CDN Digital Precision Scale (2 lb/1,000 g)search

CDN Digital Precision Scale (2 lb/1,000 g)

CDN Digital Precision Scale (2 lb/1,000 g)

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Has anyone attempted to use this as a turntable stylus tracking force gauge?
Water proof?
This scale looks great in a kitchen but has too many shortcomings, starting with the auto off, and also it is just not accurate enough resolution for pourover coffee (numbers can jump around). Wished I got something else.
i have difficult time to get this on can anyone know how to do pls let me know.
What kind of batteries does this take?
The Tanita KD-192 is an inexpensive scale with a 0,1 gram resolution. As low as $24.80 right now on Amazon. I have two of these, a red one for the kitchen for general use and baking measurements, and a green one for weighing my pet birds.
All I want is a scale that DOESN'T have an auto off. I can't be bothered to babysit and make sure my weight doesn't go away and get zeroed if I get pulled away for a few minutes.
Jennings CJ scale can turn off the auto off feature.
This scale's a tweener. It's really going to depend on what you need. Me, I have a high-res (0.01 gram) scale for making tea. It's good for up to 100 grams, so it covers all the small stuff. That means I need higher capacity. 2 pounds is...borderline. Probably too low for a family. (Remember, you have to consider the weight of the bowl into that max capacity. I checked a 2 qt stainless bowl of mine...240 grams. So max food weight would be about 1 1/2 pounds.)

It is a mild concern that this unit's only good to 1 part in 5000 (of max capacity)...that means the electronics are not as good. Many consumer scales will give you 1 part in 10,000...1 gram in 11 pounds, 0.1 grams in a kilo, 0.01 grams in 100 grams. All those are 1 in 10,000. Still, it's going to depend on what you want to weigh, and the weight ranges.

BTW, WRT less than Peter Reinhart says doing yeast *by volume* is fine. Yes, he does everything with bakers' formulas, which is always mass for the flour and water...but not yeast, and probably not baking powder or soda when they're in use. (Salt...don't remember. The issue with salt by volume is that different salt styles are ground differently, which means they pack differently. Coarse grounds means less salt in any given volume.) First, those ingredients are too light to measure accurately on most home scales. They're measured more accurately to begin with. They aren't susceptible to density variance based on the weather as flour is. They pack consistently; flour and brown sugar don't.

This drop is for an item where you can definitely do a LOT of research. It looks at least reasonable, *if* it fits your usage requirements, but I haven't checked to see what else is out there.
How many marijuanas will this weigh?
Precise to 0.2 gram.
Accurate to ?
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Yet many kitchen scales are still not accurate. My Soehnle returned a value of 134.xx, 137.xx and 141.xx grams when I weighed my Galaxy S6...
If you were allowing the reading to settle in each time, then I'd consider the batteries. Or some variation in the conditions...not quite level surface, that sort of thing. Sounds like you want a calibrating weight, and see if the company offers up some calibration testing procedures. May be time to talk to them.
For baking (yeast, salt) a 0.1 g precision would be better, and they are not that expensive.

Also, for monitoring the weight of a small pet, like a bird, the vet would prefer 0.1 g precision, since a change of 0.5 g could mean trouble.
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Cool! I just read this. Nice to know the background on your user name :-)

(Btw you mentioned keeping feeders for your reptiles.. like mice? I have been looking at getting frozen feeder mice for my dogs since mice are high in taurine, but I don't know the safety/reputation of that industry. Maybe you have some wisdom to share? Thanks!)
Just choose a source that you know uses ethical methods to euthanize (CO2 or cervical dislocation) and keeps the mice healthy.
Gram weenies! :)
I prefer a tempered glass scale for the kitchen. And in my backyard drug lab I need something more precise than 0.2g.
This is a terrible deal. There are much better options on amazon for just about anything you'd need in a kitchen scale for much less. I'd much rather have this one for instance:
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I'm curious, what did you put in the smoothies, and how often did you eat actual foods. Thank you.
No additives in the smoothies, just the ingredients listed in the recipe, which are online BRW, and not in the manual that camecwith the blender...I was mistaken on that point

FWIW the breakfast smoothie I make is called the orange cream sickle smoothie IIRC. There aee 5 ingredients- ice (260 grams), 150 grams frozen mango chunks, 485 grams vanilla yogurt, 3 tablespions of frozen Orange Juice concentrate and 240 ml’s coconut water...we (wifey and I) drink/make at least two pitchers every day

I play around with the ingredients, sometimes extra OJ concentrate, lately I first scale out 125 grams of Greek yogurt then the balance low fat Dannon vanilla yogurt

FWIW2, I love to use Stonyfield(SP) Greek whole milk vanilla bean yogurt, then I’m stuck in a rut using low fat Dannon vanilla yogurt...just love the flavor of those two in particular

The other smoothie I make is calledGoing Green Smoothie and it’s on Vira Mix’s website. I’m using 125 ml’s Propel kiwi strawberry bottled water, so hooked on that water=-:) then 170 grams green table 🍇 grapes..I buy organic when possible, then 85 grams pineapple. Publix grocers where I shop, they sell fresh cored pineapple, let’s see, 60 grams spinach and I buy baby spinach...makes a differenice, a half frozen banana, 70 grams ice, I think that’s it. This smoothie gives me the greens (spinach) I need but if you’re trying to lose weight, couple those two smoothies with a raw salad for your solid food needs. If Ican, I put raw avocado on my salads

The only superfoods I consume is hulled hempseed and I’ll use two heaped teaspoons on my oatmeal, now lately I also add a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil, the organic stuff that is solid around 70 degrees Fahrenheit...I like and buy Nutiva branded coconut oil and their coconut manna...I’m using their hemp seeds, sent courtesy of Amazon Prime

Hope this helps!
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