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CLICKEYbits Fidget Switch Tester DIY Kit

CLICKEYbits Fidget Switch Tester DIY Kit

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Make Your Own Fidget Toy

You’d be hard pressed to find a more fun way to test switches than with CLICKEYbits—and this DIY version allows you to put it together yourself, and to add your own switches if you like. Though CLICKEYbits were originally developed as switch testers, people loved them so much that they started buying them as fidget toys. Building on the success, the father-son team that created them set out to expand the lineup. Each CLICKEYbits is made with authentic mechanical switches. At about 2 inches wide, they’re the perfect size to fill the palm for a satisfying feel in the hand.

Note: At checkout, choose between black, blue, and white color options. This drop is limited to 400 units.


  • CLICKEYbits
  • Made with real mechanical switches
  • 6 switches
  • Cherry Silent Red
  • Cherry Green
  • Greetech Blue
  • Greetech Red
  • Greetech Brown
  • One random switch
  • Diameter: 2 in (5.1 cm)
  • Assembly instructions


  • CLICKEYbits outer shell
  • 6 switches
  • 6 keycaps (random colors)
  • 2 center stabilizers


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