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I do not recommend any of Creative sound cards. They make pretty good hardware, but their drivers are almost always terrible and they are rarely (if ever) updated.
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I have a gigabyte z170 gaming 7 that has the creative sound core 3d audio on the motherboard. The audio will randomly play at max volume and will sound distorted like a robot. The only way to fix it is a restart and it happens quite frequently. Is there any chance that creative has a updated driver for motherboards with that sound setup?
I have been using Creative products for almost two decades now (anyone remember the "Sound Blaster 16"? I do!) . Some at work and some for personal use. I even still have my "Creative Labs Cambridge SoundWorks FPS1000" that I bought when I was in college (it's pretty beat up, but still works!). That being said, Creative drivers/firmware have always caused me issues (Zen X-Fi 3 was a nightmare). And against my better judgement, I still bought the "Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1" and as expected, its drivers keep giving me problems.

Everywhere I search I found people complaining from similar issues. So I stand by what I said; Creative makes pretty good hardware but your drivers (and firmware) are a pain.
Anyone figured out how to install it? I followed everything including the stuff on the creative forum (unplugging entire machine before connecting, reconnecting, disable fastboot, unplug USB headset, etc), installation still can't seem to detect the hardware.

edit: never mind, changed pcie slot and worked
How well do they work for the HD6XX for gaming? I don’t necessarily need the best sound, they always sound fantastic but they suck at gaming cause u cant really tell what’s up and down etc. Any ideas? Would be great, thanks.
I've had the ZxR for a long time, almost since it was released. I loved it so much that I continued to go with mATX boards/cases because I wanted a space for my ZxR. The surround voodoo with stereo headset is seriously game changing. Best used with a really open headset like the AKG 7xx that has great sound stage.

However, pretty much every windows 10 update has been breaking the drivers, rendering it almost useless lately. It's a shame.
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MS is making a lot of changes to the audio sub-system and we're actively working with them to resolve these items as quickly as we can. We're on it and aware believe me!
Awesome. I still have the card in my system and I eagerly await it working again. I love the product and definitely do not want to replace it.
Anyone know how well the EMI shielding on this works? Will it protect against interference from my GPU? Right now I get lots noise from onboard audio whenever I fire up a GPU intensive game.
EMI shielding is really only going to shield from OUTSIDE interference. Things like signals coming from other devices not onboard the PC, etc.

You should be shielded from any noise that's being generated on the motherboard due to the Zx's circuit design...BUT if you're in close proximity to the GPU and your GPU has fans on it (not watercooled) when those fans spin up, they have a tendency to generate a LOT of "noise" due to the way the fans are powered and operate. This can lead to the noise you are experiencing.

Is there a PCIe slot further away from your GPU you could slot the card into? That may help mitigate the noise.
Props to homie repin creative, you holding your own against these spoiled mass drop know it alls. Someone get my son a raise
I've had the Zx for a couple years now. It's nothing short of an amazing card. I thought the controller was a bit silly at first, but now I use it every day with my headphones.
This vs Fulla 2
Depends on if you want to use a microphone or a 1/4" jack
I have the soundblaster x g5. While obviously not the same card/setup, I absolutely love my soundcard. Having a desktop mic/headphone jack with independent audio knob is also very nice for gaming.
I got the ZxR a few years ago in order to solve an sound interference problem with my old card. The sound blew my mind. However, the shield was ineffective and the parasitic noises continued. I only solved the issue by getting an external card (the X7). I imagine the experience must be translatable to the ZX.
I have never had that issue using the rear IO. I have an HT Omega Claro. I have thought about getting the Sound Blaster for my intel rig, but the Gigabyte onboard sound appears to be fine (again, always using the rear IO). Do you mind sharing what your setup was that had the parastic noise issue? I see this on forums all the time, and I really do not understand how it could be happening, save for using the front audio jack. It is a problem I want to understand better. Thanks.
I thought the same thing. Until I moved my dual-band wireless router away from my desktop. Wireless will have a very large impact on anything within about 5 feet of the transmitter. I own the ZX and actually bought the ZX because I thought my on-board sound was bad. The speaker wire were absorbing the wireless waves until they hit a point of oscillation. I installed the ZX and it still took place. It's been a week now since I moved my wireless access point away from my desktop and there hasn't been a single event again. Also, this soundcard is worth every penny. The software is somewhat clunky, but works well.
Have this card almost since release. It just works. Never had fail me and you can actually hear the diferrence even if your using a pricy motherboard with some fancy onboard audio option.
Saw the drop and wanted to leave a positive comment. I enjoy the ZX completely. It was/is a big jump for me over the onboard audio.