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Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Native 5

Massdrop Blue Box: Spyderco Native 5

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Just picked up my package. S30V with black G10. I received the $10 rebate so I won't complain. Nice knife for $79.99. Used my $15 checkout credit to join the Dragonfly blue box. We'll see how that one goes...
Still crickets in my mailbox.....
Just recieved, not only did I not get the s35vn but I recieved the sharpener and I had to pay $53.17 in customs fees.
Not all that impressed that’s for sure.
Just got an email from customer service. The credits are not for everyone who joined the drop. Just those that got an S30 knife. I’m fine with that. hope everyone is finally happy with this mess!
CPM S30V for me BUT I did also receive the tri-angle sharpener so I’m stoked. I joined the drop as I’m still waiting for the Gold steel drop to ship and liked the chance of winning something :-D
Thanks for the Blue box MD great marketing and also for sorting out the issue with the blades
G10 s100v, no complaints from me.
Got the s110v blurple pretty cool. Anyone had any experience with 110v. Any good around food acids? Going to gift it to someone who works in a fruit and veg shop and uses her current h1 a lot.
Not sure about fruit acids but S110V is considered very stainless. She'll likely get a bit of patina if she doesn't promptly clean the blade but I would expect the S110V to perform exquisitely for fruit slicing.
After a long wait, it's finally arrived.

Aaaaand it's the base S30vn

Still on the fence on whether to return.
I too received the base S3vn, and am also on the fence.
The plastic handle has a rougher feel and seems lighter than the plastic on my brown-handled VG-10 Delica 4. Is this because the Native 4 uses a cheaper plastic? Can anyone explain the distinctions between the different plastics Spyderco uses? Their web site didn't seem to provide any information on the handle materials. Thank you.
Anyone got the titanium Native 5 From this drop?
I don't think so. I'm pretty sure the fluted titanium s35vn model was discontinued. It looks like they replaced it with a fluted carbon fiber s90v for this drop. A few people got that one.
Between the initial $10 refund and the just received $15 credit, I don't know how anyone could still be unhappy. I used the credit to my a fallkniven sharpening stone! Thanks Massdrop/Spyderco!
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I'm still waiting on my $10 refund to my credit card. Got the $15 credit though.
I'm sure most would be happy if it was just free!
There has been a further update from Spyderco and Massdrop on this situation (check your emails).

Although I wish we would have been updated in a more timely manner, I am satisfied with explanation and resolution provided by Massdrop.

Props to both Spyderco and Massdrop for accepting responsibility for the mistake and thank you Massdrop for coming up with reasonable restitution.
I already knew spyderco was a great company with a reputation for great customer service. This just shows that massdrop also has that same level of customer service.
I wish this all could've been resolved faster too, but this is more than reasonable when you look at it from their point of view. Massdrop is basically the middle man between the supplier and the customer. They had to get enough customer complaints to realise it was a widespread problem, contact spyderco, wait for their response, then come up with a fair resolution for everyone, and finally implement that resolution. All of that takes time. So although I wish this could've been faster, I understand and think was entirely reasonable.
Just received the following email (I'm wondering if the people who returned their knives will receive the credit for a future purchase):

Hi all - due to the problems that arose in this drop, we have worked closely with Spyderco to understand what went wrong and how we can prevent it going forward. Below is a message from Spyderco regarding what happened here, followed by a shorter message from Massdrop regarding some ticket reply times.

Hi Everyone,Our sincere apologies for the frustration and confusion created by Spyderco shipping to Massdrop the CPM S30V steel version rather than CPM S35VN on the Native 5 Blue Box. This was a very unfortunate but honest mistake and we appreciate the opportunity to explain.

As part of our Constant Quality Improvement program in our production processes, we have ‘rolling changes’. A ‘rolling change’ is a slight variation in an existing model that does not change the price, SKU, or UPC related to that model. This includes things like small component parts, coatings and finishes and occasionally blade steels assuming they are comparable in performance and production. Each change is handled independently based on our processes and experiences with each item. Spyderco made the decision to change to CPM S35VN to CPM S30V on the Native 5 models earlier this year. Since this was intended to be a rolling change, the transition should have been seamless as old inventory was exhausted. In an effort to educate the customer and prevent confusion, Spyderco released educational information in our monthly Spyderco Byte outlining these changes.

The Native 5 Blue Box happened very near the inventory transition time where we shipped the last of the Native 5 in satin blade in CPM S35VN and began shipping the CPM S30V version. This was overlooked by our sales team because of the nature of rolling changes and our internal processes. Massdrop and Spyderco have heard from many of you regarding the lack of communication from Massdrop. We can assure you that Massdrop has been passionately working on your behalf with Spyderco to resolve the issue during this time.

To right the situation, Massdrop has generously provided credits to those customers that received the CPM S30V version and have continued to be accommodating with full refunds for those customers who prefer a full refund.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter as it was an error on the side of Spyderco, not Massdrop. Massdrop customer service is ready to take your questions and comments and everyone at Spyderco is committed to working with Massdrop on any further issues that may arise.Thanx,The Spyderco Crew

On top of SpyderCo’s response, we would like to touch on the delay in our initial response to many members emails. The response time is not one we consider acceptable and we sincerely apologize for the time it took to get in touch with everyone. This delay was due to an overall backlog in customer support tickets and we are working to ensure this is not something that happens again.

As a token of our apologies for the lack of communication around the issues with this drop, we have added a $15.00 credit to your Massdrop account. It will remain active for a year, during checkout it will automatically apply as a discount the next time you join a drop. Please note that it is good for one-time use which means that there won’t be a remaining balance.The team at Massdrop
Hmm. I’m still yet to receive any correspondence about this Even after emailing them. I’m happy with the drop but there are a few people who got the same knife I did that did get an email
I haven't gotten an email, credit or anything...