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Clarity Acrylic Ruler Foot Bundle

Clarity Acrylic Ruler Foot Bundle

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I just placed my order for the Clarity Ruler set and am unsure if the order was placed twice.  I only want 1 order for the basic Acrylic Foot Bundle with the high shank foot.  Please check my order and only send me 1 Bundle.  I can hardly wait to try this inventive idea to machine quilt.  Thank You for offering the deal again, I missed this first time several months ago.  Ann 
Can I order rulers only? I don't need the foot.
What would be the additional charges (shipping, customs, whatever) for a purchase from Canada?
Hi Canadiancrafter,

Shipping to Canada is $8.50. You can see the shipping charges by clicking the button to join, and then just not joining. It's a horrible system for finding shipping costs, but Massdrop seems committed to inconveniencing their customers this way, then refusing to respond to questions about it.

Customs is a luck-of-the-draw situation. Massdrop doesn't collect duty, so you only end up paying it if it gets charged at the border. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. When I ordered this last time it dropped I didn't end up paying duty, but that's no guarantee that it won't happen on future shipments. If duty is assessed, it's usually around 10%, +GST, +$5 or 10 handling fee.
When can we expect delivery?
When can we expect delivery?
I can't wait to get them and try them. I have some quilts I've been waiting to finish because my FMQ is not up to snuff and I just can't bring myself to crosshatch them.
How do I order...I am lost. I want the ruler
Hi Gail,
This is not a drop at the moment. If you hit request, you will be notified when it comes back.
I don't know which size to purchase. My Husqvarna Viking Designer I measures 5/8" from needle plate to bottom of screw hole so I'm not sure if I should order the low shank or medium shank. Can you help me out??
I wonder if the foot is a copy of the Westalee Quilting Foot
Can you order the templates only?
Bernina uses the low shank plus the shank adapter #77 - is the shank adapter available too?
Hi paighton,
The adapter is not available but can be purchased from any Bernina dealer.
Want to know how thick the rulers are. I require 1/4 " thickness. Very important detail to know in order to commit.
Hi jakirk,
The rulers and templates are 1/4" thick. I will have that note added. Thank you for the callout!
Would any of these work on an old-style (black numbers on shanks circa 1970s/80s) Bernina?
Hi VMJ91,
Bernina's require a special adapter that you would have to purchase directly from a Bernina dealer.
Fabulous! Thank you for the information and quick response!
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