Bortoletti The Crown Fountain Pensearch

Bortoletti The Crown Fountain Pen

Bortoletti The Crown Fountain Pen

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Come on, if you want to buy badly-balanced, garish, overpriced toys, Jinhao has cheaper and much more entertaining offerings, like their dragon and cobra pens.
Glad to see the Writing Community is becoming less and less naive about this sort of offering. Is this a fountain pen? Technically, yes. Is it a good one? No, this is a novelty pen made by a company that specializes in novelty items (mainly for the Harry Potter crowd I'm afraid): Let me put it to you this way: this pen is to Fountain Pens, as Beats are to headphones. Now that said, Beats are very popular headphones, but not among Audiophiles. So, if you're just getting into fountain pens, and this one appeals to you, be forewarned that it may not seem as desirable in the future, as it does presently. Which is to say, there is probably more than one Audiophile out there with an old pair of Beats gathering dust in the back of their drawer or closet.
In addition to the quality issues you (and several others) have mentioned, I'd like to add that generally speaking slick metal sections are not very practical as the grip is adversely affected, making the pen very difficult to hold while writing. If metal sections float your boat, my recommendation would be to look elsewhere - for something more 'non-skid' (the Faber-Castell Loom is a good example of a metal section which has embossed rings around it to aid with grip). I won't get into the additional issue metal sections have - the potential for corrosion over time when using non-pH neutral inks.
Couldn't agree more. Another thing I dislike about this type of section is that it allows a manufacturer to design a generic section, and then crank out an unlimited number of barrel designs to fit it--creating what is essentially the same damn pen, over and over again. In other words, they're just putting new outfits on the same Barbie.


I'm all about clean lines and an industrial look, but I think this is beautiful.
It is a nice looking pen, but it’s cheap junk. In addition to my earlier comments, take another look at the main pic. The cap and body don’t even line up. Pitiful.

That is really disappointing.
This is a cheap kit pen guys. Being a kit pen is not a bad thing at all, but this one is built from a CHEAP kit. As an example of the quality, look at the black already coming off the threads. And that’s on one they hand picked for pics to represent the product in ads/listings.
beat me to it. POS.
Is there a way for me to purchase the roller ball without buying the fountain pen?
I’m going to go ahead and repost my comment on this drop, because it seems to have disappeared.
How much more would it have cost to put a Bock, Schmidt, or Jowo nib on this thing? I hate the generic IPG nibs and they dont belong on a pen at this price point.