Bestech BG03 Swordfish G-10 Seriessearch

Bestech BG03 Swordfish G-10 Series

Bestech BG03 Swordfish G-10 Series

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They make this with an IVORY color handle as well........SWEET looking knife....I picked up the green handle but would buy another if the IVORY color handle came up....I've read the reviews on this knife...generally very good.
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Yes that is the listing I was talking about......I trust that your explanation is correct. Thanks for the clarification....That being said wouldn't an IVORY colored G10 handle be killer?
If it had the faux ivory texture/pattern to it as well, absolutely!

I have some faux ivory that is pretty impressively close to looking like the real deal, but it's not the right shape/size. Anyway, I love my orange scales 😁
Can anybody tell me if it is a quick release , sşring assisted oprned blade pocket knife ? If it is so I am gonna participate this campaign . Very many thanks in advance .
Mustafa Yeten YAVAŞ
Istanbul , Turkey
It is not a spring assisted opening, but the blade deploys well with the flipper.
There are many youtube reviews where you can see it in action while they discuss it
Very many thanks for your kind answer and explanation regarding my question dear friend Kavik .
Hey guys, mine (which I got a long time ago) seems to have had a bad heat treat, as I can't seem to put an edge on it without it chipping. Has anyone else had this problem? I know it is not across all Bestechs, because my other knives from them sharpen fine.
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Yeah, I guess contacting them probably is the best solution. I like the knife enough that it is probably worth the trouble.
They've been quick to respond and very helpful when I've emailed them with questions 👍
Ok, May 6 still waiting patiently in Australia. Anyone else have this problem?
Lanyard hole wasn't drilled all the way on show side. Blade has "stages" when closing. Overall these things are fixable and overlookable for a $40 piece sporting D2 and contoured G10.
Yup, my lanyard hole was the same. It was an easy fix.
FedEx shipping is the worst! Why can't it be USPS? At least I wouldn't have to wait a week and a half for my knife to arrive. Sheesh!
And then FedEx drops it off at the post office anyways.
Yup, that's FedEx "smart post", or something like that.
Cheap for bulk shipping, but sucks balls for delivery time.
I got mine in the mail today..... very nice knife! Action is great and smooth. The joints where the bolster and handle meet are actually are done better than a Benchmade MCR. Honestly, the only 2 small things I could nick-pick would be the pocket clip and the overall balance. It is a little heavy in the back. It's about a perfect knife as a nice can get other than that.
I have 2 zero tolerance, 1 benchmade, and several other knives but not a bestech. Can anyone offer a comparison between what I own and this one I ordered ??
anyone imported a knife to Canada recently? i heard they changed some of the importing rules, and i don't want to get burned.
Bestech makes some really nice tools. I have the Spike and it is one of the smoothest knives I own. It's not nearly the most expensive. I wish there were some way to get them to understand that a left handed option would be a great addition to their lineup. They literally have no option for left hand carry on any of their knives. That is the reason I will not buy more than the one knife I own and I wish I could.
Looks like a ZT 450 blade with a BM 940 handle. Sweet.

In for a black and orange!