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I am over 50 and decided I wanted to have my first headphones...ever. I like music - especially the music I like, but I have always listened through a quality speaker system in a media room setup. I always felt like headphones were "cheating" since, of course they could have overwhelming sound since they were right over your ears! That didn't make them comparable (in my mind) to the wonderful sound that comes through high-end speakers and quality system. I have no technical expertise.

I want to let you all here know how much I appreciate your thoughts and recommendations and experiences with all headphones and equipment because I am one of those you helped greatly through your comments - even though no one knew I was out here reading and listening. Based on my preferences and all of your information, I decided on these DT770 Pro (80 ohm) headphones as my choice.

I got them in the July drop along with purchase of Modi 2 and Magni 3 dac and amp, and audioquest cables. Getting these headphones and putting them on was better than Christmas - for me, it was like when I played youth baseball and made the majors that had the full uniform... and I put that on for the first time (actually every time I got to put on that uniform).

Listening to music with these headphones has been everything I was anticipating and hoping for! I have actually been almost scared to listen more because I worry that I will use it up or it won't be real the next time... Instead, it keeps getting better. It is a totally wonderful experience to listen to music with these headphones...

So, now I am going to give all of you a gift back for all the help I was given. I think it would work for anyone using these headphones, but for all of you - just use your own favorites. The music you will be listening to is from Ray Lynch and his specific album is Deep Breakfast. You will be listening to 3 songs ( in this order): 1) Celestial Soda Pop, 2) Rhythm In The Pews and 3) Tiny Geometries.

My directions are that you won't be working at listening, you won't be listening to try and decide how it could be even better, you won't be deciding if the headphone cable should be shorter (or longer) will set your mind free, let it get lost, let it soar with the music.. For me, I let mine go into space - limitless and unreal. These headphones help you treasure the music and experience the pure joy it can bring.

These headphones can take me anywhere I want to go...

Enjoy ... and peace to you all!
I have dt990 already, should i get these?? I heard people saying they r quite similar in sound signature and i am looking for something different.
Only reason I would pick these up is if you need a separate pair of closed back cans for noisy environments
How much, if anything, are these an upgrade from a M40x? And could I power the 250ohm version from the Centrance DACport HD? Thanks!
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I ended up joining the drop but thank you for the reply! I'm super excited for the DT770s! And yeah, the M40x's are the little brother to the M50x's. When you say fatiguing are you referring to the cans being uncomfortable after a period of time?
Yes, all the Beyers I've listened to have very little to no attenuation in the higher frequencies. It's their "house sound" just like how Sennheiser's veil is the opposite (some attenuation in the higher frequencies). So they sound really detailed and great and an hour or so later your ears are tired. Probably due to people listening to music too loudly and how humans hearing is more sensitive (db per frequency) the higher the frequency. FYI, pink noise is what people use to burn headphones in and its the inverse of that, ie it gets quieter as the frequencies go up. Hope that helps.

Don't misunderstand, the fatigue is strictly from other headphones being quieter at higher frequencies. It's not from a design flaw or anything mechanical, the headphone's ear cups are extremely comfortable.
These are an incredible value and my go-to closed backs. I have yet to use any others I like more. I have the 80 ohm version. Let me know if you have any questions.
I do, i have the dt990 and heard everyone said it has quite a similar sound to the 770. Is it worth for me to pick these up?
If you want the same sound signature with the benefits of a closed back, then yes. The two things that I like about them in particular are the extensive bass range and sound stage. They are ideal for representing recordings accurately. I'm not an expert, but I would say they are tuned fairly flat.
From the ad copy on the drop, "High quality out of the box, every part of the DT770 is replaceable, in case you want to do some modding down the line."

Every part EXCEPT THE CABLE!!!
I saw a Beyer site that had ALL the parts - the cable was ~$29... Need to find it again, as I have four that need replacing.
Looking for closed headphones for airplane since I travel a lot. Would these work well on airplanes? I would just be playing them from my phone. Should I get the 32ohm or 80ohm? What differences would I hear between the 2 options?
umm.. sort of .. 32ohms probably.. but these are not ideal for airplanes they are big the cable is long ~10ft.. fixed, big bulky don't fold at all..

I love these headphones but they are really not suited for mobile use.... I personally generally use AudioTechnia ATH-M50X's on planes / travel .. similar sound not quite as comfortable but fold / collapse and detachable cable much better for travel. My 80 Ohms can't really be driven properly by my Galaxy S8 needs an amp to sound decent.
I have the 250Ohm version and while it's a great headphone it does not isolate good enough for me to use on an airplane due to the velour pads. I tend to use either my M50x (pleather) or Etymotic IEMs on an airplane. Sometimes I'll even use the IEMs with the M50x as isolation if I'm listening to music and not just playing something on my Switch.

Haven't tried the 32Ohm or 80Ohm variants of the DT770s but I suspect, pending the phone, they would work just fine for an airplane.

I've read that the 80Ohms are better and similar to the 770s with higher impedance. Haven't heard anything other than the 250Ohm variant and it's my favorite closed back headphone.
Is it possible to drive these straight from the audio jack from a PC?
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I own the Pro 80's (5~yrs now) the answer is not very well.. direct from phone, pc..etc really the 80s need an amp to sound decent in most scenarios .. also the 80's can have harsh highs when paired with bright amps.. so something with a warmer sound is my suggestion (I use these at home exclusively .. either w/ my DV336 tube amp or a vintage Kenwood receiver that is warmer sounding).
Thanks for the information!
why not a 600ohm option
Don't get set on which impedance is the best. The best impedance is the one the engineer designed the product around. Really the only exception to this is if you are to use an amplifier with a high output impedance (headphone's impedance less than 10 times the output impedance), which really only shows up with OTL tube amps.
So, I have the 80 ohm version. As shipped they are a “good” office/portable set of cans with a decent driver. I got tired of the extra long cable (not practical for portable) so did the mini xlr mod on Youtube and now I can use any of the after market xlr cable. So much better. Also, since I had it open, I did the damping mods and it completely smoothed out the sound profile. Took these cans to the next level, all for under $20.00. Now one of my fav cans for daily use. The sound blows my friends away.