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Cherry MX Rubber O-Rings

Cherry MX Rubber O-Rings

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How much actual noise reduction do these types of rings provide? Every "quiet" mechanical keyboard I've tried over the years (and I've tried some pretty expensive ones) all still sound like a box of rocks dropped into a washing machine...

Drop aside, O-rings are great. :)
oh man... O-rings failed me like they failed the Challenger shuttle...
Too soon...
I really wish they would come with with the thin o-rings specifically made for Cherry profile keycaps, high-quality ones that rival that 3/16 light force dental bands I have to buy from Sonic Dental supply.

THAT I would pay Massdrop for.
Regret ordering these..should have looked at the ship date...oh wells it'll be a surprise when they show up.
Or get them from eBay for $3.85 shipped now.
You can get the same thing on Amazon for a dollar more and not wait 2 months to have it shipped.
Such a rip off. There's even a damaged ring in the banner image!
Got a serious question for the experienced mechanical keyboard community. Would I see/feel anything different if I install these cherry Mx rubber o-rings to a clear cherry mix keyboard? I'm not sure if anybody has tried them together considering clear cherry mx are medium stiff, tactile, non-clicky. I'm just not used to using a clear mx keyboard, the keys feel "mushy" and the actuation point across the keys feel uneven. Basically I'm trying to make the keyboard feel more "comfortable". I'm using a pok3r rgb by the way. Thanks!
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"make the jump to tactile" but mx clears are tactile..

If bottoming out would feel less mushy to you, you could switch the springs for lighter ones. As mx clears are not meant to be bottomed-out on with their heavier spring weight.
I meant clicky, not tactile. Sorry about that.
Shipping and handling to Greece is $5.25. For a $6 product.
Are you kidding me massdrop?
I've been told that there are O-rings that are much thicker than these but I can never find them. Can anyone post a link?
Hahaha, seriously? Send me a link to the $18 version.
Just look up 1/16" thick, 50A Durometer 3/16" ID, 5/16" OD O-Ring packs on Amazon. Can get $6 or less, prime shipped. Get it delivered before the drop ends for this and less cost.
Does anyone have photos of these in the Clear option? I have a backlit keyboard, and was hoping to determine the impact these would have :\
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It doesn't have any at all
18 dollars retail for something i can get for like 2 dollars .__.
$1.34 actually. I bet they'll even arrive faster too. Nov. 13th shipping? Are you fucking kidding me?