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Beyerdynamic DT 1350 CC Model

Beyerdynamic DT 1350 CC Model

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after my first custom pro came out of box, with 1 side driver spoilt. i am skeptical with beyer quality. i am very hesitated to get this dt1350 or the T1 gen 2. sigh.
Yet again, at or around the 6-7 month mark Beyerdynamic show that their products are NOT designed to last.

I loved these headphones, having bought the pair during the August 2015 drop and have used them pretty much everyday and storing them in their case when in transit. Put them on this morning and the left headband rotation point just inexplicably falls to a mess of plastic and metal washers and pieces on my desk. What's worse, is upon inspection these things appear to only stay together with the help of a cheap, crappy plastic screw holder that has less than 2 thread lines and a central button which has about zero grab to said holder. The major rotation lugs the band rotates on between the washer holes are made of the same garbage plastic which clearly rubs against the metal washer! After tightening the headband as is designed to be done when listening, the pivot lugs seem to inevitably grind down to the point the whole thing falls apart. I get the minimalist design means sturdiness takes a hit but this is just a new low for me with Beyer products.

After purchasing many Beyer IE and over-ear products (here and elsewhere) across the gamut of use cases over the last 5 years on and off that have all failed eventually in the build quality department, things have gotten markedly worse in recent years. There is literally no excuse for products of this price point to fail in fundamental ways and a company of this reputation to consistently produce badly constructed products across their range. Doubtless to say, people will have used these or other Beyer products faultlessly for twice, maybe three times longer than myself and had vastly different experiences before retiring them. I'm just adding my experiences and all I can say is that I wish I was in their or your shoes right now as im sitting here, 3 days out from an interstate trip without a main pair of over-ear phones.

From my point of view, the sound has always been great from this set, but if you use them with regularity I'd advise being crazy pedantic about their safety to keep them in working order. Treat them like they are built of glass. Im done with their products for everyday carry. I love the sound but the company's build quality is appalling.

EDIT: I forwarded this complaint onwards to their Facebook team and eventually after them giving me the run-around, I got through to their webteam. After this, my complaint was replied to directly by their Product Manager Studio & Broadcast, Joscha Kretschmann. He was extremely apologetic straight up for my history of badly built BD products and took the issue with the build quality and my lack of faith in their products extremely seriously. He forwarded the matter directly to R&D who are purportedly developing a more robust solution for these parts going forward. He directly suggested two compensatory devices for me (DT770 PRO and DTX 102iE's) without much prompting on my part and from start to finish, this process has taken less than 2 weeks to sort out. Bottom line is that they have provided absolutely outstanding service and dispute resolution capabilities and I must say and Mr Kretschmann is a stellar example of customer service done right.

I have read less than ideal outcomes here and elsewhere online from people approaching BD regarding warranty or replacement. I found my experience to be quite excellent, but I suspect this is because it pays to be very direct about what you require without being too pushy. In this case I was prepared to raise this with the relevant statutory authorities and consumer rights groups in my state/country, argue my rights and could provide evidence elsewhere that this product is defective in the ways stated. A professional complaint will almost always attract a professional/amicable resolution.
A good result. I will admit I baby my DT1350s, I keep them in a Twelve South Bookbook travel journal or their travel case. They do get a fair bit of use, but nothing active. Usually airplane, bed or motel room usage. I love them to death, but it does worry me with reports of build quality in professional products.
Amazing headphones. Managed to track down the velour ear pads to increase the comfort. They also fold very flat, have been keeping mine in my Twelvesouth Travel journal with my iPad. If these come up again, I'll probably be grabbing another pair.
Received these 2 months ago and using ever since every day - they are awesome, really good isolation and awesome sound. These are my first good headphones that I purchased and I am very satisfied with them.
Just received mine yesterday. At first listen I was extremely disappointed, and I thought they were one of the worst pairs of headphones I have ever heard. I have a pair of HP from TJ maxx that were $8 I leave at my office that sound much better. I thought maybe it's just me or I got a bad pair (they sounded like the polarities on the drivers were reversed). I put them back on and all of a sudden the clouds parted and a magnificent beam of sound shined through.

Apparently, these act in a way VERY similar to IEMs. If you don't have a good seal on your ear and don't have them positioned correctly you will not be happy. Once i found the sweet spot they sounded incredible. Once I tried them at home with my amps, they sounded even better. I wanted a small set of cans for DJing / portable listening / listening at work. Excellent isolation once a good ear seal is made. Kick drums cut right through the mix in these (although at a slightly higher freq. This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks Massdrop.
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Anyone get them yet? Mine are stuck at customs (Canada) but should be released soon.
Mine were shipped on the 28th, and have been stuck in Chicago for the last 8 days. Doing what? I dunno. Seeing the sights, maybe catching a game, having a couple of beers. Just chilling, I guess.
Great news, group! We placed the order for the Beyerdynamic DT 1350 CC Model shortly after the drop ended.

Our vendor will be preparing it for shipment.

The moment we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you all with updated information.

Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 2/3 or sooner if something comes up.
Nice! Can't wait to get them!
You can get the same model of this but with a straight cable refurbished for ~$100

Bought them myself and can confirm it is the "updated" version with the modified headbands. Just has straight cables. Wasn't the last drop for these at $135?
I just noticed that only Coiled Cable model is offered in this drop. It is *slightly* less convenient for portable use due to additional length and weight, but I don't think it is a that big of an issue unless they will be 100% used for portable running around.
I got mine in the last drop and I love them! They are smaller than they look, and they fit great! If your thinking about it, go for it!
do you need an amp for this one?
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No you don't need an amp, but as with any HP a good DAC/Amp always improves the sound. I use my DT1350 with the Centrance DACport HD (the slim has been sold by MD in the past) which even allows one to explore DSD files as well as the many HiRes files available. The Tesla drivers in the DT1350 just come alive in an amazing way allowing every detail to be heard.
A) These are $10 less than all of the previous drops (including mine). Bloody tossers LOL

B) Just like any good headphone, these scale well with an amp/DAC. No, you do not need one per say (using these straight from my work Dell right now), but it definitely benefits them. I see 80 Ohm rating as on-the-fence mark.

C) These and Sennheiser HD25 line are kings of the on-ear-portable near-audiophile headphone pile. I travel with these work along with the mentioned CCE Slim DAC. IMHO Best bang-for-buck, build, and audio quality given weight and size constraints. If I ever had to get rid of all my gear and keep just one set up, this would be it.
Holy, at this price everyone should pick one up, but remember to grab an amp with it.
I paid $350 ish CAD a couple of years ago. This is a steal!
Still waiting for the item to be shipped. Can you please give us update?
Great news group! We placed the order for the Beyerdynamic DT 1350 Straight or CC Model shortly after the drop ended.

Our vendor will be preparing it for shipment.

The moment we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you all with updated information.

Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 12/23 or sooner if something comes up.