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Creative Sound Blaster ZX PCIe Gaming Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster ZX PCIe Gaming Sound Card

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what do you guys think about this card vs onboard motherboard audio with alc1150 codec? I'm sure the card will be better, but will it actually be a noticeable difference?
Creative gear applies a lot of its own eq to your system in the first place. I always liked the sound of the crystalizer, ymmv.
Using this card with windows 10 perfectly but Idk if I'd advise joining this drop as you don't save much off Amazon as it's 109 after rebate. I have heard the volume nob is not the best so I have the version without it and it's only 84$ atm
I have one of these in my Win 10 gaming PC. I know that onboard audio is nothing like it used be (in fact many motherboards have really very nice built in output options), but I couldn't resist filling a vacant PCI slot with a good old fashioned sound card. I got it open box, so the cost wasn't massive. I got to say I think it's fantastic. Competently drives my HD6XX's, fantastic I/O options, good 24/192 DAC, and the little desktop pod is something that I didn't think I'd use much but found to be quite handy. The signal processing is actually quite helpful for gaming, and can fairly realistically simulate surround through a good pair of headphones. What I really use most is the processing on the microphone inputs. I either use the mic in the little pod or my Modmic attached to my Senn's and both are greatly improved with the Crystal Voice or whatever it's called. The noise reduction and adaptive volume may not be a dream for audiophiles but functionally in a game setting I believe it pays dividends. Long story short, nothing's perfect, sound cards are old and probably going extinct soon, but I'm happy with my purchase.
It seems having Windows 10 is going to keep me from this drop...
I'm running a SB-Z soundcard on the latest Win10 (April 2018, 1803). installed the old-and-seemingly-outdated creative drivers and everything works as intended - full functionality, zero issues.
DPC latency is well within the limit, ASIO works just as good, even Kernel Streaming /WASAPI works without latency or hiccups.

Clean install is not a bad word though. I genuinely believe (that with Windows*) you should perform a clean install with any internal hardware change.

I'm confident you'll get this working properly in no time.
I do not recommend any of Creative sound cards. They make pretty good hardware, but their drivers are almost always terrible and they are rarely (if ever) updated.
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OMG, sooooo true!!! The drivers are the only reason I'll never get another creative product for as long as I live. Remember EAX? I'm surprised that company is still around.
they sell a LOT of different products and buy up decent companies to keep finding more things to sell, massively decreases the impact of how individually bad their products become after they are involved.
Anyone figured out how to install it? I followed everything including the stuff on the creative forum (unplugging entire machine before connecting, reconnecting, disable fastboot, unplug USB headset, etc), installation still can't seem to detect the hardware.

edit: never mind, changed pcie slot and worked
How well do they work for the HD6XX for gaming? I don’t necessarily need the best sound, they always sound fantastic but they suck at gaming cause u cant really tell what’s up and down etc. Any ideas? Would be great, thanks.
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well the confusing part was the mentioning of other hardware but not clear how you are using it, as in did you retire the SBZx, or what amp do you pair it with. Mentioning any other gear you use as reference would help too, thanks for responding.
seems confirmed shill still to me. It's a SB recommendation, how often are they not?
I've had the ZxR for a long time, almost since it was released. I loved it so much that I continued to go with mATX boards/cases because I wanted a space for my ZxR. The surround voodoo with stereo headset is seriously game changing. Best used with a really open headset like the AKG 7xx that has great sound stage.

However, pretty much every windows 10 update has been breaking the drivers, rendering it almost useless lately. It's a shame.
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MS is making a lot of changes to the audio sub-system and we're actively working with them to resolve these items as quickly as we can. We're on it and aware believe me!
Awesome. I still have the card in my system and I eagerly await it working again. I love the product and definitely do not want to replace it.
Anyone know how well the EMI shielding on this works? Will it protect against interference from my GPU? Right now I get lots noise from onboard audio whenever I fire up a GPU intensive game.
EMI shielding is really only going to shield from OUTSIDE interference. Things like signals coming from other devices not onboard the PC, etc.

You should be shielded from any noise that's being generated on the motherboard due to the Zx's circuit design...BUT if you're in close proximity to the GPU and your GPU has fans on it (not watercooled) when those fans spin up, they have a tendency to generate a LOT of "noise" due to the way the fans are powered and operate. This can lead to the noise you are experiencing.

Is there a PCIe slot further away from your GPU you could slot the card into? That may help mitigate the noise.
Props to homie repin creative, you holding your own against these spoiled mass drop know it alls. Someone get my son a raise
I've had the Zx for a couple years now. It's nothing short of an amazing card. I thought the controller was a bit silly at first, but now I use it every day with my headphones.