AVI-8 Lancaster Bomber AV-4038 Automatic Watchsearch

AVI-8 Lancaster Bomber AV-4038 Automatic Watch

AVI-8 Lancaster Bomber AV-4038 Automatic Watch

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Nice watch, light weight and full of details. Good band but the "Cyclop" is a bit out of place.
Once i have scratched it properly i might replace the glass with sapphire, albeit losing some details.
This one and the "Flyboy Tuck" also are out of stock on Avi-8s website, i believe Massdrop got some not so perfect leftovers, however if you really want one - Ebay asks for double and you also dont know what you will get there.
+6 seconds a day movement, very good also. Nowadays the Chinese are unbeatable, arnt they?!
Contrary to many beliefs, Miyota and Seiko movements are made in China but so is Apple.

Again, for this price i am very happy.
I agree. The Cyclops window has a giant wall around it. Why isn't it flush with the case?
Received mine today! The pictures don't do this watch justice! The strap is super comfortable and the case is lighter than I expected it to be for a larger watch. The lume is a little weak but over all it's a great watch!

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I agree, I have the 4038-04 and love it!
Very, very unique in a watch world that basically all look very much the same!
My favorite watch.
That's beautiful
Is the 24hr dial lumed?
I recieved my -01 today. It looked really good until I realized that the minute hand spins freely. I've read about these issues with AVI-8, but I was hoping to get lucky.
It's a Seiko movement so it should be all-good and reliable as hell.
Should have been. I'm not the only person that has received one with one or more detached hands. I think it is something people need to know. I'll still give AVI-8 another shot if I see something I like, I just had trouble with this particular model.
The cyclops to end all cyclopses.
What is a "three-pronged rutter"? Did you mean rudder? Or maybe propeller?
How does one change straps; is it possible even? The black dial...dig that one tho.
Agreed Shonytoys, and $99 for the flat green would be awesome
Buy the flat green, no camo, it's sweet
Last time offered it was $99.00, and worth every penny. Great watch, love mine.
If anyone gets their AV-4038-01 and decides they don't want it, let me know. May be interested in buying it off you
Is it me or do they keep offering drops with only one wearable model that immediately sells out and half a dozen others that only serve to make that one look better by comparison.
The 4038-1 is the only one I was interested in, however given my horrible experience with the last AVI-8 I bought, I would be hesitant to joint the drop if the -1 were still in stock. MassDrop was great in refunding me for the defective AVI - 8 before, but I didn't get the watch as the company would not give MD a replacement for their defective product (second hand fell off in shipping).