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Aune X1S Anniversary Edition DAC/Amp & X7S Amp

Aune X1S Anniversary Edition DAC/Amp & X7S Amp

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How often does this get dropped? I'm really kicking myself for not grabbing one on the last drop!!! :(
How would this work with the Dark voice as the pre amp, topping d10 Dac and then the x7s?
Just received the THX AAA 789 which I am happy with, but still curious on the Aune X7s. Can someone please post a pic of the power supply. Can the Power chord be replace with my country' s wall plug?

The above is the photo, if you need other voltage b plug styles I think they were available when you checked out?
just bought hifiman 4xx , i'm driving that pair with a little fiio e10k , do you recommend to me this instead?
Does anyone know whats the difference in the orginal x7s and 2018 version?
does anyone that have a rattling sound from the aune x1s power supply? is this normal?
X7S Amp how long running till its too hot to use?
Can please someone tell which would be better Topping DX3 or Aune X1S for pairing with HD6XX?
I would like to know the same. I have done some digging around and a lot of ppl are saying the topping for the price is pretty damn good if you don't want to spend the extra. More features as well but seems they are having some QC issues right now. A lot of ppl amps are dying.
Topping looks very good but the product quality wise Aune is much better. I think I can save some money and just buy FX audio DAC X6.
The X7S amp would be perfect for my needs if it had balanced inputs. Does anyone know a comparable amp with that is fully balanced in this price range?
Could someone please tell me what is the socket that looks like a MIDI connector.
Pretty sure that’s the DAC usb input my guy
Thank you!
How would the aune X1S compare with de massdrop CTH + SDAC? Both are dac/amp.
Does anyone know how long this may take to ship to toronto 
Since the x7s is not truly balanced will I get the same effect as a real balanced cable if I get a 3.5mm adapter to the balanced output?
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More power doesn't hurt; however, when I adjust the volumes between the x1 and x7 to the same volume, the x7 seems to be a little more detailed and crisp to me, though it's something you have to be listening for. There also is the difference in cables. That might have something to do with it as well. If I were to buy a new amp today, I would seriously look at the THX AAA 789. I hear that amp is to die for.
Again, don't expect any sound difference between balance and unbalanced. There's no sound signature difference when it comes to the two types of outputs. It's possible it sounds better as it does put out more power, which could allow a headphone to sound a bit "better" or it could be a placebo thing. Who knows. Overall, use what you feel sounds best. If you think the xlr output sounds better, or the jack output just isn't "loud enough" for you, then go with xlr. And if you think the jack outputs sound better, go for those.
Can't get into 32BITs/384k, only 32B/192k. Some drive issue... Is there anyone with this same problem?
would love for this to drop near christmas
anyone know how to feed a subwoofer from x1s? Can the coax out connect with a Y rca connection to the sub?
cant get the usb connect to work consistently. It will work then you can hear a relay click at the end of a song and it wont immediately start the music up a again.. Fully updated windows 10 installed.. I tried the usb xmos driver that came with the unit and it does not allow usb to work at all. Get the following reply in device manager Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52) anyone know what the problem is?
Make this a drop timed for Christmas; between now and dec 12 ish please
So it seems that warranty has always been an issue here, and I contacted Aune to ask if they honor the warranty of their products here. They replied they will honor the warranty for one year after the Massdrop warranty expired, and you have to contact Aune yourself and pay for the shipping cost. Hope this info helps.
will I only need the 110V if im using 'not stupid hard to drive' headphones?
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from what i've read, i should get the 110 because i'm in the US
X1S vs Mayflower O2 odac vs Schiit Stack with Sennheiser hd58x. All options approximately cost $200. Which is the best option?
is the X1S coax out a direct signal from coax in, i.e. not touched? (I have a schiit eitr feeding mimby->magni3, so Ideally I'd run the eitr->X1S->X7S and coax out from X1S back to mimby->magni3) Also, should I just skip getting the X1S and feed the X7S from the mimby? (not strapped for cash, but not trying to just waste money either.)
I don't use the coax out but I believe every output is passive on the back. The only volume control is the headphone amp. If you only care about the amp (+balanced out), then get the X7S. The X1S has a decent amp but it's really all about the DAC. I use both.
Might be a little too picky of me, but does anyone know if the X7s in this drop has that tacky "2018" sticker on the front bottom corner like in the image above? And in that case is it a sticker that can be removed?
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Thanks for your reply!
i received mine a couple of days ago from this drop, it does have the "2018" sticker on it.
I got my x1s from a recent drop and I'm a bit confused because it's not working with my iPhone X using a camera connection kit and giving the error message that the x1s requires too much power. I know this is a desktop DAC intended for home use and it's not designed for travel or anything, but why isn't it working with my iPhone? The x1s is plugged into an outlet which I would think provides 100% of its power. The x1s works with my computer but I was hoping to also use it with my iPhone. I've used lots of portable DACs with my iPhone with a camera connection kit including the Chord Mojo and the Geek Out V2+ Infinity, but I intended to use this desktop DAC with it as well.
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Sorry for the late reply, but in most DAC designs the DAC chip needs an I2S signal to operate. Thus designers need to use some additional circuit to convert USB, coaxial or optical signal to I2S. Unlike coaxial or optical signal converters, USB to I2S converters almost always get their power from what ever is on the other end of the USB cable. If the designers use a power hungry converter smaller devices like a mobile phone may struggle to power it and the mobile device may need an additional power source for the USB to I2S converter to work properly.
No worries! My Apple Camera Connection dongle arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I was too busy with (paying) project work to attend to this personal project. Well, last night I found a spare Lightning cable and wall-wart. I hooked everything up and it works. So I can drive the X1S with my iPhone. My iPhone charges while I'm listening to music. As a funny aside, as I sat in my big-ole comfy chair listening to music, my dog came into the living room to check on me. She pestered me for the next couple of hours, wondering about the change in my routine. About 2030h I figured out she wanted to go to bed -- and she wanted me to go to bed too. So I shut the house down and reclined on the bed, reading and listening to music while she snored. She was also right to "encourage" me to hit the rack. I was asleep early and slept late, which means I needed some extra sleep. She knows me very well. Thanks for your help and I hope the story was amusing. I'm going to burn-in the Aune setup and we'll see what I think.
What was the price on this? I just need to see if it's much cheaper than off of amazon
I didn't know this until the day after the drop was closed, but if you check amazon regularly you may see if as low as $200 there as well. I have also seen it dip to around $220 to $230 a few times as well.
WRT warranty, back 2-3 years ago, an Aune rep made a post that Massdrop was NOT an authorized dealer and that Aune would Not honor any warranty on this unit..... Massdrop, was this ever resolved????
I want some advice as I'm new to audiophile equipment, I'm currently using a Creative Labs x7, my headphones are HE4xx and HD6xx. I do some gaminging and listen to music, would the x1s and x7s be worth it as an upgrade?
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I did 2, I went out of my way to get it direct so happy I did

You got the S7..which is a different amp.
how good is this over a Xonar STX 2 ? which has poor driver support ?
Does this drop come often or should I grab it now?
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Ok thank I'll hold off then
you should consider Amazon as well, I have seen it as low as $200 on there. Unfortunately for me, that was right after this last drop closed.
Massdrop, what warranty??