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Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Headphones

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These, compared to other pairs of headphones, are quite expensive, you can buy all these Bayerdynamics 770/880/990 for cheaper price on other websites. I dont get why, since other headphones/dacs are quite a bit lower priced than the market price.
I have had these for while. initially disappointed in the sound due to sibilance. I had to eq them to get rid of the sibilance and after that these are great. these have a very bright sound signature with a punchy bass.I use these mostly for gaming. these are great for games where sound hoaring is involved as this has really good separation and positioning. I think these are good for hip hop but even better for alternative , metal and r and b.
Always check other sites for lower price. Amazon has them for 150 but lowers the price regularly.
I've had these headphones for a while and I must say I really like them for gaming, they are probably my favorite headphones for FPS and Battle Royale games that I currently play like Black Ops4, Blackout, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Battlefield V. I don't like them as much for music listening as the highs are a bit too harsh for my taste, but if you are a gamer definitely look at these. If I had to choose between these or the AKG K7XX for competitive gaming, I would choose these. For music listening I would go with the AKG's. I did an unboxing and first impressions video of them here in case you are looking for more information:


Thanks dude!
You're welcome!
I'm sure 80 ohms version was released few months ago, why didn't they make it with a detachable cord? Beyerdynamic DT headphones have a great build quality, but I think they all lack a detachable cord, and can't fold either. Is there any Beyerdynamic headphone under $200 with these two features?
This would be a good drop if they were like $120 or less, but these were $132 on Amazon not too long ago.... This is not a great deal. These headphones rarely sell for the listed $299 price, because these can usually easily be found for around $150. That being said, they are a great sounding headphone. If price is not an issue, then buy immediately.
160$ where i live (not on sale)
122€ in amazon EU (in Spain)
When did they make these in 80 ohm versions? I thought the Pros were fixed at 250 ohms, with the Premiums getting the choice of 32, 250 and 600 ohms.
80 Ohm was released in November, 2018 so they just came out.
Aha! Thanks for the answer!
Is the cable straight or coiled?
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I’ve got the 250 ohm DT990s and the coiled cable does add extra weight, although I use them mostly at my desk and never run over the cable with my chair like I did with my DT770s that had the straight cable. I haven’t heard the 80 ohm 990s but if they sound like my 250 ohm ones you won’t be disappointed and you’ll likely be able to run them from a smartphone which is convenient.
for sure, and of course in the future you can always add an amp to the 80 ohm for a bit better quality
Best gaming headphones I’ve ever owned :) also my go to for classical
how do these compare to the 1990s and my current ie80s??
Reckful headphones :)
The 990s are very fine headphones, but what we really need here is a drop on the 1990s.
how would these compare with the 1990s
sitruc912 In very brief summary: The 1990s are like a more efficient, detailed and mature 990 with the B pads and/or a more efficient, detailed, and mature 880 with the A pads.
There needs to be a Massdrop collab with this model. Would love to see a version of this with a detachable cable.
Uhhh... These are just regular DT990s correct? and the usual price is 150 not 300. What's the point of this drop?
what's the difference between the 990 pros and premiums?
Premiums don't have as much clamp force. Pro's can be less comfortable. but the difference in sound is minimal. Also it seems you can change the headband on this in comparison to the premium DT 990 from massdrop. I just plan on getting a clip on headband from ebay for $5 then.
ok thanks for the reply!
Those of you commenting on Amazon comparison are incorrect! The Amazon quote is for the 250 ohm version of these headphones! This drop is for the 80 ohm version which are $25 more on Amazon. Please be accurate with comments like this...
Please do not send me stuff like this. It is $145 on amazon.
The 80 Ohm are $179. Looking at camelcamelcamel these have actually never been less than $179 on Amazon since they were released this past November. I think you might be looking at the premium model or the 250 ohm possibly?

this $145 on amazon right now. MD i'm seriously going to unsub if you keep sending me this garbage it wastes my time.
but you still had time to bitch
Considering the existence of DT 1990 PRO's... do not get these. Don't. For this pricepoint get the 6xx's. If you can afford 1990's, get 1990's.
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Ever try it with an equalizer?
Ever try doing enough research and formulating an idea about a product from feedback and reviews such that you can spend your hard earned money on it to have no need to make modifications to it, therefore having your full money's worth? (not saying modifications are bad but there are not much mods you can do other than EQ on the first DT series to justify buying it with such flaws =x )
great headphones !!! I have them for 3 years and don't even think about selling them
These are 10$ cheaper on amazon right now. What’s the point
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The 80 ohm model is $179.00 on Amazon.
80 ohm model on Amazon is down to $164.95 (Grey) and $169.95 (Black)
Will we get a new drop of these?
Does anyone know when these will drop?
We placed the order for The Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro Headphones shortly after the drop ended.
Our vendor will be preparing it for shipment.
The moment we receive confirmation regarding the shipping schedule from the vendor, we will provide you all with updated information.
Expect an update from us on 12/8 or sooner if something comes up.
To anyone thinking about these headphones. Be warned that they can have very high treble especially at the very start. It's possible that these headphone might be too much in high, to the high sibilant noises like hissing, k noises, high hats and other high loud treble that you might listen to. They aren't warm in highs they are very clear at least to me being quite taxing to listen to with some songs.
Also. It's focus is not to mids and people who loving listening carefully to the vocals I'd be very cautionary for it can lead you to keep chasing the volume trying to hear the vocals just to make the high and lows way too high and can hurt yourself if not to careful
It was an issue to me, and just want to put this out to be helpful. They are great headphones. If you're after mids maybe check dt770s out instead
That's almost an understatement. These are 5 minute headphones for me, that's all it takes for me to get a headache from the piercing highs and to never want to ever wear the headphones again.
I picked these up for around $130 or $140 off of Amazon around a year ago. Just an fyi regarding sale prices.
got these for 155 not 4 months ago
waiting for the beast^^