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Boker Gentleman's Lockback Knife

Boker Gentleman's Lockback Knife

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" This Boker gentleman’s knife is unique... It actually locks... with a lockback... carbon steel blade... nickel silver bolsters... brass liners for contrast... folder easy to carry..."

Really, Massdrop is supposed to be a platform for grouped purchase. There is no need to make excessively laudative description of every item like if it is the most unic beautiful thing in the world. Thousands of knives have a lockback, carbon steel blade, nickel bolsters, brass liners and are easy to carry (isn't it basic for a pocket knife?).
This knife is not bad, it is certainly made in China and there is nothing there extraordinary. It is even a not so cheap price for a made in China product.
So please, stay technical and simple.
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I resemble that remark!
If this truly is a Boker (not a Plus) and is labelled "Tree Brand" it should be made in Solingen, Germany.
Just got mine and the handle is already loose. Back it goes...
Really? A "modern lock"? Just ran a quick google search....the first lockbacks date from the 1600's.....really modern.

It's a nice blade though.
A lot of knives in this category are slipjoints. I think that's what they're getting at. But you're right.
This knife looks beautiful. I want but would never use it. I am hardly a gentlemen.
Just got mine, fit and finish seem okay....

That being said, I think the blade is cheap stainless steel not plain carbon steel.
The pins are different than the one pictured in the drop, and the logo is much smaller on the blade.

can these be shipped to the UK
I like how the drop descriptions say "limited to 100 units" and meanwhile there are 111 purchases made.
It's saying one person can buy up to 100 units. At least that's what it USUALLY means
am i the only one who would prefer if the text on the blade was 1/10th the size?
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No I’m with you doesn’t need to be that big, makes it look cheap.
I actually disagree.
In many cases I'd be with you on this, but this one to me feels reminiscent of the old ways, where many knives and straight razors used the blade faces for all sorts of engraved decoration and company info
It says Germany on the round plate on the grip. Does that mean it's made in China?
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Would like to know where it’s made. If you find out please post and I will do the same.
That wasn’t the reason for my snark. We all know that China can produce some great blades,just look at the We Falcon! I just hate when people say one country and not the actual place it is made, that is when it becomes suspect.
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