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CEntrance DACport Slim - Massdrop Exclusive

CEntrance DACport Slim - Massdrop Exclusive

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Slim's older, more powerful brother, DACport HD is currently dropping. You get 384 kHz resolution, DSD support and more output power to handle hungry cans -- in the same, handheld package:

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We've made some structural improvements in the HD that make it more rugged and robust, so it will last longer, too!
I am happy Slim owner as well... driving my HD6XX I have hard time noticing differences between Slim and Pro-Ject S2 Digital DAC
I don't think this is coming back. I wanted this to be my first DAC/amp purchase but it's been while since the last drop and the Slim isn't listed on Centrance's product page. It was there about a month ago but it's been removed.
Just a little heads up, since I see these questions get asked a lot.

The DAC works fine with my phone (LG G6) and previous phone (Samsung S5), ans of course my PCs with Windows 10. I use both Usb-C ans Usb-B ports.

I use the DAC alone with Pioneer M531 (32 Ohms, I believe) and Sennheisee HD 600 (300 Ohms). Both work fine. I do not even need to switch to high gain for sufficient volume.

Living in Norway, I had to pay customs, though. Still worth it!
I made my purchase around end of year 2015. The headphone jack crapped out today. This seems like a common issue. No matter what angle I try, it won't make full contact with the connector. I will try emailing support but I doubt I am still covered by any warranty. But anyway it has served me well while it lasted.
We have released our driver, v8.0.1. You can download it here: https://centrance.com/downloads/ud/. DACport Slim is now fully supported in Win10, including ASIO. :-) Enjoy!
Thank you for the good news. Can you please let us know when this drop becomes available? I really need it very much. Bought HD6XX and was hoping to get a portable AMP/DAC.
Can someone please let us know when this drop could be available?
Has anyone received a slim that has a short in it? I got mine when Massdrop was having the sale on several ready to order items so I bought it, and a month or so ago it started to not show up on my computer if i moved it the slightest, and id have to re plug stuff and hope that they get that 'sweet spot' where it actually connects. I tried different cables, usb ports, and it all seems to point at the device itself. I'd rather not just have something sitting on my desk that i can't use consistently
I've had the issue where barely touching the headphone port causes it to go silent. I emailed support about it.
Yeah I'd recommend emailing their support. The CEO (!) got me an RMA approval in less than two hours.
Regarding Windows 10 driver, an important heads-up. Microsoft added USB 2.0 audio support (after 11 years!) about a year ago via the Win10 Creators Update, which means Slim works out-of-the-box with Windows 10! :-) So, you don't need to install our driver, and if you did, just uninstall it. Meanwhile, we are making important updates to our driver in the realm of ASIO. For those who prefer ASIO playback, we are working to resolve a sample rate bug.

If you'd like to beta test our driver, you can join at info .at. centrance.com. You won't need to disable secure boot. If you have questions about the driver and/or beta testing, we welcome and invite you to email us. Thanks!
Just to inform that @CEntrance has provided a 7.9.10 beta version for testing on 21/12 to a group of people who volunteered to do so (myself among them). From my side the test was fine: there were no issues encountered neither during installation nor during playback. My DACport Slim now works fine in Windows 10 :)
Just my 2 cents. Other people may had different results.
I got my DACport Slim a little while ago. It works fine but sometimes i get this weird brief buzzing sound whenever I open anything in the windows task bar, or even occasionally. Is there a way to fix this? It's bearable as it doesn't happen that often, but it gets noticeably annoying after long usages.
I really want this so bad. When can the next drop be available please please please?
Windows 10 is over 2 and a half years old and there still isn't a stable windows 10 driver. The beta requires you to disable windows security features and isn't really feasible for some setups. CEntrance keeps promising that a proper driver is right around the corner, but the date keeps slipping and the driver never arrives. If you're a windows user and you can return your purchase, then you probably should.
I completely agree, I thought there was something wrong with my computer or Centrance device until I went to device manager saying the device driver was incomplete. Piece of shit company, can't even make a decent driver for windows 10
Have these started shipping yet? Headphone jack on my laptop died, so I would like to get this ASAP.
Will we be notified when shipped?
I still haven't received any shipping notification. Has anyone received one?