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What other knives are comparable to the goblin in class (forward finger choil and small handle) and materials?
The Falcon
Were these serialised at some point in time? I'm guessing by now, they're no longer
Drop says limited to 96 units but I was able to join. Does that mean I only get one if people drop out?
It's 150 ever sold, not on this drop alone.
Cool thanks, was a little confused there.
New work facility has a stupid 2.5" rule, so I'm looking at picking up this little guy or a dragonfly (probably the knife center exclusive Hap40/wood model).
I like the look and materials of the goblin, and I've heard good things about bestech, but the blade thickness has me concerned. 0.14 is pretty beefy for such a short blade, but the blade is tall. Anyone have any thoughts on how this thing slices? Will this thing cut well enough or should I just buy the dragonfly?
Who am I kidding, I'll probably end up with both.
And a lil native.
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I have picked up a couple of Bestechs since my post. I like them. I believe that I got my Hornet here. I'm not crazy about the huge finger choil, but mechanically, it's great.
I have the Spyderco Sharpmaker that I use quite often. My DMTs are about 12" long and I keep them in the original packaging. The SSM often stays set up so it is very easy to put to use. I agree with your assessment of ceramic rods.
I would love to get this knife in carbon fiber if anyone wants to sell theirs 👍
Now you can! 😉 (just trying to be helpful, in case you hadn't hit the request button for the alert)
Are these shipping tomorrow. It was promised to be shipped by 6/20/2018.
They are advertising it at $124.99 but at checkout they want to charge $10 more for the black. That is a little misleading.
@kyleemj Shookdaddy is correct. Would it be possible to update the description? Thanks!
Just a follow up review for anyone who's still watching this: Picked up a twin for my Goblin in a fancy black tie trim from @Scraps here.
He described it as having a decent action, but not great, assumed to be due to the lack of mass in the blade. If I didn't have another to compare it to I would've thought the exact same thing, but it didn't behave close to as well as my first one. So I tore it all down last night to have a closer look. What I found was that it apparently had been over-tightened at the factory, to the point where the ball bearings had pressed into the steel washers that sit between the bearings and the handles! I cleaned off all the factory grease, flipped the washers over so the bearings had a smooth surface to ride on again, re-oiled and reassembled, being careful not to over-tighten this time.Happy to say that the two knives have equally perfect action now. Blade springs open with a solid snap now every time, no mis-fires, closes with a single shake after getting the detent ball past the edge of the lockbar. I just wanted to share that for any of the people I've seen comment about less than perfect action from their Bestechs here, it might be worth cracking it open and checking for marring on the washers.
And as for the carbon fiber: it's super nice in person. Matte finished, smooth and well machined but still almost grippy in the hand.But now I understand why there aren't any really great pictures of it, this stuff is a bitch to photograph, here's a comparison of how it looks with 2 different light sources:

And a very unflattering angle for the blade, but showcases the CF well:

Lastly, I just realized there was a lot of discussion over blade size before the drop, but didn't see anyone verify it since, so here's what I got for that:

Hope someone finds this information useful if this drop comes around again, or for troubleshooting purposes on other Bestech knives.
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Kavik doing the Lord's work
Finally got this knife in hand today and I'm really impressed with it. The action is nice and crisp and the blade is perfectly centered and does not have any play. There's a very nice detent that holds the blade in the closed position and I don't see it accidentally opening in any way.
I like the pivot design in that you can adjust it with a small coin rather than needing to use a screwdriver. the titanium handles are machined very nicely and are chamfered giving the knife no sharp egdes when closed. Additionally the inside faces of the handle slabs are skeletonized but in areas that don't appear to compromise the structural integrity.
I can't comment on the lockup since the flipper overhangs the area where the lockbar and locking face of the blade meet.
The blade itself has a very nice satin finish on the grind and a stonewash finish on the flats. The jimping on the spine is nice and sharp but the spacing of the cuts could be improved, however, I don't see this as an issue since this is not the type of knife on which I would need especially good jimping.
The backspacer is also made of titanium and sports a serial number as well as some jimping but I don't see it being functional in any way. However there is a nice lanyard hole milled into it
The pocket clip is also made of titanium. It's held on with just one screw and nicely machined giving it a very clean look. The clip has a decent amount of space to accommodate thick clothing and leaves approximately 1cm of the knive exposed from the pocket. Personally I prefer deep carry clips but I have no issues with this one.
One small gripe I have is that the backspacer and pocket clip have a slightly different color than the handle slabs but it's not an issue but more of just something that I picked up on while inspecting the knife.
Overall I have very good first impressions from this knife and I'd say it's definitely worth the price and do rcommend. I'll be sure to post back if I do find any issues later on down the road.
Got it, its pretty nice, but I budgeted wrong so I have to sell. Contact me if you want one in gold/blue (12/30).
Just got mine today.
It’s a well made knife. No issues with the one I got. Nicely made.
It’s pretty cool looking. I got one with carbon scales and like it a lot.
It’s a small knife. My first impression out of the box is that it cost too much for a knife its size.
I came in knowing it was small, but for the price, I would have expected a blade maybe an inch longer. That seems like the right size for the price. It feels a knife this small should be less expensive.
The cutting edge on mine is pretty straight (straighter than the carbon fiber one shown in the pictures). I wish it had more of a curve, or belly, to it.
I find that knives with too straight an edge tend to push through the cut more than slice through it. A slightly more curved edge would be better. It’s probably just the sample I got, but it bothers me, somewhat.
All in all, a quality knife. It’s small, but it actually handles 90% of my cutting needs (packages, boxes, envelopes mostly). And the ergonomics locks your hand in and offers very good control, so it doesn’t feel like a miniaturized version of a larger design.
I just wish the edge were slightly more curved, and the price lower.
It's 1/31/2018 and i just got in the mail, the Massdrop Bestech 1711 Goblin. When i first flipped open the blade I heard an annoying rattling/clinking sound. After about a minute of fiddling with the Goblin, I realized what the issue was. The problem is that the metal back spacer which has the knifes serial number on it is loose fitting/has bad tolerances. The T6 body screws that hold the backspacer in place are as tight as they can be and the the backspacer still rattles and makes an annoying clinking sound!!! How the hell did this issue get missed while being assembled and during a quality control check, because it's so obvious?
That's rather unfortunate! May I ask a silly question? Did you just try tightening all 4, or did you dismantle and reassemble? I know on mine those 4 screws were hard to break loose the first time, so may seem fully tightened even if they aren't, perhaps?
If it were me I would try dismantling the whole thing. Break loose each screw one at a time, front and back, otherwise you'll have a helluva time gripping the standoffs to remove the back 2. Upon opening the knife be prepared to catch the stop pin, as it's free floating in there.
Check for any debris caught between the spacer and the handle. Or burrs on the standoffs. Then make sure the standoffs are as tight as can be (within reason, of course. These are tiny screws, and i just found out it didn't take much to strip the heads if you slip) from the back FIRST. I just disassembled mine to see if i could recreate your issue by having them loose from the back before assembly. I could....... but while I could then tighten everything back up after reassembly, my blade centering was a bit off going in that order.
Short of there being anything in there, the only other thing I can imagine causing this would be your standoffs being too long, or your spacer being ground too thin.....but with manufacturing/machining processes being what they are, that seems unlikely. That said, if you have calipers and want a comparison, mine measure out at 4.20mm for the width of the spacer and between 4.19 and 4.20mm for the length of the standoffs as measured at the shoulder. My calipers only measure to the hundredths, and it keeps fluctuating between those, so I'm guessing 4.195
When assembling it should sit like the one on the right in this pic, either perfectly flush or just a hair recessed. NOT like the one on the left
Of course, all this assumes you're the type who likes to tinker lol
If not, I suppose returning is an option? Or if you happen to have the carbon fiber version, I may know someone interested in taking it off your hands who doesn't mind tinkering ;)
Didn't realize the plain titanium would be a serialized run. #14/30 just arrived today :) Nice little knife overall, think in going to enjoy this one Insanely comfortable when choked up on it past the finger guard Sharp, with an even grind out of the box. Blade centers perfectly and everything is nice and tight.
Only have one complaint so far, and that's the combo of the placement of the detent ball and finger guard. Not sure if i can describe this quite right, but here goes: When closing the knife, if my thumb is right in the groove for the lock bar, the flipper/guard hits my thumb JUST as the lock bar releases, but before the detent ball has passed the edge of the blade, so it gets hung up on the ball. To fix this i either need to push on the lock bar below the thumb groove, or push harder and pinch my thumb a little with the flipper. Had the detent ball been moved forward on the lock bar by about half a mm this wouldn't have been an issue
And a couple side by side pics with a knife that many here are familiar with ;)

If anyone who got in on this decides its not for them, comment here and ill take it off your hands, either cash, trade, or both.
Does this offer still stand? The knife is smaller than I expected. 095/100 carbon fiber.
I really want to get in on this, but I can't justify purchasing yet another knife on here until I flip a few of my own.(anyone interested in an original Benchmade 1000 auto Spike?)
Anyone think we could expect to see this knife going for somewhere around the drop price, or see it return to MassDrop sometime in the near future? I don't recall seeing Bestech repeats on here, just one new model after another. I can be convinced to go $120, but $200? That puts you not too far from some super bad ass blades.
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Do it! Nothing sweeter than a fully DIY custom job, like a lingerie model with a PhD... nice to look at and can carry a conversation!
Hahahahaha very well put Well, it obviously wouldn't be for this knife.... But i'm eyeing that yojimbo drop pretty hard tonight. Hmmm
I just realized this reminds me of the spyderco yohimbo 2
So very late response, but just saw this and had a chuckle
Here's a comparison for you :
Conversation with a fraud protection agent from my bank this AM...
Agent: Did you make two separate purchases of $490 at an online retailer last night? Me: No, I make only responsible, well informed financial decisions. Agent: And did you purchase yet another knife for $130 last night? Me: ...shut up.
I suspect the blade is about 2.5 inches from scale to tip. I went to white mountain knives who has this knife too and they describe it at 2.5
What kills this deal for me is the price. $133 for the CF one for Chinese no name brand. Too much. Maybe after they become a tried and true brand like WE or Reate or Kizer, but not yet. Their original price was more in line. Heck you can get a ZT 0900 for $150 today at knifecenter.
Super per cool design, poor pricing model.
ive got the ZT 0900. One of my favorite knives and built like a tank.
I have several of their cheaper G10 knives, and the quality is that of We Knife in my opinion. The flipper on the lion model is awesome. Best flipper for the price I have ever seen.
Really need to confirm if the sharpened portion is 2 inches or if the entire blade, including choil, is 2 inches. Because if the entire blade is 2 inches, that means the sharpened portion is gonna be TINY.
I hesitate between the carbon fiber and the grey titanium but this one isalready sold out ... so go for the carbon fiber !
I'm a big fan of carbon fiber inlays, so this isn't a problem for me, haha.
The carbon fiber is one side, still cool but I think both sides brings this up a big notch !
Question... is the carbon inlay on both sides? or is the clip side "plain" (ie., as pictured) on all color options
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thanks... but disappointed with the answer. I want the finish on both sides... to me, the clip side is just as much the "show side" as the non-clip side. When I put a knife down on a flat surface, it is almost always clip side up, not clip side down.
Really can't do carbon fiber easily on the frame lock side.
that finger choil so close to the blade with no protection from slips looks dangerous. While the design looks awesome for that reason.... I'm out.
I've seen it done in other design before as well and it hasn't been a problem for me because:
1. You normally do not have to put you finger in the choil (other ways to hole the knife)(i don't know if that applies to this knife) I would only use a forward finger choil like that for delicate cutting. 2. My hand doesn't normally slip while holding a knife, and it even less likely to slip forwards.
Definitely a tiny knife but the finger choil tend to make these knife very comfortable. I have the ferrum forge falcon and the CRKT Pilar. Both small comfortable knives.
This is a really tiny knife... I’m not sure I could even hold it confidently... I’m passing on this one :(
FYI Blade length is probably 2.5", as listed here:
There is a similar model called the imp which I think has a 2" blade.
The Massdrop description has it as a 2 inch blade..., just sayin’.
Thank you (not) for cancelling my order (first drop) but still cashing the payment! Yes, it was refunded very quickly but VISA charged me twice (euro to dollar and then dollar to euro again) for the currency conversion... (5% op the total payment!) So no "full refund" received! First and last time I tried Massdrop!
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He didn't get ripped off at all. " I would never settle for anything over 1% ". Well you don't really have a choice as this is set by the banks and CC companies. I understand that US member don't come across this situation very often since most of their purchases is done in the US but a 2.5% FX fee for international members is standard, so in both directions, it's 5%. Not with MD but this has happened to me in a few instances. I also understand that MD needs the funds up front in order to place the order but there is no need to charge members the same second that the order is placed. They could charge members the second the drops end. That way, in a drop that goes through, they still would have their money up front. In a drop that falls apart like this one, no need to process any refund.
Now about the knife, I really like the look of it and I was already debating between getting it or not at $89. At $119, although a good price, I'll have to pass, already spent too much on knives the past month.
I also cancelled my first order and received a very fast refund, my problem was regret. I wished I did not cancel and just reordered the carbon fiber and solid. Thought the blue gold was too much....Hope I won't have regrets I didn't order all three.
Hey all - I wanted to give you a quick update on this drop. Due to incorrect pricing on the Goblin, we decided it was in the best interest for our vendor and for the community to end the drop early and cancel the orders. Everyone who joined the drop will receive a $10 coupon and your order will be cancelled. The Goblin will run later this week with updated pricing. We’re sorry for the confusion and inconvenience with this drop and the pricing issue. Thank you for your patience as we correct the page and get it back up.
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^^^This. MassDrop, could you please add pivot type to your list of specs moving forward?! There has to be an internal checklist you use as a template for these listings. It has to be the most frequently requested item.
It is also ceramic ball bearings, my friend.
This drop doesn’t seem to have been handled very well. smh
And it's gone....
I got the email about the while I was asleep, wake up and check and the Drop is inactive. damn.
Anyone who scored one of these: what was the price at?