Bestech Knives 1703 Titanium Frame Lock w/S35VNsearch

Bestech Knives 1703 Titanium Frame Lock w/S35VN

Bestech Knives 1703 Titanium Frame Lock w/S35VN

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My Bestech 1703A doesn’t look like the one pictured. There’s no “BTK” on the show side of the blade, instead it says “Bestech Knives”, and on the pocket clip side of the blade it says “Emperor”. Do other people who have purchased this knife on this drop have something similar?
btk what an unfortunate name...
Started carrying this knife occasionally. Blade moves slightly when locked with the slightest amount of downward pressure. This could be a real problem as it could lead to lock failure. Looks like this high end China made knife is not worth the money
Think I'll wait till this one can be had for cheaper. Shame because the aesthetics are almost perfect. Other than the emblem.
This knife seems really expensive in comparison to the last two FF/We/Massdrop collaborations.
What is the blade grind on these knives? I assume that they are flat/hollow grinds?
I might just get it just for the btk branded pouch🔪
>An anodized clip with with beveled edges offers right-handed tip-up carry.
There's an extra 'with' in the description.
Where are the knives manufactured?
This is a new Chinese company.
I like a lot this knife, and it's not an obnoxious logo too.
Too bad it's a flipper (
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Nothing wrong with flippers,
I just prefer opening all my knives the same way : Spydie hole or thumb stud =)
And muscle memory too, I want to only be used to one kind of opening.
The only thing wrong with a flipper is.... They are really easy to open.
Massdrop, the description is quite possibly wrong here. This is the second drop, not the first. Therefore the knives won't come with production numbers under 150 (unless you have some knives left over from the first drop).

Just trying to help avoid an oops.
Appreciate that @demodoj! The available units are first production so they will indeed include production #'s.
Really liking this knife. Even my wife thinks its cool (she's a knitter, not a knifer).

Bestech if you're listening: do a sub 3" version, drop the BTK logo from the blade, and give the blade a bit more polish instead of this bland gray.

I'd be on that like flies on sh... poop.
does this have lockbar insert?
Yes; lockbar insert and overtravel stop are one in the same on this knife.
Hey everyone, we've gotten a few question about serial numbers...

Here's the deal - this was not a case of higher production numbers being shipped, per se - it's a matter of the description of which numbers were assigned being lost in translation with a new overseas vendor.

They were quite clear that number would be assigned 1-50 and 1-80 in an email. What they meant by this is "The first 50 gray and the first 80 gold will be reserved for your members." The way this actually worked is the serial numbers for the 1703 model overall - regardless of color - were lasered in order, with 1-70 being all gray, and 71-150 being all gold (I'm 99% sure of the split, it's a bit of a struggle to translate this even after a few emails). So, if you got a serial number that is higher than expected, it is actually still one of the first ones produced in that color.

We're just as surprised as you are, and we've spoken to the vendor about making this clear in all future drops. But we know that doesn't change the fact that you didn't get exactly what was expected, so everyone who was affected will get a message from our support team with information about how it will be handled for your orders.

Thanks for letting us know, and sorry for the mixup. If you have any other issues (blade grind or anodization color), please submit a help ticket with photos so that we can handle those separately.
I received my grey one. Quality seems very good! I'm very impressed!

The scales do have a lenticular contouring to them, which makes them very comfortable. It reminds me of the lenticular contouring of my Spyderco Slysz Bowie. But the handle here feels more hand filling, with a bit more girth, which is very nice.

The grey color is much more subtle in person than in the photo. On my computer, the grey knife looks almost light blue and is more saturated that the color of the knife I received. That's not a criticism, necessarily. I actually prefer the more subtle coloring.

One big nit I have is that the transition on the blade edge, where it transitions from the belly and starts to swoop up to the tip - the start of that transition begins too far back on the blade. It start closer to the pivot than is normal. So there's a pretty long and shallow angle from that transition up to the tip.

Additionally, the curvature of the blade once it begins to swoop up towards the tip almost flattens out to a straight line.

The result is that the blade feels like a dagger, or a very straight edged spear point, designed for stabbing more than for slicing or cutting. This really limits what I can do with the knife.

The knives pictured on the Massdrop page, and those posted by users, don't have as severe or pointy tips, so it looks like I got one that was ground in an odd way. Which is very, very annoying.

Another nit is that the clip seems very, very, solid and stiff. Too solid and stiff. I'm not sure I can get it over the folded edge on top of my pocket without a lot of effort each time.

Otherwise, it seems like a pretty high quality knife. Very nice handle design, and quality seems super.

Time will tell how good the heat treatment is, and how long the edge will hold.
About the heat threatment after i sharpened it i noticed that it is hard to get a shaving sharp edge compared to other s35vn i have.I agree on the clip it is so hard to get on,but adds the benefit of never have to worry about it moving to the centre of the pocket.
Could you post a pick of yours? While I've grown to really like the look of the knife, I think my grind is off too so I'd like to compare. I definitely see the straight line after a 45 degree angle on mine which does look a bit different from the pics.