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Boker & CountyComm D2 Chap Knife

Boker & CountyComm D2 Chap Knife

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Make it a flipper and I would buy this yesterday
The siren call of limited edition and the chance to try out D2 finally sold me.

Plus, the reviews on CountyComm are all positive:
when I first looked at this knife I thought it looked dumb but the more I stare at it the more I like it.
Same here.
Perfect size! Been looking to upgrade that wimpy knife that came with my action-figure/man-doll!
I own the Pelican, and it's a great little knife. It's so slim that it actually fits into the slash pocket of CountyComm's NYLA frontpocket wallet.

It can be one-handed, and the knife is just a solid little tool. Really, it's big enough for the tasks that most of us use knives for; the Chap is probably a concession to people with gigantic mitts.
Looks just like the Boker Ti Pelican (Brad Zinker Mini Tanto Flipper design), only a slight bit bigger..

Almost bought the Pelican, but ended up getting the smaller (and slightly cheaper) Wesn Ti Microblade instead (great little knife that MD should do a drop on)..

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Honestly not sure if he's under any obligation to give you a complete refund on a faulty product (unless he stated he would), so I'm guessing that he's probably just going to either repair or replace it under their lifetime warranty. Since they're still backed up 2-4 weeks for new orders, I wouldn't expect to receive anything for at least a month. After that, I'd consider posting about it on his Instagram, as he seems more active with the customers there. He's likely trying to run this company without much help and probably trying to work a regular job at the same time (not trying to excuse anything, just thinking about it realistically). Either way, I still wish you luck!
Just to clarify, they did say they would issue a refund if I sent it back to them and provided the tracking info - so it's not like I just sent it back to them blindly or like I've had no communication with them whatsoever.
I'm generally not a fan of cheaper production companies like Boker, but I am smitten by this design; signed up immediately. Hopefully it's manufactured with decent quality.
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To correct Bob_Velle- The island of Taiwan is The Republic Of China. IT most definitely NOT part of The Peoples Republic Of China.
Correct, the ROC not the PRC
What. Is. This? I think I like it, but feel like I shouldn’t. I'm so confused.
So a bigger Pelican with D2 instead of VG-10, for around the same price? Seems like a solid deal to me.
Actually can this be one handoed?
ūüė≥ English please lol
I'd assume so. I feel like if you can't open it with the nick with the pad of your thumb, you could probably use your thumbnail to push it. Might be a little awkward, but still.
Ten bucks cheaper than the only other place it's sold, looks like a good deal to me!

This is a weird looking design in some ways, looks great for the few people who can carry a locking but not one handed knife, or need it to be small.
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Yes there's a bunch actually: salsa, cat, leafstorm, etc. Spyderco launched a big small knife push a while back. I was thinking about picking up a lil' native (2.47" compression lock) I just wish the carry was a bit "deeper". I work in a business environment, so unless I'm actively opening things I like it to stay out of sight. Lots of good info here:

I just wish there were more options in this space, especially since there's quite a few places that require it (some cities, as well as all federal facilities). When I'm not in boston I've carried my Benchmade 470 for the last 6 years.

There's some stuff in this space, like the Kershaw Shuffle currently dropping. It's "sorta" deep carry, but if I pull that out people are gonna flip. Custom knives are a possability too: olamic busker for example, but I just keep looking at all these fancy knives that come out and they stick up like 1cm out of the pocket, and have to pass...
I'm happy that Maine typically has one set of knife laws, it is better than the headache of having super specific city carry requirements.

Especially at the arcane 2.5" limit.
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