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I sent an email to request for support but it’s been almost two weeks now and I haven’t gotten a response to my volume controller not working anymore.
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Hello John. I have to apologize again but I cannot find your request, I don't know what happened and I don't have your actual name and email adress so it makes it difficult. Could you send your request at and we will arrange support for you. Sorry for the trouble. Did you try the support request trough us or trough Massdrop? just curious. as stated in the description, I believe Massdrop mention Manufacturer warranty so you can go trough us.
Hi pierre,

i just sent sent an email thanks
I have just received my product, as soon as I turn it on it produces a static noise through the headphones which is quite noticeable. Is that normal or do I have a faulty unit?
Hi twscholar, send us an email at, we will support your case, did you try it with the included impedance adapter? What is your model of ear/headphones? The version on this drop is not designed for ultra sensitive headphones but in any case we will offer you support, or refund.
Three items forced me to cancel my order:

1. APTX low latency issue. Current stopgap fix is to eliminate the feature (from mft.)
2. Sound quality can differ from one phone to another (from mft.)
3. Feedback indicates short range

hopefully they can resolve these issues, for the next version.
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In re-reading your comments, I see that I misinterpreted the compatibility issue. I’m sporting a Samsung Note 4.

We don't have a Note 4 user complain so far. We did have some Samsung owner in the past having range issue but Samsung owners are also the group that reported the most benefits when upgrading to our last firmware (the last firmware is loaded with this drop shipment) Still we don't have one on hand to test. We are trying hard to find a way to have consistency across the board but what is difficult is that Cellphone manufacturers don't disclose the BT Chip that they are using, and also that since BT 5.0 audio receivers are still so rare, I believe we are still the only one in the market, altough the protocol itself is Backward compatible, we believe the phone manufacturers themselves also need in some case to troubleshoot their firmware for the case they connect to a BT5.0 receiver. In the vast majority of the cases the range is good at close to ten meters, and about half that (5m) for AptX HD because of the higher data rate. Users that reported range issues are less than 1% of our customer base, sometimes it looks like it's a generalized issue because dissatisfied customers are more likely to be vocal about it and rightfully so, they want to share their bad experience it's normal. We also offer refunds when Get don't perform fully on a particular setup.
Reviews on Amazon state that the Bluewave GET doesn't properly support aptx Low Latency, even though it's listed as compatible in the description.
Did anyone here have success with aptx Low Latency?
Hi Mayoi, we had in the past some problems with Get's crashing when using the AptX LL Codec. On our last firmware (included) we've remove the CODEC so there are no crash anymore and GET will work with AptX LL transmitter but using regular AptX, this is a workaround that is not ideal but you can at least use the device with any transmitter now. In most case tough, software video players do now adjust the video to the latency of the audio output so lipsync issues are in a lot of cases a thing of the past, depending on the setup. I will make sure to reach out to Massdrop and remove AptX LL as supported Codecs. We are still working on it tough on that case this is firmware based issue with Bluetooth 5.0 and it is fixable down the line.
the Bluewave team from the get go promised a iOS app and still has not delivered on that promise and most likely never will.... I bought two of these and then realized it was not a good setup... like buying a car without tires... WTF

If you are looking to purchase a wireless DAC/AMP then consider the earstudio one... so so much better and it is supported properly..
if you want to see the iOS app then download it from the app store... has all the items required to make the earstudio a great product...
Almost joined this drop, but I cruised Amazon first. The earstudio doesnt look as nice but it's 100X the device. dac is great (!) And the amp drives everything from my KZ S26 to the HE 4XX. Nicely. This could have replaced my Bifrost and Valhalla 2. Buy of the decade, guyz. Real deal.
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Hello, yes Earstudio seems to be a well loved device and they have features that we don't offer like balanced out. I will not comment on what is best, that would be biased, but in term of the differences, what we have is much more output power, and the last Bluetooth 5.0 which at least theoretically makes the Get more future proof. Audio transmission may not use the full benefit of BT 5.0 but it a year or two down the line we may see great things in wireless audio and The Get will be ready for them
I meant in no way to disparage your device -- I'd love to own one -- I just found this in the process of looking for yours. I wanted to crow about it's greatness, and look forward to owning The Get so I can do the same about it. Thanks for noticing and replying.
I received this unit yesterday. I have tried it on my Macbook pro. It works fine on and sounds good. However, I have drop out issue when connecting with my phone. My phone is Huawei P20 pro which support aptX HD. I put my phone on the rear pocket and the GET on the front pocket. It starts to drop out. It even happens when I put the phone and the unit side by side. It does not have any problem on the Macbook pro, not even a single drop. But for the phone with aptX HD, the drop out issue is very severe. My phone does not have option to turn off aptX HD. Maybe, there is something to do with aptX HD decoding? I can't test it without aptX HD for phone. I have updated to the latest firmware. I hope it's fixable by firmware update.
Hi Zhilu, drop us an email at we will do everything to assist you. AptX HD works very well on Our LG G5 and on our Sony nW-A45 so it's not an issue with the decoding but we acknoledge that the performance vary on some devices. We are working on this on our end as well but the performance is not equal across the board so the performance has to also be questioned on some implementation on the source side. I'm not saying there's nothing we can do tough in any case the data is important for us and in the event we can't make it work for you to a satisfactory level we can refund your purchase.
The app has been “in the works“ for over a year. Don’t hold your breath on it. like at all. As well, after spending so many hours with this device, all I can say is it isn’t worth this price nor the price they charge on their website. If you want something like this, I guess this is as inexpensive as this one will cost. But I can tell you from experience that it is a disappointment. The connectivity issues and cost make this a non-starter.
Hi EpsonBlade, if you have connectivity issues in your setup we can refund you, most people have stable connection.
One day this DAC will have an Equalizer. I reached out to the bluewave audio team and this is what I was told "We're planning to have an equalizer in the app but unfortunately, there is no ETA on release yet."
Hopefully it will become available soon!