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Does it ship to Canada?

Do you ship to Canada?
Can anyone comment as to the size of the glider chair with regard to how comfortable it is? I'm 6' and my wife is 5'3". Would the loungers be comfortable for both of us? Thank you.
Hello. The Glider seat height is about 18". Here is our product video, at about 15 seconds in our employee Ben sits in the chair. Ben is almost 6ft tall. It offers a very comfortable sitting position.

The Lounger is a bit lower to the ground. Some people say it looks uncomfortable to be that low, but once they actually sit in it they realize it is a very natural sitting position.
I was very excited to place an order of two campaign chairs, two glider chairs, and a large table. I was later contacted that the two glider chairs were unavailable in the volcano selection and asked if I would like to cancel my order entirely or just remove the two chairs - I removed the two chairs.

When my shipment arrived in the mail I received one campaign chair and one camp chair. I did not even order a camp chair and I am still missing two items. I emailed Massdrop immediately after to get the situation rectified and I have yet to receive any kind of an answer. I am let down by the service of not only Byer of Maine, but Massdrop. Why offer unavailable products? And why the terrible customer service?
I ordered 2 campaign chairs and a side table from the first drop. On the second drop I ordered a large table. The large table is significantly lighter than either the chairs or the small table. Also a pretty significant tear out on one of the arms.

Is there a difference in wood or stain between the brass tagged furniture and the wood burned branded variety?

Hello. There should not be a difference in wood between the items. There could be some natural color variation in the wood that would make the stain look darker on some. The good news is you purchased from a company that has been around a long time and knows the value of great customer service. If you have parts or product that needs to be replaced under warranty please email me directly and I'll take care of you.
Ordered a full set of everything available, but it was cancelled. We were excited to replace our old set, which suffered some damage when our basement flooded. Short of warping due to extensive water damage, these chairs are quite durable and seem to last a long time.

I will follow up with Massdrop to figure out why they cancelled my order, as we were hoping to take them out to beach in a month.

Update: Due to a single item of an 11-piece order being backordered, Massdrop support decided to cancel my entire order. These chairs are excellent, and exactly the sort of thing I look forward to finding when I browse available products.

The quality of products like these cannot make up for shoddy customer service, and I am starting to associate Massdrop less with the former and more with the latter.
My name is Dan Hall from Byer of Maine. I sincerely apologize for the Glider being out of stock in the color you wanted. We do have green and the natural available right now. The volcano stripe will be out of stock for quite some time, approx 3 months. But if you want to contact me directly to place your order I will send you the volcano stripe colored seat sling at no charge as soon as they come in stock.
Bought the lounger on the last drop. It came in with a small chip in the wood that I don't think affects it other than aesthetically. Love the look (esp at a picnic; so much more civilized than an ugly nylon thing, and goes well with my aesthetic) and the relatively light weight. But when I took it to the beach the other day, it was really hard to sit in comfortably. The legs sink in the sand the angle is too upright to not feel like I'll tip forward on the slope of the beach. Any suggestions?
Sorry for the late reply. As you can imagine the summer time is our busiest time of year. Sitting in the sand can make your comfort level quite unpredictable. I was also at the beach this week with our Campaign chair but had the same issue. I found that digging down in the sand a little bit where you put the back legs does help. Enjoy the rest of your summer and thank you for your business!
At 5x the price? No thanks.
Just got them in, these are awesome! I got two campaign chairs and one small table. Will definitely grab a bigger table next time this drops. Small table is able to hold my heavy cast iron grill no problem. Only minor nitpickings - the campaign chairs needs a screwdriver to pack down fully, but I don't see a way around that. Branding tag is easily removed. Will post a review soon
I made one of these chairs in high school. Has worked and lasted very well. The price is worth it if you can't make it yourself.
Where are these made?
Vietnam. We were fortunate enough to find a maker in Vietnam with a long history of producing wood folding furniture for the American marketplace, and they have been producing these for us for about the last 15 years.
Information on the wood used in these chairs:
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Hello. That's not up to us at Byer, that's up to Mass Drop. But I'll let them know you're interested and see if that is an option.
Thanks for your help
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