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Carnot Riviera Moonphase Quartz Watch

Carnot Riviera Moonphase Quartz Watch

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When u want vacheron constantine from geneve and u get VOCHOON COONSTA from beijing.
I have this watch from an earlier drop -- beautiful and a great price. If you're on the fence, go for it!
on their website, the strap doesn't have the red stitching. so, I guess there's hope.
What you don't notice in Massdrop pictures, is that the dial has nice wave pattern all over it. You can see that in the W&W article photos: Personally, this minor detail made me rethink buying this watch. P. S. Please, Massdrop work on the pictures of watches...

Got to agree. Wasn't the least bit interested until I had a look at the photos on the worn and wound page. Even the rose gold on the watches on the drop photos looks terrible.
Got the rose gold with white face, and just gifted it to my girlfriend this morning (Christmas). At first, it looked like the plating on the crown was chipped and worn off, but looking closer, it was just a bit of polishing compound that was caked around the engraved "C", so that was a relief. A few minor quibbles: I feel like the face was designed for an automatic (with the sub-second markers) and the secondhand alignment could have been a bit more accurately lined up, but all in all, I think it's great value for a moonphase. Would love to see a slightly cleaner design to the face (although I love the guilloché texture), and perhaps a 38mm model, but otherwise, very happy with the purchase.
did your strap have the red stitching?
Yes, but I don't actually mind it in the flesh, surprisingly.
The watch looks great but I'm having trouble getting it wound and set. Is anyone else having any problems and are there any suggestions?
You don't wind a quartz watch, so I'm curious what you're trying to do. What are you trying to do, and what is the specific problem you're having?
' If moonphase watches are uncommon, moonphase calendar watches are unicorns in the world of watches—especially if we’re talking about automatic movements. So, to get one, typically you’ve gotta spring for quartz. ' I guess we' 'spring for a quartz' in this case lol. It's a nice looking watch, hard to decide whether to spring for it or not
I ordered the watch the first time it was offered by MD. Then the drop was cancelled due to issues with delivery. I was really disappointed. When the watch came back on MD, I ordered it again and no problem this time. Delivery was quite fast. But if you live in Canada like me, you have to pay ridiculously high duty fees. 48$ (CAN) in my case. That's a lot of extra money. As the for the watch itself, I really like it. I don't mind the red stiching on the strap, but I'll probably change it enventually. This is my first moonphase and the instructions for setting the time and the moonphase are pretty straightforward and well explained. The month and day subdials are easy to read, but the numbers on the day subdial are really, really small. But that's the price to get a reasonably sized watch, I guess! Also, the pictures on MD didn't show it well, but the watch face has a guilloché pattern which gives it a classy look (see pics).


All and all, excluding the duty fees, I'm quite happy with this purchase.
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I think it is. I remember seeing somewhere it was based near Montreal, Quebec. But I can't find the reference anymore.
I'm also a stickler for precise markers, which is why I'd almost prefer they don't do them if they can't do them right.
In this case, it looks like it just might be the perspective/shadows that's making it look like they aren't properly centred.
Perhaps the OP (@FrancoisCartier) can weigh in?
Last time, after months of delay with no update, the brand never delivered. Massdrop refunded me but it was disappointing
this is ugly bro. i could care less about the strap.. never look at the strap that comes with the watch when i buy one as i can and generally do replace them.. but the face is lacking while searching for that minimalist look. should of done the 1 2.5 5 on the face for seconds.. case does not belong with this face. the red stitching on strap was the least of the poor choices made here
I agree. The face is way too “busy” with markings and cheapens its appearance. It doesn’t need all of the second markings on the periphery. Would have been ‘classier’ with a bit more minimalism.
Red stitching on brown leather with rose gold? Holy crap someone failed design school.
What's with that red stitch, I wondering as well. I don't see anything on their site that looks like that.. Anyone?
What's with the red stitching on the brown strap? Looks kitschy.
Dont recognise the brand . some mushroom brand aka micro brand?
This appears to be their only model. Couldn't find any information about where they're located, where the product is made, etc.
A little confused here. The narrative speaks of an automatic movement, but the specifications list it as a quartz movement. Those two are mutually exclusive of one another. Automatic means it's spring actuated movement and automatically winds with the motion of your wrist and/or a winding crown. Quartz means that it runs on electricity from a watch battery, using the pulsations of a quartz crystal to keep time. Perhaps someone here can resolve this contradiction.
Yeah, they screwed that up. It's a quartz.
" If moonphase watches are uncommon, moonphase calendar watches are unicorns in the world of watches—especially if we’re talking about automatic movements. So, to get one, typically you’ve gotta spring for quartz. The Carnot Riviera, a 40-millimeter quartz dress watch..."
I read that differently. I think what they mean to say is that moonphase calendars are either automatic and expensive, or quartz and inexpensive. I would've written this copy differently, but they're not tricking people into thinking it's an automatic.
"We are reaching out regarding your order for the Carnot Riviera Moonphase Quartz Watch.We wanted to let you know that due to an issue with the bulk order at customs this product cannot be shipped to you at this time. The whereabouts of all items are unclear and we are currently investigating with the appropriate parties. Since we are unable to guarantee that we will receive this item from the vendor, we had to cancel your order and issue a full refund to your original payment method. You can expect to see the funds back in your account within the next 2-3 business days."
Thanks for the update -- wow, sounds like someone in customs liked the watches...
And I really wanted this one too!!!
Very disappointed I didn't get this watch
An Update would be Appreciated and Professional. One e-mail saying delayed is not enough. I emailed MD last week and they said they would update us when it ships?????
Any update on the shipping? Can someone from MassDrop or Carnot respond? When MD says you can cancel due to the late shipping, it makes me think this might be a long term thing...
Still nothing? Can we get an update, please?
Has anyone received any watch so far?
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I`ve asked for a refund and bought instead a beautiful Thomas Earnshaw that looks great and the finishing is awsome for the money (found it with 100 usd)
As good as that looks I'm not very big on white dial watches, the one I was getting from this drop was a black dial, I decided to use the money that I was given back since the drop was cancelled on If they get their stuff together and make another drop I might get one as I really wanted it
Is the strap red or brown on the white dial watches because Massdrop's pictures show them as red but all other pictures show them as brown???
Is this a true moon Phase?
From a few reviews I read, it seems to be a real moonphase : " the Carnot seems like a solid option for those looking for this aesthetic, the complexity of a complete calendar and the novelty of a moon phase, without spending too much".
There's a few reviews online. Most impressions are positive :
I was waiting for an affordable real moonphase and I'm glad I jumped on this one!