If you don't need a DAC get the X7S. The sound from it with the 6xx is fuller. In balanced mode the soundstage widens and sound really good.

The difference in sound between the X7S and X1S isn't night and day, but noticeable. As a DAC I think the X1S is great. All the input options you could want and a clear to slightly warmer sound. I have no problems giving to he X1S a strong recommendation.
I'll be getting the X7s at a later date
Finally got shipping info for it which is awesome.
Just got my shipping notification for the last drop. Shipping my X1s to me like a week early? Hey, I'm super happy about it! Nice work MD
A class A amp for only $200??? With a Topping D30 probably costs the same as the CTH + SDAC ($320). Any one have experience with both X7S and CTH? I heard that the X7S is a warm amp.
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Glad to know it can even power t50rps!
I can't compare it to a CTH yet but the X7S / D30 combo sounds amazing to my ears. I plan on adding a CTH in the future just for the tube sound.
My X7S from this newest drop just shipped. Aww yeah!!!
Stacks like a Dylan song:
”You know it balances on your head just like a Mattress balances on a bottle of wine”
Well said!
Not really said, only quoted ;- )