Crux Supply Co. Charcoal Grit Bar (2-Pack)search

Crux Supply Co. Charcoal Grit Bar (2-Pack)

Crux Supply Co. Charcoal Grit Bar (2-Pack)

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> which absorbs toxins and draws out impurities from the skin.

What a load of Marketing Excrement.

Yes, charcoal absorbs toxins. But "draws out impurities from the skin"?

Just got mine delivered in the last couple of days, and this soap is seriously good. Would definitely buy again if/when it can be re-offered.
Props to the ballers that can spend $25 on two bars of soap. Thug life 💣💥
I would have no freaking idea this thing is soap if I didn't read comments.
This soap is the best soap I've ever used. Loved the grit that made me feel super clean and exfoliated. Been looking for something that feels good to scrub

This is one of the few things I've ever bought that seems to be a life changer. More please!
I like the idea of this.
And the ingredients look decent.
And doesn't it qualify as animal free?
Maybe mention that also because that's a selling point too.

Can I draw with this?
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I bet you can rub some caveman drawings on the tiles with this and have some fun shower times.
It's humor bro. :D
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