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Leads me to believe someone must be employed as as a Lizard Skinner?

Never liked their music, but don’t have anything against lizards.

Think I’ll pass.
Would like to jump on this but, given the comments on QC on recent drops from Da Luca, this one and the Cordovan 2-piece here: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/da-luca-custom-shell-cordovan-two-piece-watch-strap ... tough to feel like that's a good decision right now. I've read Da Luca's responses to concerns about quality in the other drop and I recognize that the recent problems may be a blip caused by cutting corners to rush out holiday orders. I'll wait and see if we're soon to see a return to the longer history of great quality from Da Luca, a short departure from which this may be. My nagging question is prompted by the understanding that companies putting quality first simply would not cut corners to rush out orders, knowing as they do that the damage to a reputation isn't repaired overnight. I'll be watching the comments very closely as people receive these new batches of straps. I do want to say that I'm extremely appreciative of Da Luca's representative spending time here to answer questions and address concerns. That goes a long way and more companies on MD should learn the lesson well.
Just emailed them on the address that was posted on that drop; I'll update my current post if they respond. Didn't see that they had addressed the complaints on that drop. Thanks.
I'll start by saying that the strap is nice. Now, the quality and craftsmanship was not what I'd expect from an 80 dollar strap, much less a 200 dollar strap at full price. I got the green on green, and the stitching is crooked and has very visible imperfections and ends of string. Nice strap, and I'll wear it, as the quality and texture of the lizard are amazing, but as far as all the hand-made details go, I'm pretty disappointed.
Tldr, do some research and buy something from etsy that's exactly what you want.
DeBeer and Fluco both make some lizard straps, only like $20-$30. I don't own any so I can't speak for their quality but I know they aren't genuine lizard. If the pattern is what you're going for, check them out.
I now own a DeBeer lizard grain strap so I can give my thoughts on it.

It's pretty glossy, pretty flexible, and fits the watch well. Stitching is clean and consistent, retaining strips of leather are also lizard grain. The strap is embossed so it's not perfectly textured and can look flat at times, but it does look interesting and different.

The color I ordered was black, so ones that are blue might look better/worse with color changes, but my black leather is an even tone of glossy black like well shined shoes.

Wears really comfortably and shaped to my wrist after ~30 seconds of wear. I would say it's worth the $20, even if you just need a basic replacement strap - it wont let you down and it doesn't feel like a cheap beater strap.
I received mine today, and I've got to say I'm not terribly impressed with the attention to detail/build quality on a strap that retails for over $200. The edges are quite rough, they aren't cut symmetrically, theres adhesive sports on the keeper and parts of the strap that ruin the shine of the lizard and worst of all the stitching and tongue of the buckle are quite crooked. Additionally mine didn't come with the little metal tubes that would surround the springbars shown in the photos provided by Da Luca (so the holes are WAY too big and the strap moves around too much on the spring bars).

To their credit the materials are lovely, the leather is supple and the lizard has a beautiful shine (except for the glue spots...) I'm just really disappointed by the workmanship. I've purchased $15 straps that have none of the issues mentioned above.

Really hoping that da Luca answers the complaints on this the way they did on the cordovan 2 piece... keep us updated!
Do you make 105/65 size 20mm?
Yes we do on our website. The lengths for this drop are set.
Is it possible to order one without the edge stiching, as shown in a couple of the examples in your supplementary photos?

Also, the yellow looks different photo to photo, more of a slightly subdued gold in the supplementary photos. Which is more accurate? You might consider putting a color calibration card in the background of one of the shots.


What the heck kind of lizard is big enough to make a watch band out of? Some info I found:

I saw a YouTube video showing the Hermes watch band workshop, and the lady points out that they only use the belly of the alligator, getting only 4 straps from each hide. The pattern is apparently not so great on the head, sides, tail, lower abdomen, etc. What parts are you using, are they any scrap parts that you don't use, and could cheaper straps be ordered from these scraps?


This drop is the lowest price we have offered for our lizard straps. Great time to get one, they take a long time to make and we cant go any lower on the pricing.

We are only offering 1 stitching type for this drop and that is the "full" stitching type which runes along the sides. We do offer the other types on our website:


These hides are overall pretty small and almost everything gets used. We use the more unique bits on some of our 1 of a kind straps that we offer, since those are meant to be 1 of a kind and unique. For this drop we will use more of the center so it has a more traditional look to it with cleaner scale lines.
Does anyone know if these are accompanied by the required CITES certification to bring into Australia?
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Thank you for that!!!
We will look into it for you. As soon as we know anything more, we will report back.

Each strap is handmade from 3 layers of materials (lizard on top, solid leather in the middle and a backing leather that is durable yet soft on the back where it meets your wrist. We hand edge coat each strap with a matching color, hand punch the holes and saddle stitch each strap (yes, you guessed it by hand!) and they should end up being 2.5mm-3mm thick depending on the width as the wider straps are generally made a tad thicker vs a narrower strap such as an 18mm. We are making each strap to order and these look great in person. We will include a few photos below of these straps in the wild as the white background photos do not do them justice. As always we are here to answer any questions that you may have and we look forward to making your next watch strap, by hand.
$205 retail?? Give me a break, this is a $30 strap at best... Lets get moving MassDrop on some quality offerings!
What makes you think that? I don't think I've seen real lizard for that cheap.
I don't know about the quality of these straps first hand, I might buy one or two to try, but to say they are "a $30 strap at best" is far off the mark. I have many other straps, alligator, horse, cow, nylon, canvas, rubber, etc., from a variety of makers and price ranges, and these look to be pretty decent. I don't know about $205, but worth a try at $80.