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Massdrop Blue Box: Brainwavz IEMs

Massdrop Blue Box: Brainwavz IEMs

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Anyone else like to see a Brainwavz b400 drop?
I just received my drop a couple days ago. I got the Blu-100s. Not only do they sound horrible, but I can only listen to them for about 10-15 minutes tops before getting the low battery warning. Does anyone know the proper way to handle warranty replacement for Brainwavz? Their website says to contact the reseller if not purchased directly.
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Thanks.. I finally got a hold of them and they replaced the set.
Just lisyen bro after some time they stable in ur ear.they are very good earphone.giv this some time
I am very disatisfied with massdrop. They messed up my order twice! First time the DHL returned item to sender as delivery for some reason couldnt be done. massdrop did not even contact me regarding my failed delivery and i had to find out for myself!!! Second time around, after contacting the support staff, they reshipped my package. It arrived quickly. One problem. IT WAS THE WRONG DAMN THING. please consider before you buy from massdrop...
Not worth the gamble. Sound is okay would rather have spent 20.00 more, and got some decent earbuds.
Warranty ?
I'm sorry, is it just me or should it be named "lootbox" instead?
It's interesting that the odds of what you'll receive for your money are posted. Is this basically interstate gambling? With the odds being posted your money is basically a bet. Is this type of transaction even legal on a retail site? Just wondering...
Not a lawyer, but I think this doesn't qualify as gambling from a legal perspective. Prizes with odds is not a sufficient condition - it has to be that the 'bet' is a stake that you can (and probably will) lose. If the worst case outcome is that you get something back of comparable value to the money you put in, then you are not gambling your money. It's like a door prize at a concert - you paid for a ticket, the door prize doesn't make it a casino. Anyone who enters a blue box to get a prize other than the default iems is a dummy. If you feel like gambling $20 at 1 / 100 or 1/1000 odds you can way better winning payouts than are on offer here.
I see, so at least one gets something for their money. It's a slick marketing tool but nothing offered so far in these offers piques my interest. So with that I'm going to "never say never" then. Maybe someday I'll see something in one of these grab bags' basic offerings that warrants the expenditure...
the sound was good, but the rigth side suddenly stop working after 1 month of using it, the customer service of brainwavz its good.
Same thing happened to mine. That's crazy
junk, half-decent sound but the right piece just stopped working after a few hours of usage..
my IEM's died after 3 months
would not recommend
sound was okay build quality was horibble
hi my earphones got mute how can I provide my warranty?
I still haven’t received this order even though it stated it was shipped 8th March 2018.
I have made other drops after this date and I have received them.
Package weigth 0.3774 kg.
Got S0. So far, I´m pleased. Could be worse, could be better. Sound is decent. Good variety of quality earbuds included. Also arrived with shirt clip and nice carrying box.
Got jives.
They sound... shite.
Sooo... mine is S0. Not too disappointing. I own meelec m6 pro, and compared to bws S0, they have soundstage and some imaging vs slim to none on S0, sound is awesome, clear and crisp vs OK on S0 if I tweak treble knob.

But, I cant listen some music on M6 pros, too reveling, to precise, music I like, as RAM, Rammstein, Godsmack, Metallica... Yeah, punk, rock, metal, non lossless files are simply no fun on m6 pros.

Soundwise, S0 are more "broken", but less distracting and fatiguing. Also if Im out in noisy city environment, low end doesn't exist with m6 pros and music is so much less fun. And head-bang tunes are pleasure, if I tweak the treble knob.

Also bur-in period needed, after 5h-10h of playtime sound is lot pleasing, low end is more toned down, mids dash more present, highs... none existant.