Ball Engineer Master II "Big Boy" Automatic Watchsearch

Ball Engineer Master II "Big Boy" Automatic Watch

Ball Engineer Master II "Big Boy" Automatic Watch

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almost what we need... drop the right model and u will have us join like seagulls !!
Frustrating! I was close to pulling the trigger on this, but... 52 mm lug-to-lug is bigger than any of my other watches. This would just overhang my wrist on both sides. Such a shame, because design-wise it's just what I was looking for.
What a watch, though, I feel, the namesake decal detracts from the overall beauty.
DIVER GMT I would bite. This model is 46mm blah....
Ball does a great job...I really like my world timer. If MD posts a Ball TMT...I’m on it!
Big Boy Ball(er)
Odd that they didn't go with black day and date wheels
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Although the Ball name has a long history... the current company is only about 10-11 years old. This model is a bit old from my memory. I think it was a limited edition from 2012... I was put off by the Union Pacific logo right smack in the middle. I own quite a few Ball watches although I stopped buying them since 2013 only because I moved on to other brands. I am curious on where these watches are coming from as they were only released in 2012 and to have 50 of each style is quite a lot to have and I wasn't awake of any Ball dealer who carried more than 10 of any one model of Ball watch. I also know that this was limited to 999 watches as well. A wholesale buy direct from Ball Watch company perhaps? On top of that, all of these watches are at least 6 years old to start with so how the watches were kept and maintained would concern me... especially since I don't know how they were obtained.
Honestly, I feel that there are much better looking Ball watches than this one.
Well, that's a big issue with MassDrop... they never say where they get their stock These are shipped directly from the vendor, not MD... I bought an Oris Aquis Regulateur from here that I returned because the 11 O'clock index had no lume. I received it in four days (that's a record by MassDrop standards!), but the shipping label didn't state which vendor sent it.
I do know that on one of the Breitling drops the vendor was accidentally revealed, but I never got to the post before it was scrubbed.
this is the drop we need

Ball DM3090A-SJ-BK Fireman NECC

Love seeing a Ball watch. Waiting for one with more markers. This appears to only have hands marked, but not hours (with tritium).
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It's probably a discontinued model, so it's likely it's not on their site anymore, but I could be wrong.
The markers are flat tritium. The watch is limited to 999 pieces, and is still on their website.
As commented above, great to see another Ball watch. Not the one I'm looking for, but close.
If you folks listed up the Ball Engineer Master II Skindiver...I would be a happy man. :)
I have actually walked around and inside Union Pacific #4017 at a museum (a Big Boy) but I still don't feel obligated to get the commemorative watch. I don't do 46mm watches that overhang both sides of my wrist. ;)

I think this watch would wear a little too large on me. I am 6'2" tall, but normally 42mm is my limit. Some watches do wear small for their size, but it's impossible to tell without trying it on. Does anyone own this watch already?
Very nice Ball watch. However, the price here is nothing special. Amazon is selling the bracelet version for $1,000 (only a few dollars more than MD)...and I'd much rather have Amazon's warranty and buy from them, at least at this price.
A little over-sized for me, but the UP logo is a nice touch of Americana and I really like the back story/inspiration.
Great seeing another Ball being offered. Massdrop is bringing out the big guns for the holidays.
More of a press release. Is the ETA top grade?
It is pretty standard ETA mechanism that's pretty reliable but nothing special like most ETA movements. Since only 999 were made and you can find this watch on several sites, it didn't really sell. Heck massdrop has access to 100 of them already. Since the watch was made and sold in 2012... the watch is already 6 years old. Personally I would be worried how this watch was stored and maintained.
Diameter 46mm?
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That's what it says
46mm = 5 feet by the looks of it. Choo choo!
Great to to see nice brands on MD but I’d need to go on a steroid regiment for this to fit me.
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