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Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M RGB Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M RGB Gaming Keyboard

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highly tempted... anyone with experience on this keyboard?
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I think of browns as a linear switch not a tactile so it doesn't seem as bad and it works so they are okay as a linear to me
Thank you for explanations. I think i will wait for the version without the weird 00 0 combo in the end. The tkl version. But definitely cherry mx browns, they seem to be the sweet spot for newbies of mech keyboards.
yay the RGB..oh wait..brown only. Hmmm... ( wistfully prefers reds or black etc )
get it and a cheap solder sucker and soldering iron snd swap out the switches to your preferred type
I **LOVE** the form factor and shape of this keyboard, but those are the ugliest OS keys that I've ever seen.

If this was metal and had included extra blanks I would buy it in a heartbeat.

But I wouldn't pay anything for a keyboard with those keys!
At least with this version they're standard size keys and can be easily replaced. I have the non-RGB version, it's a great board. I haven't got around to replacing the OS keys though.
Why isn't this in Mech Keys as well? The White LED version is there.
its mx brown (mx = mechanical)
No, I'm asking why this drop is only in the Tech section when the same keyboard (White LED version) is in the Mech Keys section.
I own an old cm quickfire tk, with the same layout, but lacking the programmability (and the rgb lights, but i actually prefer my white backlighting). Really love the form factor, shame that aftermarket cases for this layout are a rarity. Would really like to transfer the board to a wooden/metal housing, getting rid of the "aggressive angular design" on the abs case.
Does this keyboard supported by Mac?
Looks like their software is only for PC
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