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The app has been “in the works“ for over a year. Don’t hold your breath on it. like at all. As well, after spending so many hours with this device, all I can say is it isn’t worth this price nor the price they charge on their website. If you want something like this, I guess this is as inexpensive as this one will cost. But I can tell you from experience that it is a disappointment. The connectivity issues and cost make this a non-starter.
One day this DAC will have an Equalizer. I reached out to the bluewave audio team and this is what I was told "We're planning to have an equalizer in the app but unfortunately, there is no ETA on release yet."
Hopefully it will become available soon!
hope this item work nicely with my iems n headphones, mayb with my room audio system too. pls kindly do a Quality Check before shipping off to international address. thank you in advance.
Mine arrives Saturday, cant wait to use this little guy while walking the disc golf course.
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Geez that is terrible, wishing you a speedy recovery friend
Thank you.
So this Amp is for iem? What about 600ohm headphones?
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Was the last drop the High gain version?
The very last drop was the Hi gain, The first 2 drops where lower gain. to make it clear if you paid the current 85$ price you have the hi gain
How does this compare to EarStudio ES100?
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Yes, you're right! I had to actually watch the video on the page to see a mention of the mic. They don't mention it in the detailed product description, not even in the specifications. How weird. Thanks for clarifying.
I've been trying quite a few Bluetooth enabled DACs. I just had a iFi xDSD delivered. I have to say it's even a better solution for pure audio than both of these. It doesn't have a mic though that I can find. Does MQA and has a dual mono amp section. Pretty killer Bluetooth DAC.
I'd like to post here that we have a new firmware update that can be downloaded here.
Thanks Pierre! Great to have a developing product!

Have to ask, how do you activate the Button locking function?
You hold the round button and the down arrow (RWD) for 5 sec, you will see the lights alternate blue and Yellow and the buttons are locked. You do the same to Toggle back and use the buttons
Is this confirmed to be the high gain version? The high gain version from the Bluewave site states that it comes with the impedance adapter, so is it safe to assume that this is definitely the high gain model?
Hi EJK23, Yes we'll send Hi gain (3.1) version.
Has anyone got this and have / had a Elecom LBT-PAR150 as to comment on if this would be worth purchasing as an upgrade?
Been looking for something like this for a long time, BT 5.0 is the deal sealer for me.

It's a shame it's only a .2A battery, is it running at 3.7v? I think I'll tear it down and add a decent sized battery to it, thinking 1-2ah, maybe even strap a couple 18650's to it and go for 6-7ah. Is there any reason why I shouldn't do this (apart from warranty) @bluewave?

Also can I answer calls through my inline IEM mic, and will those buttons work (on inline mics)? Thanks!
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That thing is damn tiny, man, a 1-2ah battery will probably be about the size of the device itself or bigger, lol!
You might be able to go for 300mah or something at most, although that's no guarantee that you'll get 50% more usability between charges depending on how this thing is designed.
I really don't recommend playing with battery size, we have a battery connector that is not something custom for us but the type of plug would not come with off the shelf batteries, so it's not just soldering to a pcb, there is a socket. I also confirm that the battery that is in there is the biggest that would fit in and having a battery covering the antenna area would be a bad Idea, there is no way to fit a 300mAH in the Get