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Pfffff... after all this time... still shipping to the US only.
MD used to ship it internationally, it's not going to happen again.
Still not able to ship to the EU?
This product isn't even available where I live...
MD doesn't like international customers lol, they keep cutting out international shipping from various drops, including this one (it used to ship internationally)
Couple questions. As someone who is used to dedicated buttons for tasks such as opening tabs, switching screens, and cycling through open chrome tabs with the click of a button on my mouse, would I be better off with a kensington model because they have more programmable buttons or should I go with this and get some media keys and assign their roles separately? Also for the LED model of this, can the brightness of the LED be adjusted in the settings?
There are about 50 actions that can be assigned to a click, but you'll probably want to auxiliary switches then (including keystroke macros). Those actions are preset by the software, except RUN() and SIMULATEDKEYSTROKES(). You can toggle actions on/off with scroll lock as well if you don't use aux switches. No opening tab or cycling tab, thought you could probably program the keystrokes to do so.

There is no LED adjustment in the software that I see.
The only thing preventing me from joining is the horrible location of the scroll-wheel. Unless someone tells me it actually works great, I'll stick to my 4 Microsoft Trackball Explorers...
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Hmm, I'm intrigued...
My keyboard is set fairly low so I prop the trackball up a little bit to make the front taller, since it doesn't promote a neutral wrist angle in my setup. Of course a little bit of Starboard and a wrist rest made it perfect. My ergonomics quest is complete. Split KB with this TB in the middle space allows me to switch hands, plus I have footpedals for all my clicks and used the extra button jacks in the TB to wire up a couple 100 mm switches for Ctrl and Shift.
How are trackballs for FPS gaming? Seems like it could be godly or disastrous.
It's horrible
Like anything, YMMV. I don't have any issues with nonFPS games, but I hardly play FPSs anymore. I am sure I could get used to it in that genre too, though. I imagine that the ability to click without disturbing your aim would be a distinct advantage too.
Hi, i have g903 mouse and I never had a trackball. It's worth it? Thanks.
I bought this a year ago and I love it. Buying another.
Does this trackball have wheel tilt buttons somewhere that I'm missing? I didn't think it had them, but the Superior-X software has an option to remap wheel tilt buttons. (Maybe it's for another product?)
> This drop can't be shipped to Finland
Just because. MD follows Trump's America First slogan to the letter lol
Just got my trackball, thanks MD. Fedex spent 3 days shuffling it around CA, I love those guys. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I ordered the non-glow model. It's possible to flash the glow firmware onto this one and add LEDs. I just confirmed it today by re-flashing mine and then testing the diode spots with a multimeter. Works great. Now just to pick some LEDs and get a translucent trackball.
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