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Colorfly C10 Portable DAP

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So if you have it in your pocket the volume is going to slide all around?
Never happened to me especially when put in the faux-leather protective case (comes with the drop)
For $150 the Cayin N3 blows it out if the water. It has none of the issues this player has, has a more full featured-UI, supports two way APT-X Bluetooth, has longer battery life (12 hrs) and sounds better.

The C10 is not as clean, detailed or resolving as the N3.

For slightly more money, there is also the Xduoo X20 which is even better sounding.
Just received mine from the previous drop.
- 3.5 jack poorly conceived (can't fully push the 3.5 jack from my Fiio X9-pro if I want to have a perfect sound)
- Can't manage to upgrade the firmware as the serial number is not recognized by the Colorfly site
- 128 Go cards are not recognized contrary as to what's stated on the Colourfly site.
- Won't read folders, only the files on the folders you chose.
- There's a sound between each file (very small "tac")
- Navigation sucks

+ Sound is freakin' amazing! Wayyyyy way better than my FIIO X3-2
As a general comment on players, why not just get an LG V20? The price point seems to be closing, and the ease of Android/Google stores seem to be big points. Is the sound going to be THAT much better?
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My suspicions exactly. When you factor in MY ears, especially. If these players had the ease of operability (for example, Android OS) to use services such as Audible, while allowing me to load my CD library (300+ books, 1400 CD's) into one (better than average) unit...then maybe I would. My point is that until these players become more flexible, I believe that "players" like the V20 or HTC 10 would be a better than fair repository for music and audiobook libraries. Bluetooth and WiFi built in, Android flexibility, large storage capacity...why reinvent the wheel?
Yep. Pointless device that like the point & shoot camera, the pocket calculator, the PDA, pager, etc has been supplanted by the modern phone.
Listen folks (maybe Massdrop can help) the player sounds great. But there are some big has a split second sound cut-off when using it as a player into earphones. The latest firmware update does not fix this, and there are no signs that Colorfly are even supporting this player anymore. The split second cut off does not appear when using the C10 as a Line Out, so if you plan on using it at home hooked up to an amp or portable amp, then it's fine. No gapless playback. The DAC function does not work, it is jittery and unusable. Unless Massdrop can convince Colorfly to fix these problems, I would skip it...and quick.
Question to any audio engineer or audiophile... I have an old z2300 that makes haedphones sound better than anything I have tried, does a dac amp will sound better? because if they are not portable I dont see the point of having good sound card in pc plus the z2300 amp. Thanks in advance cheers!
Received the Colorfly C10 from last drop (02/17/2018 , $179.99). Unit arrived with clear plastic sticker on sandalwood housing. Difficult to remove , left adhesive residue. Why is a adhesive sticker attached to the wood housing ? Very disappointed !
Most of the comments on here are 6+ months old and are talking about this product being offered for around $300 dollars. Is $179 a good price now???
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Look bro....
You know....
Getting a new mobile....its simple not everybody's dream thought...
haha, I'm not sure I have enough money to spare to be an audiophile.
here are some useful links for C10 player:

-firmware upgrade for the player, which add album art when playing files as well other fixes, follow the instructions as mentioned in the link below and make sure its copied to internal memory and not into micro-SD

-use this software to sort the files on memory alphabetically as the player itself only sort them from oldest file added to newest(descending), took less than 20min to sort 64gb micro-SD: (download link)

as you can see the C10 isn't exactly the friendliest DAP in the market, its user interface is very basic as well(but fast enough) and also there isn't features like Bluetooth or EQ...the player also doesn't have battery save mode/deep sleep and the it drains as long its on, however you can turn off the display with power button which should help..but you need to turn the device off when not in use.

build quality is generally good but headphone and line out jack seems less so,everything is working fine but i would recommend to be careful with it, would like to mentioned that my default Mee audio PX iem cable didn't insert well and the sound suffered( can be fixed by getting different MMCX Cable)..otherwise all other headphones/IEM i own worked fine.

all in all colorfly C10 is really basic DAP with however really good sound quality(both in HO & LO), if you don't mind the tinkering mentioned above then you will be fine with C10, otherwise i recommend looking for something else like cayin N3.
thank you this was very helpful
Is something like this strictly for storing downloaded music files, not accessing Tidal, Play, iTunes, etc.?
no WiFi and its aint android...just old fashioned way of playing music.

has line out tho :)
i got mine on joybuy for $140 about a month ago, love this little player for the money, very simple interface and file structure, super easy to use and navigate and really just not cluttered at all, very enjoyable player both sonically and aesthetically. i like it so much i've been considering picking up another just incase anything happens to my first one. puts out plenty of power to run my AKG's and my hifimans and the lineout has been getting most of the work, sound is amazing coming through my Martinez 2252/ Dynaco A-25 setup , the sound is warm and clean, just the way i like it. the wood finish even looks right at home with my little vintage setup i use. i see comments saying there is better for the money...yet they don't say what that is, i know i haven't found it. as i said this is about $140 on joybuy and will take no less than a month and a half to get to you in the US, if you can stand the super long ship time and crappy tracking results you can save $40 by heading over there. i did and do not regret it at all. was actually my first order from teh site and was super nervous that there was going to be an issue, despite lack of communication, tracking updates and just a general sense of "where is my shit" the item showed up in perfect condition and really the whole transaction went off without a hitch, it's just the visibility sucks. again very happy with this product for what it costs and what it does, a simple and economical DAP that does little more than sound great. can be used as a dac only as well though i haven't played with that feature much yet.

I'm still getting used to it but will be happy to answer any questions you guys may have, it may actually be worth the extra $40 to go through massdrop as i would expect the shipping to be much shorter and to actually be trackable instead of having to navigate a bunch of chinese and russian websites trying to figure where on earth your item is, lol, there is a trade off for that money and really only you can decide what it is worth to you.
Where exactly joybuy is located man?
I have C200 from Colorfly and discovered what real is like!!!!!
it's the of china.

the price should change once you login it's going for $143.00 as i type this.