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Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier

Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier

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Flow With the Current

Whereas most headphone amplifiers operate with voltage output, wherein the headphones or speakers require a voltage that is then matched by a current, a new line of amplifiers uses current output, in which the current dictates the voltage. While both methods come with their advantages and drawbacks, the Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier combines both voltage and current output in one integrated device.

Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier

Get Output and Go

Using the same technology as their well-received HPA-21, but at a fraction of the cost, Bakoon combines a SATRI circuit and dual 1/4” headphone jacks to achieve the ideal test of outputs. You can either plug into the voltage jack, which works best with low impedance headphones, or the current jack, which matches up with high impedance models. With a nice pair of cans like the Fostex TH-900, Beyerdynamic T1 or Sennheiser HD800, you can switch between the ports and immediately discern the differences between the two output styles. Generally speaking, current output adds a hefty amount of bass and treble to your high end headphones, bringing more warmth and body to thinner and brighter sound signatures.

Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier
Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier

Heart of a Li-ion

For further sound adjustment, the gain switch on the front offers an easy high or low tweak to the current output. The HPA-01 also comes with an internal Li-ion battery with up to 10 hours of operation time, insulating your amplifier from circuit fluctuations and letting you unplug without shutting down your tunes. A versatile amp that lets you test the waters of the latest technology without leaving the familiar behind, the Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier straddles the past and the future with a sound that is entirely present.

Bakoon HPA-01 Headphone Amplifier


  • Bakoon Products
  • SATRI circuit
  • Input: 1 V (RCA)
  • Input impedance: 10 kOhms
  • Output: 2 x 1/4 in (6.3 mm) headphone ports (current and voltage)
  • Gain: high/low switchable (current output only)
  • Maximum power output: 1 W (50 Ohms, 1 kHz)
  • Frequency response: 10 hz - 1 MHz
  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Battery operation time: up to 10 hours
  • Battery recharge time: 4 hours at 80% capacity, 6 hours at full capacity
  • Detachable power cord with North American plug
  • 6.30 x 8.66 x 1.30 in (160 x 220 x 33 mm)
  • 5.51 lbs (2.5 kg)


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