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Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Native 5

Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Native 5

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So I paid for a great knife with s35vn and got a great knife with s30v. Plus I got ten dollars back. I've got other spyderco knives with both s30v and s35vn and I don't think most people could tell the difference. I'm not at all upset about the steel. I think massdrop handled this well. Mistakes happen. Not sure what people were expecting but they can't magically make a different knife appear and refund all your money just because you're upset.
only thing they really could have done better is to let everyone know beforehand what they were getting. Hard to do if they had already started shipping though because you cant cancel an order and still have that product go to the customer. The 10 dollar discount is a good move on their part in my opinion.
I received the frn s30v base model with case. I’ll be returning. Pretty disappointing to not even get the base model that was advertised, and now I have to jack around with a return. Will be avoiding mass drop in the future.
Did Massdrop drop the ball? Yes, they should verify their information.

But, I looked around for a native 5 with s35vn steel and most of the big online knife stores had no clue of the change to s30v steel. I had them open the stock on hand and check the blade and all that there seems to be out there is the s30v steel. If nothing else some of the web sites will have updated descriptions now.
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The next question, is a s35vn worth $94.22 vs a s30v for 79.99.
Not unless you are a collector or just absolutely plan on putting the knife through its paces. Theres a difference in 35 and 30 in my experience. There is just a hair more edge retention, ive seen some chipping with my 30 knives in regular use before my 35 knives but it sharpens easily. I think a lot of people belive that 35 means its 5 better or something. For that much of a price difference you wont see a huge return on investment.
It's super lame I have to return my first drop, i was super stoked for this. What a let down. Well I requested a refund and return postage this morning and they had a prepaid UPS label in my inbox before noon. So I think I'd give MD another chance if something I can't live without pops up. Oh well, I have the s90v Native 5 coming from Cutlery Shoppe. Love that orange!
Where are people getting notification of their $10 off? I haven't seen that yet, I got an upgrade from the drop so I am happy but I am just curious. Thanks.
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i get notifications from paypal and MD. I also checked my balance.
I have no idea why you wouldn't have received it then.
I am very happy with the drop.
Thank you let's do another Blue Box special
Dropped box off at UPS , for return. Knife with sharpmaker. Now the decision to delete account!! Not a happy member with Massdrop.
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Because it's the principal of the situation. Massdrop made a rather large mistake on this drop and it has not been handled in a timely or satisfactory manner (as demonstrated by the large volume of complaints). If Massdrop handles problems in a $90 drop like this, why wouldn't they handle a problem with a high value drop the exact same way?

Massdrop messed up big on this drop and should be taking a loss because of it. Instead they will still be making a profit because of all the people who don't want to go through the hassle of a refund or don't regularly visit the discussion boards of this site and may not yet even be aware that they received an inferior steel than they paid for.

Without repercussions what's to stop Massdrop from pulling this shit again?
Clearly I'm in the minority here, but I gotta go with Galvo on this. Its seems to be a 'Mob' mentality going on here. I think if no one else knew that anyone else was complaining (i.e. this forum) then this would be a 'meh.. i'll keep it' or a ' Meh.. I'll take the refund" and that would be that. Next drop please.. :)
If only I would receive my knife...
I received a mass email stating that $10 has been refunded to my account. I then get an update to my 6 day old support ticket stating the exact same thing which was odd, but its okay, MD covered their lacking support with "[This is a bulk update. This may be a duplicate email and we do apologize but we wanted to make sure we took care of everybody.]".

So in nearly a weeks time I am yet to get an update on my refund request, I am yet to see a single official posting in the discussion board with something as simple as "We are looking into the matter.", and I am yet to see any actual service for this drop other than MD taking my money and giving me a lesser product. And after those days of confusion and waiting to see if we've been ripped off, we're told that $10 should cover the confusion and frustration. But wait, if it does not, we can get a refund....One day, when they attempt to actually process their ticket queue instead of sending automated messages.

I expected to get what I paid for, not something from an inventory purge. That was apparently too much to expect on a drop with more than one item. I was told by the helpful and faithful community that MD does folks right. I think quite a few of us are fairly skeptical on that one at the moment.

-Lack of effort
-Inability to verify products
-Inability to verify postings
-Inability to communicate
-inability to assist in a timely manner
-Friendly and supportive user community

Those at Massdrop are really banking on that last bit.
Well, I think I'm going to keep my base model. It's really a good little knife.

That being said.... very disappointed with Massdrop. The $10 refund just seems cheap. Messing up the blade steel was strike one, and their less-than-impressive way of handling it is strike two.

Unless they have some really stellar deals in the near future, I'll go elsewhere with my money.
What a load of bs.
Requested a full refund and ordered a s90 native 5 from for $96 shipped. Congratulations to all those that got extras (plus the discount) and upgrades. Honestly, the sales on massdrop are mediocre at best, so I’ll take my business elsewhere from now on.
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I think I'll have to jump on that stretch.
The pre-order isn’t guaranteed because they don’t know how many knives they'll receive from Spyderco. You can also sign up for notifications on bladehq for a chance to buy it when it’s in stock and then cancel the pre-order. If you end up with two, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble selling one.