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Stone Series by Yaxell Santoku Knives

Stone Series by Yaxell Santoku Knives

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Why is there such a discount on this item?
Are those real forging marks or just machine made? In other words does each knife have exactly the same forging marks or would each be unique?
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Forging is done with a hammer. Hand hammered or machine hammered with a fixed pattern would be my question.
I really doubt that the hammered finish on these knives is the result of forging. I'd guess that it's added via an additional manufacturing stage for aesthetic reasons.
Any chance of getting the 8" Chef's Knife in a drop anytime soon?
What is the proper way of sharpening and generally caring for this knife?
Like any other knife you care about, ie:

-avoid hard items like bones, frozen food
-touch it up with whetstone every few weeks
for the price this is probably a decent midrange competitor for any home chef. But I would absolutely be wary if you are considering for major cutting hours or if you are working in the industry. I don't own this exact knife but i do own Yaxells 8 inch gyuto with nearly identical specifications, micarta handle, vg10 steel, layered steel, even down to the hammered finish. Initially i loved it as people have in the comments, extremely sharp, lightweight and comfortable, but after a couple months as my main workhorse knife 40 hours a week it developed a series of pockmarks along the cutting edge with corrosion evident. Mind you this was my first $100+ knife purchase and I was treating it better than If it was my own son. The picture attach was taken when I first noticed, just over a month into ownership. corrosion was quickly accelerated with continued exposure tho acids in food and sanitizing chemicals. Im guessing this santoku is slightly thicker of a blade based on the edge angle(mine shipped with a 12 degree edge instead of 15) which should help the chipping. But all in all for those of you who go for this drop I would strongly recommend keeping a watchful eye on the edge for any signs of chipping. It will look like the picture below at first but if left unchecked will progress pretty fast.
From the picture, it looks more like chipping to me, but maybe I'm wrong. I would need to see a much more magnified image to be able to tell that it's pitting and not chipping. Also, VG10 has pretty good rust resistance. If it is pitting rather than chipping, most steels would do this anyway. On the other hand, HRC 61 is probably higher than VG10 should be run. They really should be shooting for 59-60, otherwise it can get a bit brittle. Out of curiosity, do you push food around by dragging the edge across the board (laterally, especially immediately after a cut)? Do you rock chop much? This is all generally a bad idea with hard and thin (that is, delicate) edges.
Update: 3/16/18

Knife came in it looks good and has good weight to it. I ordered the 6.5 santoku and am taking it to work in a couple of hours today. I think. Prepping at work so it might get some action :) I'll let you guys know

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I like it! I also did a review here in massdrop where you can review with stars. I mentioned something along the lines that if they had offered an 8" inch santoku i would have preferred that one over this 6.5" version. I used it today to cut cooked meat and diced it in smaller pieces. I work with big bell peppers and onions and it works just fine. I'm used to a 8" shun chef knife and I alternate between that and this.

Edit: thanks community for redirecting her to my review :) I know I appreciate good info and pictures on a product. Sounds try for you guys as best as I can.
Thanks so much for the detail, and I'm glad to know this is proving a versatile tool for you. I have the smaller paring and serrated Stone Series knives, and the carving knife, but needed feedback on the santokus. Much appreciated!
joined the drop for the 6.5 size. Hope to report back with picks when i get it. My first Santoku and i work in a restaurant so it'll be getting a lot of use.
Just got my knife and I love it! So sharp, it goes through anything like a hot knife through butter with very little pressure. I got the smaller one and it handles just about any cutting job in the kitchen. The handle fits my hand nicely and that with the smaller size gives me great control compared to some of the heavier, larger, more daunting knives in my kitchen. Very happy with this purchase!
So these have dropped numerous times.
Where are the reviews from MassDrop users?
Come on guys.
I'm still looking to add to my collection even if Apogee has earned my loyalty and I might not ever buy other brands. At least I want to know what you guys think.
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Paper cut sharpness is the best. :D
Yeah my Dragon fits my hand well.
And I do have big hands.
So again.
Thank you for detailed breakdown on my questions. Much appreciated.
Just got my 5 inch version yesterday. For the price, I'm satisfied with it. I touched the edge up a bit myself as well using my water stones, but overall, the edge was acceptable as-is for normal use. I'm pretty picky about my edge finishes. The handle is quite nice. I would say the "hammered" finish is kind of gimmicky, but the handle redeems it. Will update when I have had a chance to use it more.
Again with the gouging for FedEx smartpost shipping on $100+ items. I've said it before, it's a pathetic way to hide the real cost of an item by overcharging for sub-standard shipping. If you are going to charge for shipping, you can really do better by your customers.
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It's all good, I got the package. I've had previous issues with the last Mile delivery, I've opened tickets with Massdrop, but it goes no where. This is the biggest issue with this shipping option: FedEx passes it off to USPS for local delivery, and no one takes responsibility when there are delivery issues. Massdrop can claim they shipped it, FedEx can say the problem is USPS, and USPS blames FedEx. I also know they charge much more for low-rent shipping than they pay, which is the source of my claim that it's a money grab.
Not denying what you say.
Yet from experience I've noticed MD's shipping prices to be reasonable and sometimes cheaper then if I were to send a package. Again I'm speaking for myself and from my experience through here and life. But I hear you.

As for who blames who. The USPS is a joke and so are both FedX and UPS. I don't trust any of them and between all three they barely have 2 braincells to rub together. It's pathetic. I can't get over fragile packages being dropped over my 6ft gate like trying to sink a body. Idiots.