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DIY Conspiracy Cube Kit

DIY Conspiracy Cube Kit

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If you have ever experienced the joy of cube drafting, you know that it can be a great way to play Magic: the Gathering in a whole new way. You also know that it can be a major investment to build a cube. The DIY Conspiracy Cube Kit is a way for you to build a cube quickly, using just a Conspiracy booster box. The kit also comes with booster packs from Return to Ravnica, Zendikar, and Worldwake to be used with the Lore Seeker card in your drafts. We’re also including 7 packs of KMC Hyper Mat Sleeves in this drop, so you can sleeve an entire box of card securely and draft the same box of cards with your friends over and over.

Note: This drop includes one booster box of Conspiracy, seven 80-packs of Black KMC Hyper MAT sleeves, and one booster each from Worldwake, Zendikar, and Return to Ravnica. There are 36 bundles available for this drop.

DIY Conspiracy Cube Kit

Multiplayer Madness

Conspiracy marks a turning point in the world of Magic the Gathering in that it is a new multiplayer style that has never been seen before. Conspiracy is designed to be drafted with six to eight people, split into groups of three or four. Once you have your group finalized, it is an all out free-for-all, with a few core principles guiding gameplay: encouraging attacks to keep the game moving, creating moments for the entire table through one card, and necessitating mana sinks in multiplayer to keep the games going and everyone involved.

DIY Conspiracy Cube Kit
DIY Conspiracy Cube Kit

KMC Hyper Mat Sleeves

Instead of letting your most precious creatures and artifacts brave the hazards of the outside world, protect your investments with KMC Hyper MAT Sleeves. Giving you a matte black backing that hides any distinguishing details on your cards and a see-through, glare-resistant front, these sleeves have become an international standard for good reason. The Conspiracy bundle includes 7 packs, for a total of 560 sleeves.

DIY Conspiracy Cube Kit


  • 1 Conspiracy Booster Box (36 Booster Packs)
  • 1 Zendikar Booster Pack
  • 1 Worldwake Booster Pack
  • 1 Return to Ravnica Pack
  • 7 Packs of black KMC Hyper MAT Sleeves (80 count)


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Estimated ship date is Mar 27, 2015 PT.

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