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Bestech Knives BG01 Lion D2/G-10

Bestech Knives BG01 Lion D2/G-10

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Massdrop. I just joined the drop for this knife and it is only after I make payment I find there is a four week wait before it is shipped. That's very disappointing. Had I known this I would not have joined the drop. I feel it is misleading that information is not available before committing to buy. My last purchase was shipped four days after payment. Whether it is Massdrop or the company you consign for manufacturer is irrelevant, ultimately Massdrop is responsible.
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Have you joined this drop mate.
He is right, you can always find the estimated ship date on the description page, down at the bottom
Most drops have about this long of a wait. If you got one that shipped in a few days it was a MassDrop collaboration that they keep in stock. If the wait on this one is unacceptable you can go to your Profile and under transactions you can cancel the order while the drop is still live. But, unfortunately, it's just the price we pay for the discounts here
I should buy one of these. I presently have serveral Bestechs and I am very happy with them all. I picked up a D2 blade at SMKWs recently and have purchased another from another online retailer. (I'm trying to cut down. Maybe I should go to KA.) The price for this is great. I have not had issues with any of my Bestechs.
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Thanx for the heads up.
Its a PITA but they look like good value for money. Six weeks before it gets to East Coast Aussie.
If you are thinking about this knife, consider the Civivi knives(budget brand of WE knives) instead. The quality of Civivi is just hard to beat. For those in USA certain retailer sell it for $38.50 shipped after 10% discount code.
Wish that I could upload a video, to show you guys the problem I am having with this knife.
Just got mine today. Having problem with it closing. Who should I reach out to for this?
What is so hard about putting a deep carry clip on a knife? Why would I want 1" of a knife sticking out of my pocket making it eaier to get caught on something and lost?
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Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm sure that if you looked around, you could find one online to mod it yourself. Post some pictures if you do (: I am ordering my knife right now - just torn on which color (thinking green or beige.) I will let you know if I find a "better" clip for mine.
I went with the green. I would like to try giving it a texture the way that people are suggesting in the reviews as well...seems like it will be a fun knife to customize.
would love to see the SPIKE, RHINO, and TOUCAN...offered
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That one looks nice. Hopefully we will see it soon.
thats slick ,cool color.
Just got my Lion in tan g10 scales. I am very impressed with attention to design detail on the handle. Having been an amateur knife maker in the past who did everything by hand it's the small details I appreciate, even though I know most of the work as done with machines.
Handle details I noticed and appreciated: 1. The angled chamfer on the insides of the SS liners are consistent in angle, size, and finish all the way around except where it exactly meets the handle spacer/lanyard/skull crusher. 2. At the handle spacer/lanyard, this piece stand proud (slightly elevated/raised) off the handle back contour. In addition, where it sits against the steel handle liner, the liner is "not" chamferred there so that there is no unsightly gap to collect crap if they did not design the liner and backspacer/lanyard piece to match exactly. Also the chamfer on the backspacer tailpiece itself, exactly matches the amount the piece stands proud . This means the spacer/tailpiece was not simply thrown in there. It was "designed" as part of the overall flow of the knife. 3. The exact same chamfer angle/size on the liners and spacer/tailpiece is the same put on flipper tab. Makes it all very consistent in both design and implementation. Some complain the the flip tab is a too hard on their fingers because it's edges are not chamferred more.. I don't know what to say about that. I don't have pansy fingers and I prefer the design is consistent in looks and implementation. This chamfer angle/size even matches the one on the pivot screw edges. That's serious attention to detail/design 4. They milled about 30% thinner section on the lock spring area so the lock is not so hard to disengage. Even milled it's pretty stiff so I can image how still it would be with the full thickness. 5. The G10 scales edges match the liner edges perfectly. Yes both pieces were cut by some precise CNC machines, but actually implementing and assembling it so matches "after" production steps is not easy. A few thousandths difference here and there and the assembled product doesn't match any more. This precise machining QC also shows with the inset head of the pocket clip into the g20 scale that shows no visible gaps around a part that probably cost 0.05 cents to stamp out. I do wish they had chamferred the edges of the pocket clip to match the rest of the lovely chamfers, but it's a stamped part, but they did well enough to polish off the sides of the clip so it doesn't show the stamping tears on non finished stamped parts.
So for the price. I am simply amazed. Hopefully I didn't just get lucky and they are all mostly as good as the one I got. I'm not going to comment on the blade or steel. The fact that I see a LOT of attention to tiny details and aesthetics on the handle alone makes my inner amateur knifemaker OCD very happy because I know how hard it is to make that level of design consistency by hand.
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No argument there :)
I too was very impressed when I received my scimitar. Ordered a Warwolf and a Paladin based on that first impression. I think I will pass on this one since I have too many knives on order already. Also worried that these slightly smaller Bestech models will feel slightly less comfortable in hand. Bigger knives tend to fit my hand better.
It's funny, I had never heard of "lock stick" until I started buying titanium frame lock knives.... But this knife, with it's steel liner lock, is the first knife to show me the meaning of the word!
Anyone else have that issue? And is there any fix for it?
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Thanks, I'll give that a shot. I had forgotten about that post, it seems to have broken in now, doesn't stick like it was, but still feels a little like nails on a chalkboard now and then
my first experience with a bestech was the blade snapped at the pivot hole after flicking it open... ( and not forcefully btw.) several people had te same problem with that model...turns out is was a bad batch of D2,,what i will say is this..their customer service is AAA... i sent pics and explanation. and they sent a replacement immediately through their guy in Louisiana. no request for a rma, or to return it or anything. and he kept in touch from them moment they contacted him till i received the replacement.. the replacement has been an awesome knife with no problems ..i now have 6 different models....very impressive products especially for china. its typically a crap shoot with Chinese companies on quality...AND customer service ( usually NONE). Bestech is an exception. if yours is sticking, email bestech i bet they replace it...
I have four betech knives and I love them all. At this price of $40-50 you won’t find anything better, imo. Had to add that for all the haters who think they know everything and only their opinion matters. Is the lion the perfect knife, no; but what is the perfect knife anyway. I would make a few changes if i were to design it for myself; I’d like the grip to be textured more as it’s a little slick and the angular parts to be smoother.
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Hard pressed to find any knife thats better at md $37 price point than a bestech imo. After recieving the kendo im loving it, even considering the bad batch of d2 issue in the past, Im still snatching up every bestech drop that goes live! Its the "best" value ive found and the contoured g10 is awesome! Md puts the best in bestech haha!
That's been my experience. I recently picked up (Purchased) a Kershaw and the G10 wasn't quite as sharp as the blade but it was very uncomfortable. I went after it with >120. It did fine.
This looks like the CRKT Shenanigan. What really separates them?
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if they are as slick and clean as their folders, i can see myself getting in trouble with my credit card company.
Lol time will tell. Pretty sure I just saw one feeler, and i didn't really love the first attempt
I bought this knife in the debut drop, and have been thoroughly impressed with it. The blade had an almost shaving sharp edge on it, about 20 passes on my sharpmaker and it was scary sharp. The ceramic bearing makes for an extremely smooth flip motion. The knife has a nice feel to it, and decent grip. If I had to say something negative, the only thing would be that the beige is a bit lighter then it appears in the pictures. Semper Fi.
For f*$@ sake MD.... Slow down on the Bestechs! Lol This makes 5 now currently in my pending transactions
lol yup lion, warwolf, thorn, paladin, scimitar. and kendo in my collection and just ordered the hornet.
Wow. Did I luck out or what! By the hair of my chinny chin chin, did this knife stay in the package, until the very end. Check out the size of this hole, that either FedEx, or the USPS impaled into the package.
My Bestech Lion did arrived today though. I am very impressed with it, and will be happy to join in on any Bestech Massdrops again in the future!

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fedx has left my large box package at the beginning of my driveway, i just happen to see it there, dont know how long it was there but it is amazing someone didnt stop and grab it.
thats why i stopped using them years ago.... the problem is worse now but its a very old one.
Just got my Bestech Lion today. Wow what a fantastic flipper. Fit and finish is excellent. Best value yet. Thanks!
I would have received my knife yesterday but FedEx or Usps made a mistake and my package came empty with a hole on top, I emailed support and got a reply in a couple hours and they sent me a refund. I'm a little sad about not receiving the knife but massdrop is awesome and that's why I love buying from here.
I'm just about to post something, that I think you'll find interesting.
just replied to a post a few before this one about how the usps and fed ex SUCKS
My Bestech Lion arrived today...all I have to say is WOW considering the price. I don't think you can find a better folder for the price. Smooth flipping action and rock solid lock. For its size it's relatively thin and has a great G-10 grip. Mine came razor (shaved the hair off my arm) sharp.

Some pictures point up jimpings at the flipper tab, some not... Which is the current model? Any information is welcome, thx.
The one I received today (3.23.18) did not have any jimping on the flipper tab.
Where is this knife made? I didn't see that in the description. If it's China they can keep it. I don't buy Chinese made knives.
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China is producing some very good knives now at very good prices. And they still are making some very crappy ones. I have some Chinese knives that are really great. I also have some Spydercos (Golden, CO) and some Benchmades that are very good.
thats no answer its a dodge. what? did you google "custom knife" and just cut / paste them to sound like you know anything? try posting a MODEL and a picture and explain the differences? besides high prices. and snobbish if not down right racist (" If it's China they can keep it. I don't buy Chinese made knives.") commentary. and FYI that comment shows your ignorance about knives.
Any mention about how thick the handle will be?
I bought this knife at full price from Blade HQ, and I don't regret it at all. At this price it's an absolute steal. I carry it almost every day, if not I have the Massdrop Gent on me. I've had no issues at all, and the ergonomics are classic and utilitarian. Considering the price is even lower than a Rat 2 in D2 steel, I'd say there isn't a better knife available at this price or even within $30.
hows the D2 on these guys? anyone had issues with corrosion?
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not corrosion per for surface rust on the blade if you have issues with humidity and sweat...but its more cosmetic. just wipe and lightly oil occasionally if carrying regularly in pocket.
The only one of many that I own that has had a corrosion problem was a Steel Will Cutjack. (Obviously, it's not from this company.) I dropped it in the grass on a job and got is back after the owner found it several months later.
Sad bestech never add options for left hand carry!!!....
I hate to be "that guy" here, as far as specs go. But someone at Massdrop, needs to take a look at the blade length spec. here, on this drop. Unless you managed to purchase, an extra special made run of these? Here, on Massdrop. It is listed as being 3.5"/88.9mm long. While over on Bestech's own site. It is listed as being 3.346" /85mm long. For a difference of 0.154", or nearly 4 mm. Which in the folding knife world, is a pretty big difference.
I just called a friend of mine, who I know has this knife. His, in hand. Does measure the 85mm, and not the 88.9 mm in length, as attached to this drop.
I am joining the drop anyway. Based on it being the shorter length. This is one of the only Bestech Knives, that I have not purchased yet. They have all been spectacular!
I got this on the initial debut drop, just measured it and it’s 3.34” - it’s a great knife. Sharp out of the box, mine has retained it’s edge, and the opening is smooth. Worth way more then $40 IMO. Semper Fi.
Thank you, for the second blade length confirmation, Benzo. Very good.
Just received the scimitar. How on earth bestech is able to produce something of such high quality for $40 is hard to wrap my head around and impressive. the blade looks entirely cnc’ed so it is completely symmetric and the grind lines are better than any of my 20+ coldsteel knives. Fit and finish is flawless. The g10 handles are 3D contoured by CNC—not just the flat slabs you usually get with every other knife in the price range. I think I’m one of many people who are just collecting every $40 bestech model offered by massdrop at this point.
Is this weight of 4oz accurate? BladeHQ has it at 4.7oz. The Scimitar at 4.2oz is already as heavy as I prefer to carry around.
I’ve never had a chance to handle anything from this brand but the fit and finish look good. If it was offered in a three inch or under blade I’d definitely buy one.
Just received this week. Excellent knife for the money and competes easily with my Kizers for the best knife under $50.
Action: Smooth and flips every time Blade: Came very sharp and has a very usable shape Scales: Grippy enough and no sharp edges Finish: Looks great in my opinion, but seriously who cares? It's a knife not your wife.
Overall: Absolutely fantastic knife for $40 bucks and I plan on buying 1 or 2 more next drop for gifts
Received 12/30/17. I am very satisfied for the price paid. The satin finish could be better I do agree. If you head to you will see pictures showing the glass breaker insert is not flush along the handle. Myself, I prefer it that it looks that way. Also, if it were flush the lanyard hole would need to be smaller and it would not be quite as stout and heavy for breaking glass. The flipper action is even better after using it. The scales could be a bit rougher but that is being picky. I love the beige color. Would purchase as an inexpensive gift too.
Ok, just got the knife today. I am underwhelmed. Overall fit and finish are not so great. The glass breaker insert is not flush along the handle, and the satin finish on the blade is awful. On one side I can see the heat treat marks thru the satin finish.
The blade came reasonably sharp. The action is fairly smooth. I would prefer if the liner lock engaged a bit more than what it does. I don’t think it would unexpectedly close but I don’t think I want to find out.
The jimping is not uncomfortable. Too bad I cannot say the same for the handle. The G-10 scales are somewhat grippy. The pocket clip feels cheap.
This is my second purchase from Mass Drop and I have been less than impressed both times.