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Cayin C5 Amp

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This, a DAC, and and a phone or a player? That's a lot of shit to tote around!
Good thing I joined the Massdrop Mobile Music cart drop last month!

Well, those were very few DAC's...
Which would pair better with Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX?
I think if you are after a portable amp the fiio A5 stands out far to much in such a similar price range!

Not sure hoe hoe it compares as dac/amp though
When is the shipping date for this?
" Estimated ship date is Feb 1, 2018 PT. "
it's under the spec at the bottom of the description
Waiting for the Cayin N5ii drop.
They have a lot to fix on the DAP. DSD will not play out USB or optical.
DSD will not play out of optical due to copyright restrictions.
How does this compare to the Oppo HA2-SE?
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Any prior experience on cayin c5 or just your thoughts?
Not specifically with the cayin, but somebody lent me their xduoo portable dac/amp and I still liked the Ha-2se since it is slimmer, and there is something to the sound that just makes the hd 600s sound incredibly good, just something is there.

My shipment just arrived, but its suffering from an absolutely infuriating issue, whenever I pick a song on spotify my headphones BLAST a max volume SCREECH, and then plays the song. Or it plays the song for a second and then SREECHES before the rest of the song. I tried as well on google music, where it only SCREECHED once in about 15 tracks or so. Anyone know what is going on?
After some more research if I had to guess it is the built in equalizer on my phone causing the issue, since I tried it with a different phone and did not have the issue once. Unfortunately, turning the equalizer off did not fix the problem.
Isn't that same drop was for 99 USD a few weeks ago? (DAC/AMP version same as this one)
this cost 149 dollars with DAC. 99 without perhaps
This or the JDS C5D?
Well, mine arrived dead . Does not keep the charge at all. Only works whilst plugged in the charger or PC USB port .  The moment you unplug from the charger it goes back to the tomb. Contacted Massdrop support and they issued me a full refund.   I have to say C5 built feels like a proper cheap Chinese knock off. Nowhere near the quality of built  of my FiiO E12 Mount Blanc. I opened C5 up and QC is schocking. Just look how PCB looks like.
Is their a warranty and a serial number?
Really want to try this but at $30 US difference from Amazon, I'll wait to buy there where I can easily return for any reason.
Actually it's $10 cheaper on Amazon right now!
Don't know how many times we've been through this. The C5 Amp you've linked on Amazon is $129.99. The DAC Amp, which is what is being offered in this drop, is $199 on Amazon.