Colibri Carbon Fiber Monaco Triple-Flame Torchsearch

Colibri Carbon Fiber Monaco Triple-Flame Torch

Colibri Carbon Fiber Monaco Triple-Flame Torch

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There is nothing about the product photos that suggests these would be made of real carbon fiber. The photos themselves should have been the first clue. The flames DO get that long and even longer. Purging the tank before every fill is common practice. Try it.. your fills will be faster and the lighter will be more reliable. If you use a cheap butane fuel like Ronson or similar the jets will get clogged. Xikar Purofine is a better option. Unless you're gonna pony up for an S.T. Dupont I would suggest having some reasonable expectations from a $40 lighter. Even the Duponts get clogged and have ignition issues. Nevertheless, this is an excellent lighter and this drop is for a great price. This triple jet lighter is a champ when you need to cut through wind or elevation. Think of it as a tabletop lighter in a large pocket-size configuration.

Bit of an eye opener for us perhaps here on the Massdrop platform... we're aware of fake items being sold on another (huge) platform but this might be the 1st time we've seen items being questioned like this on Massdrop.

The images of the 'Colibri Carbon Fiber Monaco Triple-Flame Torch 'are depicting a lighter with a carbon print not 'carbon fibre' construction.
Does not Massdrop have a responsibility to respond to the above questions over authenticity.

What drops have been proven to be drops of counterfeit items, can anyone link to some?
Again, there is no information offered about this lighter except the manufacturer's name. Colibri's own website, and other websites that at least had additional pictures, had no information about the lighter itself, though some had information about the history of the company. Even the picture given here of the lighter actually lit, is fake and shows the flames a bit longer than they can probably actually ever be.

The only thing I found of any use was this youtube video of someone holding and lighting the non-"carbon fiber" version of the lighter so at least you can get a sense of the size and possible weight of it.

I could not discover if the "carbon fiber" is just a look or a material either. I even called the phone number given on their website and got robots who gave me menus to choose from so that I could be called a "consumer", and then be told they were too busy to talk to me.

Here is a picture of the side view which makes it look like the "carbon fiber" is probably just printed on:
Here is the contact information they give, in case anyone else is willing to give it a shot:

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Please note this is a Carbon Fiber Print
Will this lighter stand the test of time? Or will I have to replace it in 6 months?
I had an earlier version and the flint in mine wore out in about 18 months. I also had a lot of issues with air bubbles clogging-up the works in this lighter (so I had to release ALL of the butane to clear it out and then refill it again ). Very disappointing given the brand and price-point. I now use Bugatti torch when I am out with my hockey team and Xikar desktop lighter at home.
Is this genuine carbon fiber or a veneer on metal?
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was thinking the same thing, doesn't look like carbon fiber, looks like a print
I have the carbon fiber v cutter that colibri makes and if the carbon series holds true this is just print on metal.
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