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Backlit Doubleshot Gradient PBT Keycap Set

Backlit Doubleshot Gradient PBT Keycap Set

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Where's the price?
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How do these compare to the NPKC Gradient Keycap Set. Which one has better build quailty?

Can these be used for ps4?
yeah just make sure to plug them into the S-video port
Hi! I’m ready to purchase these, but I’m wondering if they come with a Nordic layout
There is not an ISO Nordic option.
does this come with lettering ?
Are they fitting on the Anne Pro 2 ?
i have 96% Arrangement keyboard so i have to buy 1.75u and 2.25u shift is this in here? and 1u ctrl alt fn
No, those specific keys are not in this set.
Second drop started 11/10/'18
anyone know what the 4 novelty key caps are?
I have a 75% with a split shift. What are the odds the novelties include a 1.75u and 2.25u?
Or does this typically mean 1u 's with some special colors/prints
Edit: read the other comments. Thanks guys. BTW did massdrop remove the reviews section or is that just on some items?
I guess not every Item is reviewed
just received! great! I love the novelty keycaps
order hasn't shipped yet any updates?
They sent out an email saying there has been an unexpected delay, so shipping dates will be later than the original estimated date.
What keyboard (if an actual real keyboard) is pictured with the caps?
Update: These look real nice on my k-type. using the white k-type spacebar with it since mine for the set was warped. but with the custom backlighting I have set up and a finch caps artisan on my esc it looks great against the k-type's aluminum. this is the first time I've truly used them regularly and the thickness and feel of them is actually pretty great. it sounds like they have fixed the warping issues so I would recommend these going forward.
I joined this drop some time back.. Some keys are higher then others.. I ripped out a switch trying to remove the keycap. yes.. Its actually possible to rip out a switch *facepalm
Rather specific request; anyone have the rainbow gradient keycaps with a MagicForce 68, blue/yellow backlighting on? Just wondering how the different coloured backlighting will conflict with the rainbow keys. Thanks!
They're nice! A couple keys are weirdly lower than all the others but they feel really nice. I'd recommend, but be warned: The colours are much deeper than the MD pics!
That seems to be the case with some caps on here. I expect my Mermaid's Kiss set to be somewhat darker than presented on MD when I get it.
thanks for posting a pic man
Is it not possible to use a decent font on any of these backlit keycaps? :(
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I mean sure but you still have to pay for fonts either way right?
Comic Sans for deh win!
does anyone knows if it works with imac .
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They'll work on most cherry-mx equipped keyboards, and most if not all of these will work with imacs, so yes. You don't get command keys, but you can just sub the alt and the windows key if you feel so inclined like I do. And remap the keys in system preferences if desired. I've got these caps installed on a ikbc keyboard plugged into my macbook pro, and they work great.
what keyboard do you use right now on your imac?
Hi All - we've reached out to the vendor and they've confirmed they will be performing an extra QC on these going forward.
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Sure for the US, and sure, now that its gone down to the lower tiered price, that's great for us "'Mmmercans" but you know MD charges a buttload for shipping outside of the US....just sayin'....
Drop avoided due to noted quality control issues.
What keyboard is this?
I really want to say it's this one:
I got one from the last drop they had, I like it a lot!
The reviews on this drop are horrible. I need another set of shine through keycaps, but can't risk it.
Anyone know if the issues with this drop have been resolved?
Emailed support, this was the reply:
"We do our best to ensure that your items are flawless and work with vendors to improve quality control all the time. While the occasional bump in the road does occur, we are happy to help if anything does come up and overall I don't foresee any issues with this round of the drop."
So, I guess that's a maybe?
Given all the complaints in the discussion so far, has anyone had a good experience with this set?
I ordered this set in rainbow gradient back in March-April earlier this year and i haven't had any issues whatsoever, aside from missing keycap puller in the box, but I already have a few so this was no problem for me.
The keycaps fit quite tightly so removing them, for a routine keyboard cleaning or just to change caps, is going to take a while.
All in all, I'm really happy with these keycaps, no complaints here
Well I got my replacement and it has the same issues as the first set. Oh well.
I elected to keep both sets because I didn't feel like mailing them back and MD gave me a $5 refund and a $5 coupon.
They look really nice! I'm happy with them
Is it like fading blue like in the picture? It looks completely different in the other picture.
Yes, it's fading blue
Love the colors but I'm very disappointed in the quality of these caps - they feel like those chalky Be Mine valentine day candies than either ABS or PBT. A lot of the surfaces feel inconsistent, like the coloring wasn't applied uniformly.
probably going to switch back to the PBT caps my varmillo came with.
Just got mine & so far I am not impressed with the quality. A lot of my edges have nixs in them & aren't smooth. I want to like this set b/c I love the colors but the quality is just poor. Also, was it supposed to come with a keycap puller? If so, mine is missing. Good thing I have others but still. This may be going back....☹️

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Wanted to update since I first commented. I have been using these for a while now & really do like them. My spacebar is warped but I tolerate it. The imperfections on the bottoms/sides of the caps aren't noticeable once you get them on the board. 🙂
I got a replacement and my spacebars both stick under other keys due to the warping which is super inconvenient when gaming, but I'm going to get one of those flower spacebars to replace it and I think I'll like it a lot better then haha
Very very bad quality, I don't even think it's PBT plastic....
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I have a keyboard that I bought at the office with PBT keycaps and Black Cherry switches and it's nowhere near the feel of this once, I said sorry because I was about to ruin your dreams, these are not PBT or maybe just very bad PBT ....
Ruin my dreams? WTF
The only thing you did was give your opinion and I actually agreed that they don't feel like PBT.
Buyer beware on this set, huh?