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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Am I missing something? I purchased the model 6 comb here and it doesn't fit in the leather sheath I purchased with it.
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Please email us at and we can exchange it for the right size. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! --Chicago Comb Co.
Thank you for the reply. Once I realized I screwed up the ordering I contacted MD and they took care of it. I do appreciate the response though!
need a beard comb right? I'm not full on hipster so I need some small tines for my short hairs
I admit, sometimes when I get bored and am just checking out random stuff here I get intrigued, but not for something like a comb! This might be the one thing that convinces me to groom myself better (and I usually only comb my hair when I've had a severe case of bed hair or for more formal occasions). I got it off Amazon since it seems your products are also available there (and I'm a Prime member paying less there for the Model 6 comb, $14.99 there vs $15.61 with tax and shipping). I'm a little excited.
i mean 'as it automatically...
Is it possible that I buy one comb with three leather sheaths? and how can i do it as i automatically add my comb prices in the option even if I do not choose the comb.
i just tried it. Just buying the sheath is not an option
On eBay they are only charging $4.00 USD
Where? I see it for 12$
So a comb that weights this little is $6.75 to ship down under.
Literally halfway around the world, how unreasonable...
Massdrop delivered mine about two weeks ago now, and I was very happy. I have fine hair (my barber calls it "wimpy") and I swim in a chlorine pool 3 times a week, so it's generally pretty frizzled. This is the best comb I've owned for not pulling my hair when combing it out after my post-swim shower. Hands down. The material it's made out of doesn't "grab" my frizzled hair the way other plastics do. Not that there's no grabbing at all, after all my hair gets pretty tangled, but this comb does it much less. I'm really happy with it!
What is the weight of this comb? I'm trying to comparing this to another manufacturers titanium combs.
Thanks for your comment. The Model 1 Carbon Fiber weighs 10 grams (about one-third of an ounce) and the Model 6 Carbon Fiber weighs 14 grams (about half an ounce).
Perfect, thanks
Can anyone speak to how these compare to Kent combs (i.e., the best combs I've ever owned)?
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Thanks for your comment. I can provide an anecdote since I've owned two Kent combs. I had a very small Kent years ago; it worked well but the gold foil lettering wore off almost immediately (and then unfortunately I misplaced it). More recently I had a larger size Kent comb which got left on a ledge in the shower. It ended up warping quite a bit from the humidity, so it no longer really lays flat, which is kind of annoying. The warping is a function of the type of plastic they use. If you know anyone in the plastics industry, ask them what they think of cellulose acetate. I got eye rolls from a few people I spoke with in that field. One engineering guy couldn't believe it was still being used - it's considered an old fashioned, low-end material that doesn't take advantage of the advances in materials science that have happened in recent years. Nonetheless, as I said, the Kent comb isn't a bad comb relative to many of the others out there. Really happy to hear you're trying the Chicago Comb! We inspect each of them and if there's an issue with flashing (excess material on the tips of the tines) we correct it. If you ever get a comb with any issue, please write us at and we'll be more than happy to take care of it right away.
Thanks for you quick replies! To be completely honest, one of my Kents is warped from being in my back pocket ;)
I just got a shipment notification. This is the most excited I've ever been for a comb. Lol
Me too I feel like a kid again
The mortician who lost his book about grooming went around calling, "Come home, tomb comb tome." English is such a weird language. I almost cut my hair-C,S,N, & Y. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- the Fonz.
Please. Someone. Have I been brainwashed? in the last 30 years of my life I can personally testify that I have never owned a comb. Nor have I even combed my hair or wanted to comb my hair. How did they manage to get me to buy this just now.?!?! Whoever designed this had a gift. I never would have guess you could make a comb look so cool.
Seriously.. I get crew cuts and I still bought this. Hmmm
I’m surprised you have never combed before! Do you keep your hair really, really short? I like to keep my thin hair 2-3”, and I need to comb (sometimes with water) to calm down my bed head everyday... otherwise it sticks out in an irregular mess. I even have a (cheap) fine-toothed comb for my beard! All my beard hairs are about half an inch, and yet combing keeps my beard looking neat, and makes it less itchy from poking back towards my skin. If you have been bestowed the gift of seriously well-behaved hair, I believe you, I’m just surprised because combing is so beneficial.
Excellent combs - bought 2 off their Kickstarter
These have become my Go To comb! Light and strong and easy to travel with!
It would be nice to have some vegan sheathe options
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Thanks, I appreciate it.
whatsup, not to rush or anything, but what’s your eta on getting the kydex sheath made. Also, do you take PayPal?
Is the 'Join' button greyed out for anybody else? Any way to fix it and join this drop?
Nope. Limit was reached. If you didn't get in on this one, you have to wait and see if it ever becomes available again.
I love how these are about a tenth of an inch longer than a 6-style iPhone. No better way to gauge the length than to turn my phone sideways and put it against my head :)
The real deal in this drop is the cordovan sheath for just $25, which is the cheapest I have seen it. It is $55 on their website currently. I bought one several weeks ago and it is very nice.
$6.75 shipping for a comb. You have officially jumped the shark on this one
Depends where you are. It was $2.75 for me, but I'm not far from Chicago, if that's where they are shipping from.
I'm trying to order one number 6 and number 1 but it wont let me do that....
Is this a carbon fiber laminate or just injection molded plastic containing chopped carbon fiber?
Thanks for your question. It's not a carbon fiber laminate; rather, it's made of a carbon fiber composite.
So if I get a comb with flashing or burrs on it, can I exchange it?
Thanks for your question. In the unlikely event you get a comb with any issue, please write to us at and we will be happy to exchange it.
So, what part of these is "carbon fiber?" I ordered 3 and they look just like regular - bendable - plastic molded - combs... Nothing special...
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Wait so it just feels like cheap plastic? It lopls metallic in the picture to me. Hmmm totally thought it would have some weight and feel like metal. Officially went from excited to how do I cancel my order.
No, they feel nicer then just a plastic comb. If I had seen these in person before buying them, I probably would have taken a pass for the price. I think using the term "carbon fiber" is misleading. There does not seem to be any actual woven carbon filaments. Carbon infused (I guess) might be a more accurate descriptor. The combs look like they are some sort of injection molded as you can see the seem all the way around, which does have a little sharpness to it on the tines.
So, I ordered a couple of these on the last drop and really like them. Very lightweight strong, as to be expected with CF. I was finishing up some customers sheaths, and took a go at a small ‘holster’ for my comb... 1st try, and I kinda like it...
Also, this was done on the fly with a scrap piece of Kydex and 2 scratched eyelets.
What’s the deal? Can I only order 3? I only wanted 2
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You know. In the chance that I meant to click 6 but accidentally hit 2. Glad they saved me the time from going back to try and find 6 again.
What I didn’t realize was that I had already successfully ordered 2 (two), so when I again attempted to order, it limited me to 1 (one) [more], which was confusing, and frustrating.
I can join other drops, no problemo. This one, as described on my previous post, the "Join Drop" button on the checkout page isn't "live".
Bueller? Bueller?

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Yeh ME TOO!!
So were you ever able to order your comb?
Okay, so I WANT to buy a couple more of these.... but something glitchy about the "Join Drop" button once I've entered my payment choice. It's like, "greyed out". Tried on my desktop Mac, tried on iPad Pro, iPhone.... same result no matter what.

Can someone tell me the difference between these combs to a normal plastic/metal comb?
last longer lol
It looks better. Therefore people will see you own a designer comb and essentially start to envy you.
Any chance for a model 3 in carbon fiber? I bought 2 model 1’s on Kickstarter. They are excellent by the way - perfect pocket comb