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any update on the shipping date since the drop was delayed?
I'm working on a bikepacking trip and am trying to figure out how best (if even possible) to travel with only a frame bag setup, while still carrying complete shelter. This setup caught my eye for the lack of required framework, and the ability to part it out among riders to share mass/weight. Has anyone used this in such a way? Thoughts or opinions? And are there any comparables I should be looking at?
I've used this on a bike tour from Canada to SoCal along the coast. It was great for 2 people on one side of the shelter and 2 bikes and gear on the other side. Plenty roomy, easy to set up, and storm worthy. We didn't bring a mesh net, but would have benefited from it a few nights. My thoughts are that, if there are 3-4 of you, then I would say get this mid and mesh, and then bring a tarp for your bikes (if you're in a rainy area). If there are just 2 of you, then get the mid and buy or make a two person mesh tent to hang inside (if you're in a buggy area, if not don't worry). I don't think you'd want to take your bikes in and out of a mesh inner.
For an idea of a 2person mesh inner, I would think something like this:

There are lots of other mids, but mostly from smaller companies. This is the most economical one to buy. You can save a bit of weight by swapping out the stakes - these come with aluminum Y stakes that are a bit bulky and heavy, but have great holding power. I would look at:
DAC J stakes (maybe now called V stakes)
or Lawson Equip ti stakes

Thank you, Danny. This seems like a great option for cold, warm, dry, wet, and buggy Alaska.
When will these tents ship.

I think I would have to see this one in person before making a $200. investment. Just going by pics, measurements, pole and fabric used, I just don't see the value to be justified. 86x86x57 . Think I could do the same with a bug net, guy lines, trek pole and ground mat. Sorry, just don't see it and I think the orders reflect. Just saying, without touching and using one.
My wife and I have a Nemo duo, two person bag. Would this work, or would there be a pole between us? That sort of sounds bad, let the mockery begin.
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I am not going to lie to you it can be an issue but I have not found it that bad. However I tend to pitch it a bit higher off the ground or am using it in the snow and dig in a bit
Also most people are not 2.2 m tall so there is a fair bit of head/toe room and you just cuddle into the centre person m
$200 for a bug net and a pole + $200 for a tarp and a pole and you have a $400 tent with an extra pole. I'll pass.
So ill repeat the question, $199 for a bathtubed bug net?
could you tell me the weight of the mega bug by itself without the pole? Thanks
It's in the specs
I am fairly certain that is the weight including the Aluminum center pole. I am interested in the weight without the pole. Thanks!
I have used this for 15 Years. I tie mosquito netting to the peak when needed. Very versatile - can be pitched across logs or rocks. Great for dogs. (You need to seal it's many seams when you first buy it. )
So slightly confused, is the tent and liner option two separate items, because they are the same price and frankly that price for a bug netting and a tub floor is NOT worth that price.
This is actually a good deal on a great product. Actually have one and paid similar thru BD with their vip saving. Traps and ropes can't go where this can. I.e. going to be in this at Iceberg lake at base of Mt Whitney in the coming weeks. lots of snow and no trees and little cover, but with this and a bivy both me, climbing partner and gear, all will be golden. DB products are awesome and you can't go wrong so buy and get out and have fun.
GNP is great. (Z-lite and an insulated-pad recommended for that trip.) Enjoy.
Can you drop it with the mesh inner?
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