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Knops Mini Macro Keyboard

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Any plans for a USB type C version?
There are no plans yet at this point.
Clears please.
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Should update the post then to state or since I see the other three choices only?
Ah I see, the post describes three options and at checkout you get four. Indeed an error!
What is the max amount of layers that can be programmed? I noticed that the description said 3x for the lights. Can you program 5x layers?
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How does this compare to the Max Falcon macropad?
it has a different number of keyswitches, comes with keycaps and a pouch, it is fully assembled, has individually programmable leds, is built on top of the open source QMK software and has a really easy-to-use configurator at . I might be a bit biased :)
Are there multiple ways to program the keys? I would love to use this with my work computer, where all I do is copy/cut/paste etc data all day, however my company is pretty strict on what programs can be used or downloaded. Is there a way to program them remotely or through something default in Windows 10?
Yes! this keypad works like a normal keyboard and you only need special drivers to program it. All macros are written to the memory of the device, so once you configured it, it works out of the box for any computer without extra drivers, since your computer will recognise it as a normal keyboard.
That sounds fantastic, I’ll give it a shot!
I have been unable to locate the dimensions anywhere; could someone post the physical dimensions, please? It would also be helpful to know how far the cable connector juts out.
Is this actually USB mini?
Yes it is! Otherwise it would be called the knops Micro, duh :)! There is also a somewhat more technical reason. USB Mini is more sturdy than Micro. Since this product gets tossed around your desk a lot, that is a handy feature, since you don't want the connector to break off.
Is there a version of this macro with blue led lights? Everything else I have is blue, I don’t particularly hate red but I’d like to keep it consistent.
No, unfortunately not. I am working on a RGB version though!
Is there like a possibility to make binds like "press top-left and bottom-right key to change layer" ? I know there's "change layer" action but you kinda have to bind it to whole key, I'd rather have one key act as a sort of a "modifier"-key which would create combinations.
yes, this is possible. This keypad is built on top of QMK, which has a special command for what you describe, namely LT().
Wondering if I can set one of the keys to be F1 so I can get to my BIOS quicker.. Will the computer detect the keystrokes even at startup?
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they are red, but you can program them individually to be turned on or off.
Will they really be shipped out until next year? Or can we expect them earlier?
Is it possible to have a key press run a custom script?
you can make this device do whatever you want when you press a button. You could link it to autohotkey for custom scripts
@Pawnerd can the layer-leds be addressed independently? For more than three layers I'm thinking going binary is best.
yes, this is possible with knops app at
Just picked mine up at the post office.
Have fun! :D
Errr ... the USB-cable is missing and massdrop (now?) claims this was never to be included...
There was an optional usb cable at checkout. it appears you did not add that option then. Did you pay the additional 4usd for the cable?


Apr 12, 2018


Aug 31, 2018 PT
Major OOF
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Delivered Friday 8/10/2018 at 8:35 am
Still took 4 months my dude
3 weeks early, nice!
Hey guys!
Everything is ready for shipment ... except the usb cables which I forgot to order until today. Upcoming friday everything will be shipped to Massdrop!
Can I desolder the switches and swap out new ones?
yes, but desoldering switches can be tricky.
PCBs are in; just like every other component except for the keycaps. Every unit will probably be shipped to MD in a few weeks!
Awesome! I hope that everything is going swimmingly for you and in the build process! Speaking of which, I've not received any additional information regarding.. well anything else about this drop, would you care to share an update please! Keep up the good work!
Everything is going well. All units are assembled and programmed. I will do a final test before packaging and shipping them to Massdrop. Due to several deadlines for my study this might take a few weeks since I won't be able to work on it until the end of next week.
Very new to this whole massdrop thing, so apologies in advance for anything retarded I say, but is there any ETA on when the next batch of keyboards is gonna be available for purchase? @Pawnerd
probably more than a month after the current batch is delivered. No idea when exactly. I usually communicate with MD about when we think it's time to do one after we finished all orders that were placed in the past
It appears to have some holes in the top left, does it have a built in mic?
No, it has a single tone speaker. Currently the configurator only allows you to do something with this if you can write software in C. Soon it will also be a feature within the gui, so you can define and play songs at any moment.
New to Massdrop and I just joined this drop but, is it normal that it's shipping the 31st of August?
Yes, these units are built to order. The cool thigh though is that Massdrop and I (the vendor) add a lot of padding to our estimates. Previous time I took around half the time that I anticipated needing to fulfill the order :).
Hopefully that is the case again! Looking forward to receiving the product
I see these tiny macro keyboards now and then and I'm intrigued, but I don't see a use case for them. I used to have a keyboard with a bunch of macro keys but never used them. Just want to hear how others are using it to see if I can make my life easier.
For a lot of stuff. Just an example, this popular osu streamer is using one right now:
I use mine in windows to call Nircmd ( shortcuts. I can do things with it like switch audio sources, sleep my monitors with a keypress (a feature I find strangely lacking from windows 10...) or any other number of system tasks.
I've found it very useful!
can i set these keys to modifiers? eg, CTRL, Shift, Alt
also, does it have rubberized feet so it wont slide off an angled surface?
Yes and yes.
Can I use this keyboard just like arrows keys? ( up, down, left, right )
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Does it work for in game macros?
The device works as a keyboard, so triggered keycodes apply in any sort of application you are using. That being said, the macro feature that I will release soon does not yet have time delays implemented. Once time delays are implemented, you can do even more complex stuff with the device :).
* The old tool does allow you to use time delays in complex macros; I was talking about the new one.
This looks promising, but I haven't been able to find any reviews anywhere. Anyone who has bought one, could you share your thoughts?
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I haven't been able to flash mine. The software does not work on a Mac. Configuring on linux is hard. The author came up with a lot of excuses: the website does not work, I moved, I haven't had the time.
The keyboard comes pre-configured with numbers 1-6. It stopped working after a few days.
Don't waste your money. This keyboard does not work.
Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in again... to a real computer...
Any update on that macro functionality on the configurator? =/
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Sounds great, thanks for the update.
I've got delayed a bit more: . I really hope to finish it up very soon. For now the functionalities you are looking for can be found in the (older) KBFlasher tool.
@Pawnerd Is setting up a full QMK environment and manually flashing my only way to add some custom code & address the GPIO pins? Or does the flasher/app support adding code to the (about to be compiled) firmware?
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Might as well mention the new knops flasher doesnt seem to be closing any of its processes when its done, I get 2 knops.exe's showing up each time a flash is done and they just add 2 on everytime till you kill each task.
Interesting, I wasn't aware of that! I will add it to the list of bugs.
Please make a local version of the GUI. I wasted too much time to no avail with the "cloud" keymap gui... Have not been able to use this or set macros as I wish.
Very disappointed that the user friendly version of the flasher requires you to sign up on the cloud.
I get it, but not everything needs to be "on the cloud". Dropping it in the drawer and will forget about it.
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cant you just build profiles in qmk locally and flash them from there without ever using the "User Friendly Tool"
yes that is possible. The Knops Mini is also available in the qmk repository, so you just need to modify the keymap.
Just got the KB, now I'm looking for a schematic ?
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Back in the day I wrote a Teensy compatible bootloader that I use in pretty much anything to keep things simple :)
aah okay, well you can use it since all pins required are open to use (with some extra steps for the hwb pin). Good luck! Let me know if you need any more help (or the old bootloader hex file if you find out you might have messed up just a little bit)