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80 Ohm version is $139.99 On Pro Audio Star with free shipping.
PSA, everyone who buys these, if you happen to break a plastic piece on these or any of the Beyerdynamic headphones, you can order a 3D printed replacement from Thingiverse for pretty cheap. There is decent community support for these headphones.

After 2 years of use, the slider pieces broke on my pair. 3D printed replacements cost me like $5.30 when I replaced them and are more robust than the original. Though, I have never had issues with actual structural pieces of the headphones.
Just got one of the DT770 pro 80 Ohm, and when I got it, the headband is just skewed, making one side of the earcups higher than the other. Just wondering what can i do with this?
it's just spring metal... GENTLY bend it back into shape
Final price = $162.74 + Shipped by May 11th.
Walmart/Reverb 32ohm version = $165.40 + Delivery by April 30th.
Amazon 250ohm version = $139.00 + Delivery by April 19th
DT770 Pro 80 Ohm

Sound Signature: Smooth V shape. Good bass, recessed mids, rolled off highs.
Sound Stage: Wide
Sound Isolation: Mediocre. I can hear quite a bit through these as opposed to other headphones, like the AKG K271 MKII. Velour pads don't seal as well as leather/leatherette.
Sound Leakage: Poor. In my opinion, there's too much sound leaking from these headphones to really use for studio recording. They may also leak too much for other quiet environments, like a library.
Build Quality: Excellent
Comfort: Good. Clamp force may be a little too much for those sensitive to it. The velour pads are very comfortable.

I mostly enjoyed these headphones. However, after a few weeks, the clamp force was a tad bit too much for me, and the wide sound stage with recessed mids made me feel like some detail was being lost. I ended up returning my pair, purchased elsewhere.

Overall, I think that build quality, comfort, and sound is good for the price. It's really a matter of personal preference.
These would sell more if only Beyerdynamic made it have detachable cables. No detachable cable, no sale.
I've had a pair of the 250s for 7 years. Best headphones I've ever owned. I pair them with an audioengine amp and it's just bliss for hours and hours of listening.
The drop still appears to be a good deal for the 32 and 80 Ohm versions, particularly in consideration of sales tax or lack thereof. (I didn't do an exhaustive search, however.)
It is $109 for 32 Ohm version of the Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium Headphones

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These spear your ears like whale harpoons, highs are fierce at high gain with schiit magni. But sound wonderful at low gain switch and adjusting gain with knob, also on iPhone at 90% volume.
here I go.. joined for 250ohm set... let's see what the hype is all about.
Please please ship to Australia
Hey everyone! I just re-cabled my 770s and I figured I should mention how it went.

I wanted a 3-pin mini-XLR jack, but you might want a 3.5mm or a 4-pin balanced mini-XLR. The soldering process was very easy for me, and this is coming from someone with very limited experience with hardware soldering. Of course you're voiding the warranty, but it's worth it to replace the long-ass cable and allow broken cables to be fixed, imho.

I got lazy near the end and hot-glued the jack in, since it wasn't fitting properly. A word of warning: put the jack as far to the back of the cup as possible, or the driver won't fit in. you might even want to grind down the side of the jack. Anyway, it's a little ugly, but it could be done cleaner by someone with more patience. Feel free to DM me on twitter if you want advice with any of it; I'm hardly a professional, but I like to think of myself as slightly competent. Slightly.

Products I used:
Neutrik Rean RT3MP 3-pin mini-XLR jack (B&H):
1.5m braided 3-pin mini-XLR cable (Amazon):
Dekoni Premium Sheepskin Ear Pads (Massdrop): (Amazon):

Pictures of the results are on my insta, if you're interested:

Also, here's a diagram showing the correct pin polarity for a 3-pin XLR:
Good luck to anyone else planning on trying this and thanks for your time :)
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please fix her up nice I love a good 770 ;-)
No Europe?... It´s like Massdrop doesnt want us to give them money.
That's because it's cheaper to buy it in Europe
Huh, didnt know that, thank you!