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CRKT Hammond 7904 Cruiser Folding Knife

CRKT Hammond 7904 Cruiser Folding Knife

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This is probably one of the cheapest "quality" beater knife. Wished there's a smaller version which would probably make this much more popular.
Amazon prime to door $19.99 just saying!
I picked one of these up as a beater knife several years ago. Not bad for $20, but what gives with CRKT and the LAWKS system? Words like gimmicky, unnecessary, and annoying come to mind. I'm wondering what kind of inappropriate activities I need to engage in for the liner lock to fail, allowing the LAWKS pin to save me from certain dismemberment and/or death?
The pictures really make the knife look much smaller and thinner than I expected... It's quite huge and bulky. Not really an EDC knife, you would need some large pockets and it would definitely stand out. I don't exactly feel comfortable carrying around a huge knife in public.
Agreed, it's larger and heavier than I expected. I just weighed it after noticing it wasn't listed in the specs. Mine weighs in at 171.5g / 6.05oz.
Yes, I apparently misinterpreted the name Cruiser. Didn't know it meant big like a touring Harley or a ship. Sturdy, you'll always know where it is, good for XXL hands.
I think this will be my first drop, but there's mixed feelings in the comments. Should I get it? And will there be any problems shipping to Canada?
Nope, I've gotten many knives shipped from Massdrop including this one.
Just got mine decent steel poorly assembled had to pull it apart to fix locking mechanism (maybe just a faulty one)
feels good in the hand considerably larger then what i assumed it would be
Just got mine: it's big.
I don't like big knives and assumed it to be smaller.

That said, I love this knife!

Very cheap production, decent steel with very high design esthetics.

Melts into hand and the silhouette is elegant.

I will likely never pay more than a C note for a blade.

Did anyone else get an extra clip? The extra one seem to be the same as the one that is already on the knife. I would have thought they would provide a clip that is made for the tip down configuration.
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Yeah haha, that's exactly what I was trying to say. The original clip can only be mounted to 2 of the 4 possible locations. And the extra clip that was provided is exactly like the original.
Now, THAT sucks. The extra without logo is reversed with my order, which made it great with tip down.
Just got my package today, this was a total scam.

These knives are not well made compared to other CRKT knives (m16 models), grips are way to fat, knife is cumbersome and heavy. I ordered 5 of them some me and some friends, ( I was charged and extra 8$ per knife purchased!! which is just NUTS). Package showed up with a 30$ COD surcharge (NOT customs fee, it was COD which means it goes directly to the shipper). I have ordered several times from Mass drop and NEVER encountered a COD charge.

Likely the last time I will be using Massdrop
I've gotten COD charges in the past too, from DHL shipping to Canada. I've returned the couple of products that had a COD, and now they've stopped shipping through DHL.
It may not have been explained properly, but i work in the industry, and we collect COD charges for customs as well. Guaranteed, if the shipper didn't tell you there would be a COD, it went to a clearinghouse for customs charges. Sorry the delivering agent did a poor job with the explanation.
I got my knife today in the mail, it is far better than I expected. I personally love the honeycomb style grip. The blade quality is great for the price. Everything is soli, no jiggling or movement while it is closed. You can mount the clip in four different places depending on your liking, it also includes an extra clip and screws. The blade edge does not touch anything while closed.

Sure it is no $100+ knife but it is a fantastic edc knife that I think is a steal for the price. I would have gladly paid twice the price and still consider it a great value.

Everyone has their own preferences though.
I got my knife today. I know you can only expect so much from a sub $25 knife. But these are simple design problems.

1. The scales are a cheap synthetic plastic with a horrible pattern really rubs my fingers and hand. What would be wrong with a more comfortable pattern?

2. The knife is described as having a lanyard hole. But the tip of the blade extends right through the lanyard hole. Depending on how you lace the lanyard through the hole, either the lanyard prevents the blade from opening or the blade cuts the lanyard in two pieces when you close the knife. This is poor design and quality control.

You should be able to expect a name brand company such as CRKT to notice basic design errors. I'm glad didn't pay more than $25 for the Hammond Cruiser.

This is my first Mass Drop purchase.... do they send a shipping notification or what?
Ya they'll notify you when it ships. Or when it doesn't.
They suck at getting stuff out in timely manner, but pretty good at communicating every couple weeks.