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Burson Audio V5 Opamps

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Remove the Biggest Bottleneck in Your Audio System

The V5 is the fifth-generation discrete opamp from Burson, an Australia-based company known for its R&D in discrete opamp technology over the past 20 years. The V5 is the stuff of legend: detailed, dynamic, and extremely accurate in sound, it can be found everywhere from recording studios and PC sound cards to home and car audio. Best of all, in terms of performance, users have found this opamp to be very similar to Burson’s flagship V6 Vivid. The two products even share the same color exterior as evidence of this fact.

Note: At checkout, choose the V5-Dual single unit (base price), the V5-Single matched pair (+ $5), or the V5-Dual matched pair (+ $35). 

IC Opamps vs. Discrete Opamps

Most audio equipment has IC (Integrated Circuitry) opamps on the signal path. These IC opamps significantly simplify the design process, production cost, and size of the equipment. However, restricted by the fabrication process and the technological limitations, an IC opamp is an inferior substitute for proper designing. In fact, the IC opamp becomes the bottleneck that distorts audio signal and degrades the listening experience. That’s why Burson believes that fully discrete design is the only design path for a truly uncompromised sonic performance. 

Installation Steps

First, make sure you have the right solid-state opamp:

  • The V5-Dual is a direct replacement of the following opamps: AD823, AD823AN, AD8066, AD8620, AD712, AD827, C4570, JRC4556AD, JRC4580, JRC5532, JRC5532D, JRC5534, LF353, LM4562, LME49860, LM833N, MUSES8920, NE5532, NEC4520, NEC4570, NJM2068D, NJM2114, NJM2214D, NJM4558, NJM4558D, NJM4560, NJM5532, NJM4558P, OP275, OPA1612, OPA2277PA, OPA2132, OPA2134, OPA2604, JRC4558, RC4558D, RC4558P, TL052, TL072, MUSES01, MUSES02, MUSES8820, MUSES8920, MUSES8832, BA15532
  • The V5-Single is a direct replacement of the following opamps: NE5534, LT1122, TL071, OPA134, OPA627, AD811,AD829, AD844, OPA604, AD8610, AD711, AD797, LME49990, LME49710

Then, plug/solder it in the right direction. Align the half-moon marking on the PCB or IC socket to the half-moon cutout on the V5.


  • Height: 1.13 in (28.8 mm)
  • Length: 0.58 in (14.7 mm)
  • Width: 0.5 in (12.8 mm)
  • Working voltage range: 5V +/- to 16V +/-


  • Lifetime warranty (must be registered on Burson Audio's site)


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