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CST Micro Trackball

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According to CST's site, this has "Mechanical Optical" tracking, so apparently not fully optical/laser, which makes this essentially an inverted ball-type mouse.

This would prolly best be hand-held like a remote, using the trackball with your thumb -- handy for casual surfing kicked back on your chair or couch -- but seems like mechanical tracking rollers would pick up skin oil and debris and need to be cleaned frequently.

At this price I might bite if it were fully optical, but my prior experience with mechanical tracking rollers on the old Kensington Turboball (its sole, and fatal, flaw) inclines me to give this a pass.
Heh, well just searched polls: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/trackballs-1
Good news, a track ball (I love using it at work, just annoying to play games with). Bad news, it's so tiny.. and looks way too cheap to be worth $70
It needs to be at least... three times as big!
What is this? A trackball for mice?
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